Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 32 – The Strange Man

Dai Meng, “…” I don’t want to live anymore… These kinds of days are impossible to live, suffering from mental trauma every day!


As planned, after settling down in the hotel, they went out in the evening. Taking in the ambience of Country B. Country B’s street culture was diverse and trendy, but they did not lose their sense of locality. Perhaps due to Bai Sha Exhibition being held here, there seemed to be more tourists walking about. Occasionally, one might even be lucky enough to come across a celebrity. Yet, this was no concern of Mo Li Xin’s, she only cared about where the food was and things she was going to buy.

The itinerary for the next day was fairly simple. In the morning, they would be going to a gathering. The hosting company was one of Jui Zi’s long-termed collaborative partners. The people invited were all from the fashion industry. Many well-known designers, business gurus, and even some celebrities were on the invitation list. Normally, ordinary people like Dai Meng would not be eligible to attend. This time, she got the opportunity due to her position as Jiu Zi’s employee. 

“Team leader, wait a while. Let me tag along behind you. I’ve never been exposed to this type of occasion before. It wouldn’t be great if I made a fool of myself and embarrassed everyone.” Dia Meng fretted.


At the entrance of the castle, people came and went. Dai Meng wore a white fishtail gown and stepped onto the long red carpet leading towards a long flight of steps into the castle.

“Relax and do what you would normally do. No one will bother with a couple of nobodies like us,” Mo Li Xin reassured. 

She, herself, had not been to many large-scale parties or receptions. Yet, there was no need to be too nervous. Furthermore, they were on foreign land and no one knew who they were. 

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“Xiao Cai, don’t be rude,” the man commanded. His tone was domineering and it forbade her from contradicting him.


Cai Lang immediately lowered her head and did not refute. Mo Li Xin was unable to make head or tail of it and chose to ignore them. She pulled a puzzled Dai Meng and walked away. 

Her mind kept turning, why did she experience such an emotion when she looked at him? It was as if she had met that man before, and it struck such terror in her that she remained flustered even after stepping away from him. 

‘Are you afraid? If you remember, you won’t be scared anymore. Since you forgot, I also couldn’t recall. I only know that you met that person before. As for where and when you’ll have to remember it yourself,’ the other Li Xin, who had not appeared in a long time, voiced out.

Mo Li Xin hesitated. What did she forget? Also, why was Cai Lang here and with that person? There were numerous questions running through her brain, leaving her unsettled.

“Team leader, do you know her? Who was that? It felt like you… the atmosphere felt somewhat tense,” Dai Meng asked while holding a slice of cake.

“We’re university mates that couldn’t see eye to eye,” Mo Li Xin replied.

“Oh… By the way, do you recognise that man? His dressing was a little weird.”

“I don’t.”


“But it seems that his influence in this circle isn’t small. Just look, the CEO of Qing Yong Group has to personally go over and greet him,” Dai Meng whispered to Mo Li Xin, who also turned to look.

Qing Yong Group was their collaborative partner, and this gathering was organized by them. After taking a second glance, she did not pay further attention to that group. After all, it had nothing to do with her.

Since the party started, Mo Li Xin only ate and ate even more. Fortunately, nothing else like when they entered the venue happened. At most, some men approached her for a dance, but she rejected all of them.


“Sigh! My belly is bulging, I’m sure to get fat again. The rich sure lived a good life, surrounded by so much delicious food,” Dai Meng puffed. She stretched out her hands comfortably. Unbeknownst to her, someone was behind her. As a result, the back of Dai Meng’s hand tapped against a warm face.

Just as Dai Meng realized she turned around wanting to apologize. Yet, before any words left her mouth, a smack resounded and pain blossomed on her cheek.

At that moment, they were near the entrance of the castle, and people have yet to leave, so there were quite a few spectators.

Mo Li Xin frowned, who knew that something like this would happen just as they were about to depart.

“Ah! Are you blind? Apologise! I demand you apologise to me!” the woman who slapped Dai Meng screeched furiously.

Dai Meng palmed her cheek, staring at the lady who hit her. She tried to suppress her irritation as she spotted the crowd surrounding them. 

