Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife

Chapter 26 – Hubby Paid The Bill

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“It’s such a loss for those that didn’t turn up tonight. This is such a sumptuous meal,” Cheng Si Hao commented.

“It’s a pity that Ju Jin Han had prior plans with family. As for Li Na, it might not be considered a loss since she seems to come from a rich family too,” a woman in red added. Although she did not like Li Na, her words held no ill-intent, she was just stating facts.

Everyone nodded. Li Na did not usually hangout with them. Neither did she do anything to offend others, but her demeanor was cold and unapproachable. Her gaze was always frigid that it made those around her uncomfortable.

The dishes were steadily served, and everyone slowly shed their reservations. As there was no need to go to work every last Sunday of the month, they quickly loosen up and conversation flowed smoothly.  


It took them more than two hours to polish off this meal, but everyone had such an enjoyable time that it slipped by without them noticing.

Mo Li Xin also thoroughly savoured this dinner. She usually did not fancy gatherings like this as there was always the tendency for awkwardness. However, it was not the case this time as everyone chatted casually, and she found herself relaxing as the meal progressed.

“Li Xin, just based on this meal, there’s no need to be polite with me in the future. If you have anything that you need help in or, you’re unwilling to do, just hand it to me. I’ll get it done for you no matter what!” Li Feng stated confidently as he leaned back against the chair and rubbed his swollen belly contently.

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“Let’s leave together. Li Xin, where do you stay? I can give you a ride,” a bespectacled woman offered.


“Yes yes, any one of us can drop you off. Where do you stay? We can see who stays nearer, the person can send you back,” Dai Meng added.

“Xin Xin doesn’t need you to give her a free ride. Her husband will be picking her up,” Xu Qing Man candidly stated.

Mo Li Xin, “…” Sometimes, she wondered if her mouth was of any use… 

“Pardon me. May I ask, who is paying?” At that moment, the service staff entered and asked.

“That would be me,” Mo Li Xin replied as she stood up. Planning to head out to pay.

“Are you Miss. Li?” The waiter enquired, but it did not look like he was going to lead her to the cashier. 

“En, my surname’s Li. Is something the matter?” Mo Li Xin was puzzled.

Her colleagues curiously gathered around too.

“Oh, in that case, your bill has already been settled. A gentleman with the surname Ji had paid for it,” the server answered.

“Oh come on! Xin Xin, it seems like I can’t burn a hole in your pocket this round. But I guess it’s all the same, since it’s from your hubby’s pocket,” Xu Qing Man sighed helplessly. Her tone even contained hints of regrets. 

“So it turns out that Li Xin’s husband’s surname is Ji. But Ji is not a common surname. I recall that your husband is a PhD Advisor? Although we’re not sure what kind of position that is, is it similar to a university professor? 

“After today’s meal, I’m even more keen to know what your husband looks like. He should be outside the restaurant since he paid for the dinner. Let’s go out and have a look at who’s the lucky guy that’s blessed to marry our Li Xin!” Li Feng joked.  


But everyone else was also intrigued.

Mo Li Xin had no reason to refute. Her husband was not some young virgin maiden, nor was he the nation’s leader. Hence, she resigned to her fate and stepped out of the restaurant with her coworkers. 

And sure enough, Ji Nan Feng’s car was located near the entrance. A low-key but luxurious, sleek black Rolls Royce was parked there with its interior lights on. 

As the sky was already dark, the lights within illuminated a face that seemed to be carved by the Gods. Regardless from which angle one looked at him, even sitting in the vehicle with warm light shining from above, his features partially hidden in the shadows, he still had a devilish charm about him. This was truly an ideal male’s face; sharp features, the corner of his eyes oozed bewitchment, and his obsidian eyes reflected the stars from above.

And that was the scene that graced the group of jolly people who came out of the restaurant. 

Who was that person? It caused one’s nose to bleed. Oh God, why are you so unfair? Everyone has a nose and a pair of ears, but why are the ones on other people’s face so peerless? It made them feel that they were just clay haphazardly moulded by God. How they wish they could go back into the furnace to be remade… 

Although Mo Li Xin was momentarily stunned, she was quick to recover. She could not help that she was almost immune to this standard of beauty. Everyone she met thus far were all extremely beautiful. Be it, Ji Nan Feng and his brothers or Xu Qing Man. They were all highly attractive people, but of course, no one was as stunning as Ji Nan Feng.

When everyone was speechlessly admiring the view, Ji Nan Feng calmly opened the car door and got out.

Because Ji Nan Feng did not have to go to work today, he wore casual clothes. The weather in early spring was not as chilly, hence he wore a white T-shirt with a long woolen cardigan. As he stepped out of the car, one could see his spotless black British shoes.

