Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 37 – Lifting A Stone And Smashing One’s Foot

“Oh, you do?” Ma De Yue asked, tilting his head in curiosity.

“It’s just a guess. That’s if my guess is correct,” Allen replied, his fixed gaze displayed his confidence.

“Then let’s wait and see, your judgment has always been accurate,” Ma De Yue was very eager to find out. After all, there were not many people that could catch his friend’s eyes.

The top ten designers were to step onto the stage. It naturally included the champion, Mo Li Xin, who everyone was intrigued about.

Mo Li Xin did not speak. She felt that there was no need to convince others about her design as she believed a good piece did not need words to glorify it. Everyone would be able to use their own eyes to see it for what its worth. However, as the last of the top ten, Gu Yi Yi was not satisfied, so she was the first to step forward.

“My work may be ranked tenth but I’ve adapted advice and opinions from my master. Thus, I’m very satisfied. When my master taught my senior apprentice sister, Miao Bai, he said that in all great works lie its soul. The design concept of my wedding dress is Dong Sheng, which represents hope and…”

Gu Yi Yi seriously went on to describe her design concept. However, everyone only heard one name, Miao Bai. And it naturally included Mo Li Xin.

Heh… she did not know when she gained a master and an apprentice sister. It sure made her feel like she joined a sect. Did Gu Yi Yi think that she was filming a martial arts movie? Gu Yi Yi really dared to utter such words.

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Mo Li Xin did not want to say anything in the presence of so many people, but this would undoubtedly affect her other identity. If she did not voice out now, she might be accused when her other identity was exposed in the future. So she decided to explain and uncover Gu Yi Yi’s lie. Ultimately, it did not matter since there was already so much bad blood between them. However, just as she was able to refute, someone in the audience spoke up.

That someone, was Allen.

“As far as I know, Miao Bai didn’t have a master nor a junior apprentice sister. May I ask this lady on stage, where do these words stem from?” Allen gently questioned.

Mo Li Xin followed the voice and peered at the crowd. When their eyes met, she felt that he was familiar and the man’s identity soon became clear to her. That was most likely Allen. On the phone, he had said that he was coming and she thought that she would only be able to see him after the competition ended. Who would have thought that he came from such a background? After all, not everyone was entitled to sit in the second row.

As Ji Nan Feng’s eyes never left Mo Li Xin’s figure. He naturally caught all her subtle reactions and noticed that his wife’s attention was resting on an unknown man. He felt a little uncomfortable, especially when her gaze was also slightly unfathomable. He suddenly felt somewhat bitter.

When Gu Yi Yi was suddenly questioned, she felt a bad premonition creeping in. Could it be so coincidental that such a low-key Miao Bai would be acquainted with someone who was attending this event?

“That… that… this gentleman may not know, in fact, I… and her agent, Allen, also know each other.” 

Speaking incoherently, the saying about lifting a stone and smashing one’s foot most likely came about this way.

Among the audience, Allen chucked. Everyone around them also laughed tauntingly.

The one who spoke was Allen. The person on the stage claimed that she knew him, but she did not seem to recognise that she was speaking to him.

In Country B, Allen’s family background was considered to be very prestigious. However, he was not an ambitious person and lived an unrestrained life. He spent his days idling away his time seeking pleasure. Only people in this circle knew of him; a person that would give potential wedding dress designers a chance to display their ability to their fullest. There were about ten outstanding designers under him, of which, Miao Bai was the most recently recruited and the most famous.

As for why Allen took up such a queer job, one would have to start from his sister, Anantha. It was Anantha’s childhood dream to become a wedding dress designer. Unfortunately, before her first major design competition, her brother was kidnapped by their family’s foe and she came forward to help rescue him. In the process, she shattered the bones in both her hands and her dreams of being a designer. Not too long after, she was diagnosed with heart disease and passed away shortly after. Before she died, she told her brother that her only regret in life was not being able to design a wedding dress that she liked.

The story may have sounded outrageous and dramatic, but only the parties involved truly knew what had happened.

