Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 5 – Unpredicted Kiss

The parasol road was very narrow, allowing only a single car to pass at any given time.

With it being almost midnight, there were few pedestrians on the path. Occasionally the cool breeze would rustle the leaves of the parasol trees, and from time to time a few leaves would glide down onto the road.

Under the dim orange street lamp as light snow was falling, Mo Li Xin and Xu Qing Man sat back-to-back looking awfully desolated.

Ji Nan Feng did not approach and just silently watched her. He always thought that she was an optimistic person, somewhat silly, and without worries. He did not realize that she just had everything buried deep in her heart.

As long as the wound scarred over and was not torn apart, it will not be easily discovered. Everyone has their hidden scars, and some would adapt to its existence. Ji Nan Feng learned that perhaps there was more than meets the eye regarding Mo Li Xin.


“Yo! These two chicks look hot! Little girls, let brother bring you out to play!” An intoxicated man laughed wickedly drawing Ji Nan Feng from his trance.

“Big brother, this one looks innocent and cute, and the other looks extremely sexy. Today is our lucky day!” Another drunkard jeered, his looks were less mainstream as he had dyed his hair red.

“Xin Xin… Look… There are two ugly guys here!” Xu Qing Man was oblivious of the impending situation she was in.

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“Zswdtpvla, oykv vkzz R pll usw dlmv vkxl! Zsw’zz cl clyakdt vbl nsdpliwldnlp!” Mbl yzxspv psclale xyd byapbzu pryv clqsal pnwaaukdt yoyu okvb bkp vykz clvolld bkp zltp.

Ji Nan Feng did not bother about them, he did not care about those local ruffians.


“Xin Xin, this man is so handsome… Just one kick and he sends the two ugly men flying away, hehe! Hero saving damsel in distress. Hee hee! Xin Xin, you’re gonna… you’re having a romantic encounter.” Xu Qing Man’s swaying finger pointed at Ji Nan Feng.

Ji Nan Feng scrutinized Xu Qing Man thoughtfully.

Ji Nan Feng believed that this was the first time he encountered Xu Qing Man in this life. He recalled during Mo Li Xin’s funeral in the previous life, this woman ran into the hall like a lunatic and gave him a vicious slap. Proclaiming that he was unworthy of Mo Li Xin.

Not long after, he heard that she met with a car accident and passed away. There was no one that saw to her funeral.

He remembered in the last entry of Mo Li Xin’s diary, she had described Xu Qing Man’s presence in her life as; one of the few light and warmth in times of darkness and isolation.

Ji Nan Feng did not directly support Xu Qing Man. It was not that he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t. Recently he discovered a problem, it seemed that apart from Mo Li Xin, he felt repulsed to come into contact with other women.

Ji Nan Feng thought of a number, fished out his phone and dialled it.

“Where are you? Something happened, come over quickly. I know you are nearby.”

“Yes, come over right now, immediately, at once!”

“I don’t care what you’re currently doing, as long as you get your butt over here.”

After Ji Nan Feng hung up the call, he picked up Mo Li Xin from the ground and looked at her. Her face was flushed due to the cold weather and alcohol.

Reassessing the situation, he decided to cover Xu Qing Man with his coat. His temperament might be indifferent, but he could not ignore Xu Qing Man as she slouched on the ground. Especially since this woman was very important to Mo Li Xin.


Twenty minutes later.

“Third Brother, I’ve arrived, but if it turns out that there is nothing wrong, I will roll on the ground and throw a tantrum just to annoy the heck out of you!” A modest-looking but luxurious Rolls Royce braked beside Ji Nan Feng and out stepped a flamboyant man in a pink suit.

Disregarding the man’s fashion sense, he could be considered to be very handsome. But with it being such a chilly day, was it really a good idea to wear so skimpily?

“Send this lady to a hotel to settle for the night and find someone to freshen her up.” Ji Nan Feng commanded, choosing to ignore the sarcastic remark of the pinkly dressed Sao Bao Nan.

“Oh? This lady’s looks are pretty decent. Based on the fact that she looks so pretty, this young master shall lend you a helping hand. Eh eh eh, no, that lady in your arms looks even better!”

Ji Nan Feng wrinkled his eyebrows and exuded a frosty aura, “This is your sister-in-law.  And that girl in your arm, you had better treat her as your ancestor. You’d better let go of those corrupted thoughts.”

“Did I hear wrongly? What did you say?! Sister-in-law? Is she Eldest Brother’s? Or Second Brother’s or yours? But that’s not right wrong… Eldest Brother had been married for four to five years, I have not been to Second or Third Brothers’ weddings.” Based on the first sentence, one could tell that Gan Yun Ting was a casanova, constantly surrounded by thousands of women.

Although Sao Bao Nan called them ‘Eldest Brother’ and ‘Second Brother’, they were actually not related by blood. Nevertheless, it was the kind of relationship where they can wholly trust each other to have their backs.

Eldest Brother, Lu Xing Yan, was currently the youngest known general in Country A.

Second Brother, Gong Ze Yun, was a well-known designer and was extremely intellectual. Other than martial arts, everything else was within his comprehension especially things that are IQ related.