Compared to his unapproachable devilish charm when he was in the car, he felt more human now.

“Have you waited long?” Mo Li Xin asked as soon as he approached.

“No. Are you cold?” As he came closer, he took off his woolen cardigan and placed it on her shoulders.


Mo Li Xin did not reject his gesture as she did not expect to dine out till so late today. Therefore, her dressing was not as warm as she would have liked. Furthermore, there was no reason to refuse. Once they get into the car, it should be warmer.

Her heart was drenched in honey. Mo Li Xin did not realize it herself, but she had gradually become accustomed to his numerous intimate and considerate actions.

The surrounding people also slowly gained back their composure as they attempted to suppress their shock.

“Wow Li Xin, is this your husband?” Dai Meng thought of the male superstars that she idolised. They were not even in the same league… 

Mo Li Xin turned and gave a brief introduction, “My husband, Ji Nan Feng.”

Ji Nan Feng briefly nodded at the group, “Xin’er is still young. If she made any mistakes, please forgive her and guide her along.” 

His words were simple and were said calmly, but it gave off the aura of a superior. Even so, it did not make other people feel uncomfortable.

“Mr Ji is joking. Li Xin is very capable. Although she is young, she’s very talented,” as someone who was more collected, Cheng Si Hao replied on behalf of the rest.

But if he had known the person standing in front of him was Ji family’s second young master, he might not be able to maintain his cool as he did now.

Ji family was well-known, hence that surname was very reputable. However, only the first young master’s name resonated in the business world. As for this relatively low-key second young master working as a PhD Advisor, not many know of him besides his name and appearance.

“Erm, we’ll be heading off first,” Mo Li Xin felt a bit awkward, so she felt that it was better if they left first.

“En, let’s go,” Ji Nan Feng guided her to the car by the waist as he slightly nodded at the crowd. He opened the door for Mo Li Xin and protected her head as she entered the vehicle. He only strided to the driver’s seat after he closed her door, started the engine, and drove off. His actions were all so natural that in the eyes of an outsider, it was an action that was done many times. 


Mo Li Xin pouted.

The car gradually drove out of everyone’s view. 

After the car disappeared, Xu Qing Man realised a detrimental issue. Damnnit, she did not board the vehicle. It was not convenient for remaining people as it was not along the way. Considering how late it was, there was no public transport too. Did she have to flag a cab? But with her current financial situation, it was a sum she could afford.

The very next instant, a glaringly pink sports car came to a stop in front of her.

And the owner of said car was Gan Yun Ting.

At the same time, inside Ji Nan Feng’s car, Mo Li Xin suddenly exclaimed, “Oh no! Man Man hasn’t gotten into the car! Nan Feng, quickly turn around!”

She smacked her forehead. She guiltily thought to herself, ‘Did I forget my friendships in the name of love?’

Ji Nan Feng faced the road, “Don’t worry, I’ve asked Yun Ting to fetch her. It’s along the way for him too.”

Gan Yun Ting, “…” f*cking hell, how was that along the way… 

Mo Li Xin nodded in relief.

But as someone with a low EQ, Mo Li Xin asked in bewilderment, “Why can’t we drop her off? You even had to call Yun Ting. Isn’t our villa also along the way?”

Ji Nan Feng faintly lifted the corners of his lips, “I wonder who was it that left in a huff after seeing another woman in my car.” 

“That… that… I just wanted to take a stroll alone.”

She sunk deeper into her seat. Sigh… she could not even come up with a better excuse.

“Did I say that someone was you? Um?…” Dragging his last words, Ji Nan Feng leaned closer to her although he was still driving.

Mo Li Xin could not defend herself. 

“Harrumph! That’s what you say! Just now dont know who was trying to be a courteous gentleman, helping me to open my door and even trying to protect my head as I entered the car. I wonder if you have split personality disorder. Behind everyone’s back, you turn and become a black-bellied man who swallows others whole,” She huffed as she crossed her arms across her chest with her cheeks bulging.

The smile hanging on the corners of Ji Nan Feng’s lips did not fade, “If Xin’er doesn’t find it too bothersome, hubby can definitely send you to work everyday. I’ll open your car door and protect your head as you step out too.”

“Uh… erm… forget it, no need no need,” This would be an overkill. Occasionally once or twice was still fine, but if he were to do it everyday, it would be very abnormal… 

Ji Nan Feng grinned, he did not mind.

“Then do I still have a split personality?” Ji Nan Feng teased.

“No, don’t have,” Mo Li Xin changed her words. 

However, this question drew her thoughts in another direction… that ‘person’ seemed to have disappeared without a trace…

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