Gu Yi Yi did not expect that the gentleman who was talking to her was the Allen. Thus, when her lie was exposed, she was still in disbelief.

“How… how could that be… Mr, perhaps you were mistaken? Or maybe, my senior apprentice sister didn’t tell you everything?” Gu Yi Yi refused to give in and continued defending herself.

The people watched on in excitement, everyone having their own take on the situation. It was impossible for Allen to lie, but the delicate young lady on the stage did not look like she was lying either. Hence, they guessed that it was possible that there was a misunderstanding. 

“Then, that I’m not sure,” Allen smiled flatly.

Gu Yi Yi thought she guessed right. Seems like Miao Bai did not tell her agent everything.

“Then this gentleman, I believe this must be a misunderstanding. Senior apprentice sister is a person of few words and usually prefers to be alone. Hence, it’s not too surprising that she did not tell you about her master and fellow apprentice.” Gu Yi Yi slowly calmed down and replied. As if the situation suddenly became clear.

“Then is that so? Miao Bai?” Allen looked at Mo Li Xin and asked. The audience followed his gaze and was stunned.

As Ji Nan Feng watched the silent interaction between his wife and that unknown man, he became more upset but chose not to interrupt.

Mo Li Xin knew that there was no escaping now. She resigned to her fate and replied, “Indeed, I don’t have a master, nor a junior apprentice sister.”

Within the audience, those who knew who Miao Bai was felt in a daze. When they finally reacted, they realized that the champion was the mysterious Miao Bai. No wonder just now they felt that the design styles of the two were so similar.

The judges who knew the inside story were even more amazed. This person was indeed different, she preferred to be a contestant to a judge. Amongst the capable, there were still such formidable beings.

Compared to the exclamation of awe from everyone else, Gu Yi Yi and Xie Jin Jing were in disbelief. They could not wrap their heads around the fact that the person they bragged about for such a long time turned out to be standing right in front of them. This was slapping themselves in the face.

In earnest, Bai Sha Exhibition came to a perfect end. Nothing major occurred except a certain person at the tenth position was directly penalised to the last spot. In actuality, Gu Yi Yi’s work was good, unfortunately, her character left much to be desired.

After the show ended, it was already past five in the evening. There will still be a dinner reception at eight to end this event off. Mo Li Xin went backstage to pack up and took Xu Qing Man back to the hotel, alongside Ji Nan Feng.

Because Mo Li Xin stayed in a shared suite with others, it was not very convenient for the couple. Thus, Ji Nan Feng booked another room and Mo Li Xin naturally moved in with him.

At that very moment, Ji Nan Feng was seated on the sofa with his arms crossed with an expression that screamed ‘don’t mess with me’.

“I was wrong to hide this from you before, but I didn’t think that it was important enough to mention it to you. Don’t you be angry…” Mo Li Xin pitifully groveled as she clung to the corner of Ji Nan Feng’s suit.

Ji Nan Feng still continued to ignore her. He was not angry that she hid her other identity from him. He was angry that his wife actually had unclear ties with that little white face1 Little white face is a derogatory reference to an attractive young man or pretty boy., Allen.

“Hey, don’t be angry anymore! I’ve already apologized.” After fawning over him for so long but the man still continued to ignore her, Mo Li Xin too became a little angry and pouted.

Ji Nan Feng turned his head to see Mo Li Xin’s angry look and felt really helpless. He could not bear to scold, or curse, or be angry. It was him who should be aggrieved. Yet, before his anger was diffused, she threw a tantrum. But what else could he do other than to pamper and give in to her? What could he do? This was, after all, the wife he chose to marry.

The author has something to say: 

Mo Yue, “don’t you know that there’s such a thing as a heroine halo in the world? Gu Yi Yi, I advise you to be kinder.”

Gu Yi Yi, “this supporting actress feels bitter… In the next life, I must turn my fortune from being a serf and become a landlord.”

Truly having main lead halos is no joke…

Sorry peeps, I’ve been very busy with school and work hence the update was delayed.

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