Chapter 3 – Jealousy

“Then are you hoping that I really have amnesia or pretend so?” Ji Nan Feng chose to reply to her question with another question.

His words echoed in Mo Li Xin’s mind, did she hope for the former or the latter possibility? Perhaps the latter, but that notion was selfish, yet she could not deny that that was what she secretly hoped for deep within her heart.

“I… I don’t know,” She was afraid to speak truthfully.

“Despite what I’ve forgotten, I’ll always remember that you’re the one in my heart. You don’t have to do anything, just stand where you are and wait for me to come over.” Ji Nan Feng grinned. While holding her face in the palm of his hands, he turned her face to face him so that he could look right into her eyes to express his sincerity.

Mo Li Xin’s heart was pounding loudly in her chest. Ji Nan Feng was never like this with her before, so loving and caring. Seeing it today, the emptiness within her heart was replaced with blossoming emotions.

She thought to herself, regardless of whether this was a reality or a dream, she should be content. If this was really a dream, she wished to never wake up.

The temperature in this City A has always been low throughout the year albeit it being March. The chilly weather has further caused light snow to fall and a layer of frost formed on the car’s windows. Mo Li Xin wiped the condensation with her hand, her thoughts drifting away together with the falling snow outside.

Throughout their journey home, Mo Li Xin was caught in her own thoughts by how surreal everything felt. Whereas Ji Nan Feng kept glancing sideways at Mo Li Xin.


Soon they arrived at the Shui Xing Villa. Looking at the villa, Ji Nan Feng felt somewhat dazed as if it was a dream. This was obviously his wedding house, in his previous life his marriage had lasted three years, but the number of times he came back here could be counted on one hand.

“You’re both back! Originally I wanted to go fetch you guys, but later I decided that it would be better if I just waited at home. Nan Feng, how are you feeling?” Upon alighting the vehicle, a beautiful woman about forty years old approached from within the villa building, knocking Ji Nan Feng out of his reverie.

“Mom,” Mo Li Xin greeted. This lady was Ji Nan Feng’s mother, Wei Xiu Lan, she was also a violinist.

“Li Xin, were you injured? Really! Something as serious as this happened, but you two didn’t think to inform us about it. If it wasn’t for your Uncle Liu, we would still be in the dark that you were admitted into the hospital due to the accident. Wasn’t the hotel just fine? How did it catch on fire?” The Uncle Liu that Wei Xiu Lan was referring to was a surgeon from the hospital.

“I’m fine, it’s just that…” Before Mo Li Xin could complete the second half of her sentence.

Wei Xiu Lan immediately became alert, “What’s the matter? Could something else have happened?”

“Mom, I have amnesia. I can’t recall things up to a year back,” Ji Nan Feng nonchalantly announced.

“Amnesia?! Can’t remember things from more than a year back,” Wei Xiu Lan cried out in alarm. “It’s okay, it is good enough as long as you remember us,” she added shortly after deliberating. To phrase it in other words, for Ji Nan Feng to have forgotten about Duan An Ran is a wondrous thing. This way, the relationship between her son and Li Xin would improve. Therefore even when her face showed her concern, deep within her heart she was elated.

“Uh… Mom…”  

“How did you get amnesia?” Unexpectedly, a hoarse voice sounded from behind.

“Grandpa, why have you come too?” Mo Li Xin greeted.

“Am I not welcome here? Quickly tell me, did I misheard just now?” Ji Shi Bo enquired. One could see the poorly concealed excitement spilling from his eyes.

“Dad, having amnesia is fine, as long as physically Nan Feng is well,” Wei Xiu Lan replied.

“Good riddance of that relationship! Forget it completely so that you don’t get entangled in it anymore,” Ji Shi Bo blurted out unintentionally. After finishing, he realized his mistake and abruptly shut his mouth.

Ji Nan Feng felt dumbfounded, ‘Grandpa, can you be any more obvious?’

Ji Nan Feng could not help but reflect, it seems that in his last life, he was the only one who couldn’t see Duan An Ran clearly for who she really was. Even Grandpa who had only met Duan An Ran a handful of times knew that she came with bad intentions.

On the contrary, seeing that he currently had amnesia his whole family was celebrating.

“Ahem, ahem ahem,” Wei Xiu Lan attempted to promptly stop Ji Shi Bo in his tracks and get him to reflect on what he had just said.

“That… never mind what I’ve just said. What are you all still doing at the door? Let’s go inside, although it’s already March, it’s still quite chilly furthermore it’s snowing. But this is a good omen! As the saying goes, snow in March wipes away the ominous air, an auspicious event is bound to occur,” Ji Shi Bo stroked his greying beard.

“Grandpa, how long have you been here? Why didn’t you inform me of your arrival?” Mo Li Xin stepped forward and supported Ji Shi Bo’s arm. After Ji Nan Feng and her got married, they immediately moved out to live on their own. Therefore if people were to visit, they would usually notify them beforehand.

“Girl, what’s there to inform, we’ve only just arrived,” Ji Shi Bo adored this lovely granddaughter-in-law.

Alas, it’s just that…

His grandson was a stubborn fool. Originally he and Li Xin were getting along just fine. But after marriage, both of them were constantly in disharmony. What disappointed him the most was the fact that he even had a mistress outside.

“Grandpa, you all unwind in the living room first. I’ll go prepare something for us to eat since it’s about lunch time.” Mo Li Xin did not have time to rest after entering the house. She changed her clothes and headed for the kitchen.

“Li Xin, you just came back, why don’t you take a breather too?” Wei Xiu Lan persuaded in distress.

