In My Second Life, He was a Boy, But Now He’s a Knight and Dotes on Me

SLWBKD Chapter 1

It was hard to believe that just a few minutes ago I was in my room watching TV and now I found myself in a strange forest.

Even if it was something that happened to me.

“Sarah, could you fetch me some raspberries from the forest? I’ve run out of them for dessert.”

“Yes, I understand.”

After a month, I understood that I had come to another world and I was working and living there as normal, which made me think that the human capacity to adapt was amazing.


As Monika had told me, I took my little basket and left the shop, heading for the nearby forest.

…1 month ago, I was suddenly blown out of my room into the woods, and in my panic I kept walking and reached the nearest town. By the way, I was wearing fuzzy loungewear and was bare foot at the time because I was inside the house.

By the time I got to the city, my feet were covered in blood, I didn’t know why, and I was crying out loud.

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Remembering this, I walked to the area where the raspberries were, and saw a child lying on the ground. He was clothed in cloth that could hardly be called clothes, and was covered in scars, so ragged that his skin had less colour than normal. It was probably a boy.

I rushed over to him, his body was shaking, but he was still breathing. I put the cloth I was wearing on the child and immediately cast a healing spell. I didn’t really understand my abilities or my magic, but I had already proven that I could heal most injuries just by holding my hand over my head and wishing for healing.

However, it was the first time I had seen someone injured so badly and I was worried. Nevertheless, after continued treatment, all visible wounds seemed to have healed nicely. However, his body was terribly unclean, and there may have been injuries that I couldn’t see.

“There we go.”

Anyways, I had to take him home, so I put him on my back and headed back to the city.

I was completely leaving my work, but I was sure that Monika would be more angry at me for abandoning a dying child than for ignoring my work.

He was incredibly light on my back, and I was able to reach home sooner than I thought. The only thing was that he smelled so bad, like garbage, that I ended up smelling terrible myself.

My home was in an apartment right next to the cafeteria, and I asked Gilbert, my next-door neighbour who was just in front of the apartment, to tell Monika that I had picked up a dying child and needed an hour of her time.

I went into my room and gently put the child to bed. The sheets were sticky with mud, but I could wash them again.

“…U, ugh.”

As I was about to use the towel to clean off at least the worst of the dirt, I suddenly heard a voice that sounded like a groan, and my body twitched. Eventually, the sooty face distorted and his eyes slowly opened.

And what appeared were two incredibly beautiful golden eyes.


“Um, are you okay?”

When I called out to him, he trembled. He looked terribly frightened, and I could see that he was in a lot of pain.

“I found you lying in the woods, so I cast a healing spell and brought you to my house. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, so you’ll be fine.”

When I told him slowly, portraying a gentle tone, I felt the air around him soften a little.

“Are you in any pain?”

When I asked him about it, he shook his head just a little. He seemed to be able to heal most of his injuries, which was a great relief.

“Aren’t you hungry? I’ll make you some porridge in a minute.”

His eyes wavered as if he was confused. No doubt, he was hungry. But I could tell he was holding back.

“I’ll hurry and make it for you. If you can move, I’ll give you a bath in the meantime.”

When I called out to him, he looked at the bed where he had been sleeping on and looked apologetic. I guess he was concerned that he had gotten as dirty. When I said, “When you’re feeling better, let’s go wash in the river together,” his eyes widened in surprise.

When I told him to come, he quietly followed me and I took him straight to the bath. I asked him if he knew how to use the bath, and he nodded his head. I told him to use as much soap and hot water as he wanted, and I left.

I put my towel and the smallest shirt and pants I had in front of the bathroom and hastily started making porridge.


While I was making porridge, Mr. Gilbert came over. Monika seemed to be saying, “I don’t have to work for a day or two, let alone an hour,” and I thanked them both profusely.


Eventually, I heard the door to the bathroom open and turned to look.

And who came out fearfully was an unbelievably beautiful looking boy, no, an angel. I was so surprised that a silly voice escaped from my mouth.

His hair, which had been black with mud, was now a deep blue. His skin, which had been sooty and dirty, was almost translucent white.

The first thing that caught my attention were his golden eyes framed by long eyelashes. They enhanced his overly-toned face.

I couldn’t help but freeze at the sight of him so dazzling. I really thought that if he was this good in his skinny and gaunt form, he would definitely be able to win the world if he became healthy.

I couldn’t help but admire him, but I lightly slapped myself on the cheek and pulled myself together and sat him down on the couch. I made sure his hair and body were wiped thoroughly and placed the egg porridge in front of him on the table. I heard a gurgle in his throat.

“Here you go. You can have it if you want.”

For a few seconds, he looked puzzled, but then he picked up the spoon and started to eat. My heart ached again, wondering how hungry he was with all that momentum.

In no time at all, his plate was empty. There was still enough for seconds, but he hadn’t eaten anything for a while, and if he suddenly ate a lot of food, he might throw up. If he wanted, I would let him eat after a little while.

“…was delicious.”


“Really? Good.”

I was instantly struck by his shyly muttered words. How cute! He was a real angel.

At the same time, I was angry, wondering why such a pretty boy had to go through this.

“I forgot to tell you my name, I’m sorry. My name is Sarah.”

“…Sa, rah.”

“Yes. Nice to meet you.”

I was kind of happy that he called my name, and I couldn’t help but smile. The boy in front of me was looking at me with curious eyes.

“Why did you, help me?”

…Oh, yes. That day when Monika helped me, I asked her the same thing.

“Because I’ve had help before.”

And that was when those words came back to me.

By nature, I was not a caring person. In fact, I was rather tedious and apathetic. Nor did I have a strong sense of justice.

Still, when I came to this world, I learned the fear and loneliness of being alone. And also the warmth of people.

If Monika hadn’t saved me, I might have been as battered and hungry as this child. I might have even been sold off somewhere.

That was why if I could help someone with this body that was saved itself, I wanted to reach out to them.

“What’s your name?”


“Luke. That’s a beautiful name! It’s perfect for you.”

When I smiled at him, Luke turned away as if embarrassed. He was so cute that my heart tightened painfully.

This was the first time Luke and I had met.

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