“This Miss, although I accidentally touched your face, you already returned a slap to mine. By right, we should call it even.” She will not apologize. However, considering the reputation of her company, she dare not make a bigger fuss out of this.

“Call it even? Hah! That’s hilarious! Who do you think you are? Can you even compare your face to mine? I want you to bow and apologize right now,” the woman demanded. She sounded like a shrew at a market, completely unfitting of the branded clothes that donned her body.

“That’s right! Our Jing Jing is of another calibre, not everyone can be compared to her. You should be grateful to be rewarded with that slap.” A lady dressed in pink stood beside the one named ‘Jing Jing’ sneered. 

Her gaze cut across Dai Meng disdainfully. But when she glanced at Mo Li Xin, she was stunned for a moment before she quickly collected herself.

She continued, “since I don’t recognise you, I’m guessing that you hugged some man’s thigh or climbed into someone’s bed to be able to attend this function. I despise people like you, although you dress decently, it cannot hide your stench of vanity.”

Naturally, Mo Li Xin did not miss that jab, “This… decent looking Miss, my friend accidentally touched your friend and she planned to apologise for it. My friend’s vision is in front, whereas your friend stood behind her, hence it’s reasonable to say that my friend didn’t notice her. Additionally, your friend gave mine a slap. By right, this should have settled this issue. However, if you still think it’s unfair, we can settle this using my solution.”


Regardless of the many eyes around, after Mo Li Xin spoke, she walked forward and gave a slap to the lady named ‘Jing Jing’ and a quick follow-up with another to the pink dressed Miss. The sounds were jarring and sharp.

Turning to the woman in pink, “as the saying goes, no matter how great Tang Seng was, he was but a monkey keeper1Tang Seng is the monk that disciplined and taught enlightenment to Monkey King, Sun Wukong. This proverb is a jab at others. Saying that, so what if Tang Seng was powerful and he could control the Monkey King? In the end, he’s just babysitting a monkey.. But you… you’re not even worthy to be the monkey. Your mouth is so vulgar, trying to reason with you verbally is just an insult to my intelligence. At least with brute force, it’s clearer and simpler for you to understand,” she could tell that this Miss had no background or else she would not have to constantly base her actions on Jing Jing’s expressions.

After that, disregarding the womens’ expressions, she quickly pulled Dai Meng and left. She was not afraid of them, she was just afraid of the trouble this would cause. Surrounded by many, even if those two women were bolder, they would not dare to make a reckless move.

By the time the two ladies came back to their senses, Mo Li Xin and Dai Meng had already long left. They could only vent their anger by letting out a loud shriek. The onlookers secretly shook their heads while those that came from Country A recognised this prominent lady. This stubborn Miss was Shui Cheng’s family Xie’s eldest Miss. However, they did not expect her to suffer this kind of loss. This made many curious about the origins of the two ladies that departed. 

“Team leader… about that… did I create trouble for you? From their looks, I don’t think their background is simple. What if they decide to find us and settle this score?” Dai Meng belatedly asked in the car.

Mo Li Xin was a little apprehensive. Not afraid, as there was no need to be. With her family and Ji Nan Feng’s, she could do whatever she wanted without having to worry about the consequences. Yet, she did not do that, neither did she want things to get blown out of proportion. She enjoyed simplicity, peace and quiet. 

She profoundly remembered an incident that happened in elementary school. Due to a conflict between her and her classmates, her father personally went down to help her resolve it. Afterwards, her family background was exposed and gradually, those friends that were originally close to her started to get estranged from her. Even the teachers treat her, a student, respectfully. She used to hate that feeling.

Later, as she grew up, she slowly learnt to be indifferent. Those who changed their views of her because of her family background did not treat her genuinely. As time passed, she stopped caring, but she still did not want to cause trouble. 

However, if trouble were to come knocking, she would not take it lying down. Maybe a few months ago, she might, but not anymore.

Others spoiled her to heaven. Hence, she would not tolerate people humiliating her as this disrespected those who loved her.


The author has something to say: 


Ji Nan Feng, “My wife is so powerful. Without hesitation, she swiftly delivered a couple of slaps.”

Mo Yue, “Well… with the female lead’s halo, there’s no need to worry! My Xin Xin wouldn’t suffer.”

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