In My Second Life, He was a Boy, But Now He’s a Knight and Dotes on Me

SLWBKD Prologue

This series is comicalized. Click here to read it! (Not translated, link’s for Niconico.)


“…Why, here?”

“I’ve been coming here every day for the last 15 years.”

When he said this as a matter of fact, his golden eyes narrowed softly and he smiled lovingly.

His attire was that of a knight himself.


I could tell that he had a very high position, even though I had no knowledge of it. In a place like this, in the countryside, he was so out of place.

And fifteen years, he said, for sure. But it was definitely three years since I had come back to this world. I don’t know what’s going on.

—I really wonder if this person is Luke.

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