Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 38 – A Strange Man

“You still have the cheek to be angry? How long have you known Allen?”

“Oh, oh, are you jealous?” Mo Li Xin turned back and faced Ji Nan Feng, not wanting to miss his expression when he answered.

“Do you wish that I was jealous or not?” He asked, neither admitting nor denying.

“You…” Someone was speechless…  

The evening reception was about to start. Mo Li Xin put on her dress and set off from the hotel with Ji Nan Feng to the venue.

She wore a black off-shoulder dress and its skirt reached just above her knee, giving a feeling of being cute and sexy. With such unparalleled beauty by his side, Ji Nan Feng was bound to be jealous. If it were to be some other husband or boyfriend, they would have felt proud. However, Ji Nan Feng did not share that sentiment. Having gained face by having a beautiful partner was superfluous. One should strive to gain face through one’s merit. 

In fact, he did not want others to ogle at his wife’s beauty. Yet, there was nothing he could do about it. It was not like he could lock her up at home and forbid her from going out to meet others. 

‘I have a little donkey, but I never rode on it…’ 

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“Big Brother Ji?” As soon as they entered the venue, they heard a burst of hearty laughter, and a smiling man walked over. Mo Li Xin examined the person. Was this not the middle-aged uncle that Cai Lang followed at the last reception? He looked like he was in his fifties but he addressed Ji Nan Feng as ‘Big Brother Ji’… But considering that she did not know who he was, she could not comment, so she just listened by his side.

“It’s been a while,” Ji Nan Feng returned the man’s greeting albeit lukewarmly. This was his normal acknowledgment towards people he was unfamiliar with. But Mo Li Xin could also hear the estrangement from his tone and knew that Ji Nan Feng did not like the person before them.

Mo Li Xin suddenly thought of something and glanced behind the man only to spot a familiar figure again. On the other hand, Cai Lang was making her way through the crowd towards them, having not noticed her yet.

“And this is?” The man asked just as Cai Lang spotted Mo Li Xin.

“My wife,” Ji Nan Feng only introduced who she was to him without giving her name. It was obvious that he did not want to mingle with this man as he had an ‘I don’t want to deal with you’ attitude.

Cai Lang happened to overhear those words and was stupefied. She naturally recognized this man. How could she not? After all, she had worked for Ji Corporation for many years. This man was Ji family’s famous but low-key second young master. 

Up to this point, she finally understood. No wonder… no wonder she and Zhao De were fired from the company and even had their houses taken away. She became penniless and desperate for a long period of time. Now she finally knew why. That incident in the toilet must have offended Mo Li Xin and she retaliated by telling Ji Nan Feng.

Cai Lang’s guess was fairly accurate, but she was wrong on one little point; Mo Li Xin did not go back to complain to Ji Nan Feng, she was not aware that actions were even taken against Cai Lang.

“Oh, Mrs. Ji looks stunning, but have we met before?” the man asked.  

After pondering, he suddenly realised, “oh! you’re the one who’s acquainted with Lang’er and is also the champion of today’s Bai Sha Exhibition, Mo Li Xin? Mrs. Ji truly is outstanding, to have both beauty and talent.”  

The man praised. Yet, Mo Li Xin did not feel that his words were as simple as he phrased them. Because she could not see the servile behavior that was usually displayed by people who wanted to curry favors with Ji Nan Feng. It was as if he was just fawning for the sake of bootlicking.

Ji Nan Feng looked nonchalant as he held the glass, swirling the wine without taking a sip.

“Brother Ji, you might not have known, but your wife has some friendship with my Lang’er. In a way, you could say that we also have the fate to be acquainted. But of course, my Lang’er couldn’t compare to Mrs. Ji.” 

Standing behind, Cai Lang hated that she could not crush the glass in her hands. However, thinking of a man’s means of dealing with others, she could only swallow her grievance.

Ji Nan Feng who seldom replied, “indeed, she is much too inferior to compare.”

Mo Li Xin, “…” Inexplicably, her mood seemed to become better?

Cai Lang’s scowled but knew better than to refute.

Mo Li Xin noticed her hostility but chose to ignore her. Whereas Ji Nan Feng shot an icy glare at Cai Lang. 

“Director Luo, when did your standard for mistresses drop so low?” Ji Nan Feng swirled his wine as he indifferently threw out his question. 

The person addressed as Director Luo was momentarily stunned. Yet he was not embarrassed when he replied, “Young Master Ji sure knows how to joke. Women are like clothes, they’re all the same when the clothes are off, just mere playthings. If Young Master Ji is offended, let me offer you a toast. For being guilty of bringing someone that polluted your eyes, I sincerely apologise.” 

Director Luo then raised his wine glass wanting to toast Ji Nan Feng. 