“I’m all good. The doctor advised us that Ji Nan Feng needs to have his daily meals on time.”

Ji Nan Feng’s chest tightened upon hearing those words. He didn’t know what to say thus he directly pulled Mo Li Xin up to the second floor. Ji Shi Bo and Wei Xiu Lan were stunned by his actions, but after a while, they beamed as they watched the two walk up the stairs.


On the second floor, in the study room…

“Ji… Ji Nan Feng,” Mo Li Xin was befuddled by the current situation.

“How did you address me?”

“Ji…Ji Nan Feng?” Mo Li replied suspiciously.

Ji Nan Feng stared at her for a good while, before finally feeling utterly defeated, he drew her stiffen body into his embrace.

“Call me Nan Feng or Ah Feng. I don’t know what happened during this period, but I hope that we can at least get along like before,” Ji Nan Feng softly professed as he rested his chin on top of her head.

Ji Nan Feng continued to solemnly declare, “I apologize if I did something in the past that upset you. You don’t have to forgive me as of yet but I’ll use my actions to prove that I will always treat you well. You don’t have to be so afraid of me.”

Mo Li Xin was uncertain of how to reply. Yet she could not help but ruminate. If only he could remain like this forever. How nice would that be? If he never remembered, was that even possible? Someday, he might gain back his memories. When that day comes would she have to lose him all over again? However, she felt satisfied just being able to be by his side now.

“No, nothing happened during this period, you have treated me very well,” Mo Li Xin was unable to voice her thoughts.

From the corner of her eye, a tear slid down the side of her face. Mo Li Xin thought that she hid her emotions well, unbeknownst to her, Ji Nan Feng noticed it all.

Ji Nan Feng sighed and swallowed the sense of powerlessness that washed over him. He was too impatient, he needed to take things slowly with her. One day, she would revert back to that carefree, cheerful and lovely Mo Li Xin.

Ji Nan Feng suddenly thought of something and asked, “What are you currently working as? I can’t remember what happened after you graduated last year.” He wanted her to continue fulfilling her dream, but he couldn’t say it directly as he previously forbade her from finding a job. Since now he has amnesia, he could pretend that he did not recall telling her that.

“I… I presently do not have a job,” Mo Li Xin recalled what he told her on their wedding night.

Ji Nan Feng seized the opportunity to offer, “Don’t worry if you can’t find a job. Hubby will definitely help you. You like designing wedding dresses yes? I’ve a connection in that field, I’ll contact the person tomorrow. With your ability, I know you’ll do well!”

He had a brother who happened to be involved in this aspect of work. Thinking about it now, the job would be well suited for her.

Ever since Ji Nan Feng woke up, Mo Li Xin felt like she was on cloud nine, unable to differentiate if it was a dream or reality. In addition, now that he allowed her to work, she felt that it was highly likely that she was dreaming.

“Ji… Nan Feng, you really don’t remember the past?”

When Ji Nan Feng heard her ask that question again, instead of being frustrated he could only sigh in resignation.

“Li Xin, I’ll repeat again, regardless of what I did in the past, I apologize once more for my mistakes and for making you feel so insecure. You have to believe me,” Ji Nan Feng reassured as he placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her around so that he could look into her eyes.

“Oh… Oh.” Looking at his resolution, Mo Li Xin could not help but believe that even if Ji Nan Feng recollected his memories, he would not hate her as much as before.

“Do you know of Gong Yue?” Ji Nan Feng asked. Gong Yue was one of his close friends. Although he and Li Xin grew up together, they did not really know much about each other. According to his calculations, if nothing much had changed, he should have only returned to China two years back whereas Gong Yue was abroad till last year. In the past year, too much had happened between him and Mo Li Xin. The chance to introduce his friends to her never came up.

“Gong Yue?” Just as Mo Li Xin heard the name, her murmuring voice became clear and enthusiastic.

“Is he that internationally famous wedding dress designer, who had the opportunity to design a wedding dress for the Victorian princess? That Gong Yue?” Mo Li Xin asked eagerly, that man was her idol!

He was a low-key person despite many wanting to get to know him, few managed to. Besides his name, most in the design industry knew nothing about him; his surname, age, physique were a complete mystery. Due to the lack of information about him, many speculated that he should be a mature and earnest man in his forties or fifty. Some jealous designers even gossiped that he dared not show his face because he was an unattractive and stubby man.

Ji Nan Feng was dumbstruck. Seeing his wife who was in a depressed mood since just now, suddenly became lively and prattled on about other men made him feel upset.

Mo Li Xin, “…”

Naturally, she did not know what was going through Ji Nan Feng’s mind.

“En, that’s him. I heard that his company is currently recruiting. I’ll only mention your application before you go for the interview. I believe in your abilities in attaining the job.”

Knowing Mo Li Xin’s character, she may look mild-tempered and soft but she was actually quite stubborn. She was more likely to uphold her own principals and beliefs especially regarding things and people she liked.

Thinking of this issue, Ji Nan Feng could not help but think of how she complied with his demand when he forbade her from seeking employment. This showed that she had always prioritized him first, before her dreams and ambitions. It signified how much she loved him, although this was indeed petty he could not stop the smile from spreading on his lips.

“Really? He has a company and he’s employing?” Mo Li Xin was ecstatic. She assumed that someone like Gong Yue would only work solo and open his own studio.

“In actuality, Gong Yue is not his real name. But you’ll know when the time comes.” Not wanting to mention that person further, Ji Nan Feng decided to end the topic there.

“Xin’er! Nan Feng! Lunch is ready,” Wei Xiu Lan’s voice emitted from below.

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