As for the Third Brother, it was Ji Nan Feng. The Ji family had two sons, Ji Wei and Ji Nan Feng. However, the brothers were thirteen years apart and were step-siblings. Ji Wei was currently taking over the Ji family business. Although the two brothers had different mothers, there was no enmity between the siblings. Even so, their age gap was too wide, hence they do not have much in common.

Lastly, there was Sao Bao Nan. The Fourth Brother, given name, Gan Yun Ting. He may seem to be the idlest and usually busy himself with women and pleasurable amusements. He was actually the only heir to the Wan E family.


“This is my wife, Mo Li Xin. That is her friend, Xu Qing Man.” Ji Nan Feng rarely provided others with an explanation. This was the first time in both lives that he had introduced his wife to others.

“Third Brother… You… You aren’t joking with me right?! What about Duan An Ran?” Gan Yun Ting was flabbergasted, the news felt like a bomb that went off in his head.

“I have no reason to lie to you, I’ll explain to you all on a later date. Now help her into your car.”

“Oh… Oh, immediately.” Gan Yun Ting’s mind was in a mess.

Nevertheless, it was apparent that this sister-in-law who popped out of nowhere was very precious to Third Brother. Previously, Duan An Ran existence in his life was dispensable. A perspicacious person could tell who meant more to Ji Nan Feng.

“I’m warning you not to have any designs on her,” Ji Nan Feng ordered as he carried Mo Li Xin in his arms.

“I guarantee to complete my task!” Gan Yun Ting straightened his back as he did a military salute.

“Hey! Why is there another handsome guy here? Xin Xin, eh, Xin Xin!… Who are you? Why are you carrying my family’s Xin Xin? Let go! Let her down,” Xu Qing Man continued blabbering nonsense as she was supported up.

“Man Man… Man… The big bad wolf is coming… Run! Run!” Mo Li Xin restlessly struggled in Ji Nan Feng’s arms.

“Big bad wolf, where is it? Where is the big bad wolf? I want to fight the big bad wolf! Hey! This big bad wolf is pink, aww… so cute! Come over and let big sister give you a kiss!” Xu Qing Man wanted to aim a kiss at Gan Yun Ting’s cheeks.

But no sooner had she completed her sentence, she vomited all she consumed that night onto Gan Yun Ting’s pink suit.

Gan Yun Ting wanted to weep but failed to shed a tear. He had an expression that was screaming for help, but Ji Nan Feng ignored his silent plea and turned to leave with Mo Li Xin. Before departing, Ji Nan Feng even threw a look that stated ‘do as you see fit’.


Goddamn it, why did he have such a Third Brother! Gan Yun Ting felt positively wronged but he still resigned to his fate as he half-supported and brought this great aunt to the hotel.

Ji Nan Feng had his own car hence he parted ways with Gan Yun Ting.

“Eh… Why do you resemble Ah Feng? The Ah Feng that I knew before marriage… Hehe…” Mo Li Xin was wriggling about the passenger seat, unable to keep still.

“Stop moving about, we’ll be home soon.” Ji Nan Feng sped up as he observed her drunken performance. As it was the middle of the night, there was little traffic thus it only took an hour for them to reach back.

When they got home, everyone had already left. Ji Nan Feng carried an intoxicated Mo Li Xin to the sofa and went into the kitchen to pour her a bowl of hangover soup.

“I don’t want to, it’s smelly! I wanna dance, you have to hold my hand and place the other on my waist… Like this…” Mo Li Xin wildly waved her small hands around. She felt like she was on the clouds, light as a feather, Ji Nan Feng was leading her in a dance. On the clouds, this Ji Nan Feng had a radiant smile and he treated her tenderly.

Unexpectedly the scenario changed, and a fierce Ji Nan Feng appeared before her. He was forcing her to gulp down that bitter concoction when she really did not want to.

“Be obedient, I’ll dance with you after you finish drinking,” Ji Nan Feng cajoled helplessly as he caressed her head dotingly while trying to restrain her wandering hands.

“No! I don’t want it! Smelly, does not taste nice, I don’t wanna drink! I wanna dance!” The current Mo Li Xin had no rationality and her actions were all based on a whim, without a filter between her thoughts and mouth. Alcohol really does give one liquid courage; when one lacks inhabitation, they become fearless.

“Be obedient, it’s just a little bit, you will be able to finish it quickly. We’ll dance once you’re done.” Ji Nan Feng was at a loss, he had no younger siblings or children. Hence he was befuddled on how to coax a person with a child-like mentality into drinking medicine. This whole situation was extremely perplexing to him.

Indeed, a drunk Mo Li Xin was like a child.

“Why do you keep talking? You’re not permitted to talk!” Mo Li Xin demanded. She stood up and used her mouth to cover that speaking mouth.

The room was silent, curtains swaying in the night breeze. A loveable and adorable woman was standing on top of the sofa, kissing the man. The man was tall, with a hand holding the sobering soup and the other unsure where to place. He stood ramrod straight, staring in astonishment at the woman who was kissing him.

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