Ji Nan Feng did not move, leaving Director Luo’s glass hanging, yet the man did not look embarrassed by his snub. Mo Li Xin was curious about this Director Luo. Since the first moment they met at the reception, she always felt that this person had an uncanny disposition.

“This wine… its grade is too low… I don’t like it,” Ji Nan Feng said after a long awkward pause. After commenting, he pulled Mo Li Xin and left.

Director Luo focused on their retreating backs with a smile that showed no irritation at their treatment. Interesting, interesting… He did not expect that even Ji family’s youngest son would be so difficult to deal with.

Mo Li Xin was tugged along. After much consideration, she voiced, “that’s such a queer man, somewhat spooky even.”

“Don’t worry about him. But that person is very scheming, so it’s best not to have any interactions with him,” Ji Nan Feng continued to swirl his glass, without drinking.

“Is there something wrong with the drink?” Mo Li Xin could not help but ask.

“Oh, I’ve been searching all over for you!” Before Ji Nan Feng could reply, Allen’s voice interrupted them.

After the unexplainable cold war that lasted for an hour, Mo Li Xin learnt something. She must stay away from Allen and all other men in front of Ji Nan Feng. Otherwise, she would have to suffer the consequences again.

“We arrived late,” after recovering, Mo Li Xin responded.

“This is our first time meeting, I’m so glad to meet you, I’m Mo Li Xin. And this is my husband.” 

Allen looked at Ji Nan Feng in surprise. This person… he may not recognise, but just based on being able to sit in the middle of the second row at today’s exhibition. Allen could tell that this man’s background was not simple. 

Nodding slightly, “I’m Allen, it’s an honor to meet you.”  

Ji Nan Feng could see that this man did not have any undesirable thoughts about his wife, hence he courteously returned, “Ji Nan Feng.”

Allen was quick to react, Ji family’s second young master. Ji family was from a notable background. He definitely knew of them, but there was little information about this second young master of Ji. Within the upper class, JI Nan Feng was rumored to keep a very low profile; truly not showing the mountain and not revealing the waters1 It refers to a person that’s very modest, stays a low profile, and does not show off, or brag about their own merits/background.. Hence, not many people know him.

“I’ve heard of you.”

The two of them continued speaking in a very polite and formal tone. Mo Li Xin’s forehead was full of black lines. Before today, she only knew Allen’s name as she did not want to pry into his background. After Bai Sha Exhibition ended and they returned to the hotel, Ji Nan Feng was the one that told her. She got to learn why someone from such a prestigious background would choose to become a small designer’s agent. 

Therefore, she greatly admired him, a person that placed importance on relationships and friendships, choosing to fulfill his sister’s dreams in her stead.

The three spoke among themselves, failing to notice Cai Lang’s gaze containing malice arrowed at Mo Li Xin.

A waitress walked past Cai Lang, in the direction of Mo Li Xin. Suddenly an idea flashed into her mind. With her action being faster than her thought processes, Cai Lang stretched her leg out towards the ignorant waitress. As the waitress was not paying attention, she tripped and the tray of red wine splashed towards an unsuspecting Mo Li Xin. Ji Nan Feng was quick to act, pulling her away but he was not fast enough and a large portion of the red wine still spilled on Mo Li Xin’s black dress. And even though it was black, the stain was still very glaring.

The waiter got up and hurriedly bowed and apologized in a panic. One must know that these people did not come from simple backgrounds. That black dress might have cost several years of her salary. Even though she knew that she was in deep trouble this time. She held onto the hope that by apologizing, this lady would be magnanimous and let her off the hook. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” the waitress apologized profusely. There was nothing else she could say other than the beg for forgiveness. Even if she knew that someone deliberately tripped her just now. But if she voiced it out, who would believe her? One had to say, the waitress was also a smart person that knew how to adapt to her predicament. 

In this upper-class circle, the waitress was considered lucky to have encountered Mo Li Xin. 

“It’s okay. I’ll just wash up in the restroom. Do be careful next time.” By the time Mo Li Xin reacted, she looked behind the waiter and saw that no one was there. 

Yet, not too far away, with her back turned to Mo Li Xin, was a person she recognised. If that was not Cai Lang, then who else? When this incident occurred, everyone turned over to see what had happened, only Cai Lang had her back toward the incident. Truly, this revealed what one intended to hide. 

The waitress was implicated, so Mo Li Xin was not angry at her.

The waitress quickly picked up the broken glass from the ground with a look of incredulity and left. She really thought that she was dead, never expecting that the lady would let her off.

I get that Xin Xin trusts Ji Nan Feng, but why does she never question him on her doubts?! Girl, you need to voice your questions! (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞

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