Chapter 2 – Feigning Amnesia

After seeing that Ji Nan Feng had woken up, Duan An Ran immediately displayed an expression of gentleness that was rather pitiful. One that people cannot help but feel tender affections for.

“I want to take my medication, pass me a glass of water,” Ji Nan Feng instructed coarsely. Duan An Ran did not discern that he was directing the instruction to Mo Li Xin.

“Right away! I’ll get you a drink.” Duan An Ran was not referring to plain water but flavoured beverage. Ji Nan Feng recalled in his previous life, he did not like drinking plain water even when he was sick. He would only swallow his medicine with flavoured drinks. Both Mo Li Xin and Duan An Ran knew that fact clearly, but Mo Li Xin never allowed him to consume sweetened beverages when he was ill. Back then, he viewed it as Mo Li Xin not being considerate of his needs. Now, on the other hand, he came to realise what a bastard he was regardless of the situation.

“That’s no good, you should only take your medication with plain water.” Mo Li Xin was relieved and had planned to leave since she saw that he was awake and well. However, she can’t help but voice out her opinion worriedly upon hearing Duan An Ran’s words, even if it were to trigger Ji Nan Feng’s irk. She had yet to realize that she stepped back towards Ji Nan Feng.

“Xin Li, didn’t you know that Nan Feng only drinks flavoured beverages?” Duan An Ran deliberately feigned her astonishment.

“It is common sense that one does not consume flavoured drinks together with their prescription,” Mo Li Xin stated emphatically. She may be mild-tempered but she would stick firmly to her own principles when it came to the things she cared for, especially if it’s regarding Ji Nan Feng’s health. Speechless, Duan An Ran turned her imploring gaze to Ji Nan Feng.

“Nan Feng… I am also thinking with your best interest in mind… Sorry, I was too ignorant of the overall situation… Sorry… Xin Li is right!” Duan An Ran promptly displayed a heartrending look again as she profusely apologized to Ji Nan Feng.

How could Ji Nan Feng not know of Duan An Ran’s manipulative ways? Still, he had just woken up and his throat was parched making it hard to vocalize his thoughts.

“Drink some water first,” Noticing Ji Nan Feng’s predicament, Mo Li Xin poured a glass of water from the jug and handed it to him. She did so even when she knew that Ji Nan Feng would probably not want it and reprimand her due to Duan An Ran’s words. She had held a glass of water to him but he showed no signs of taking it. He must be irritated with her again.

‘I think it’s best to leave first…’ Mo Li Xin slowly withdrew her hand holding the glass of water after noticing Ji Nan Feng’s expressionless face. The doctor had advised that for the patient to have a speedy recovery he should not be exposed to things that would stimulate his emotions negatively.

But just as she was thinking about it, the glass of water was taken away by Ji Nan Feng. Mo Li Xin momentarily lost her sense of reality when her fingers lightly brushed his.

Mo Li Xin was stunned, how did the situation develop in this direction? Shouldn’t Ji Nan Feng be infuriated upon looking at Duan An Ran’s pitiful appearance? Shouldn’t he place the blame onto her, overturn the glass in her hand and then kick her out?

Likewise, Duan An Ran was bewildered as she too did not expect Ji Nan Feng to react this way.

‘It can’t be, how could Ji Nan Feng accept the things passed to him by Mo Li Xin?’ Duan An Ran did not realize that her distorted expression was caught by Ji Nan Feng. He used to think that she was incredibly pretty, now, he felt disgusted just looking at her. Fortunately, everything has yet to occur in this life, it’s still not too late to reverse the situation.

“Come help me up,” Ji Nan Feng once again directed his words towards Mo Li Xin and this time, she also recognised that he was talking to her as she had kept her gaze on his person. Mo Li Xin did not consider much as she went forward and supported him. She also propped a pillow against his back so that he can comfortably lean his head against it.

“As for you, get out.” Ji Nan Feng coldly bade Duan An Ran, his tone lacked the gentleness that he previously had when talking to Mo Li Xin.

“Nan Feng, do you not know who I am? I’m An Ran!” Duan An Ran was baffled as she started to perceive Ji Nan Feng’s abnormal behaviour.

Ji Nan Feng eyebrows twitched, it seems that Duan An Ran thought that he had amnesia. But after careful deliberation, he knew it was not plausible for a person’s personality to have such a drastic change. If his attitude shifted too significantly no one would buy it, especially when he suddenly starts to treat Mo Li Xin tenderly. She would be suspicious and unsure of his intentions.

Ji Nan Feng was not afraid to reveal his rebirth, but who would believe him? What would he achieve by informing others of it? Did he want to personally tell Mo Li Xin how he owed her his life? That he did her wrong previously? Even if she dared to listen, he was not brave enough to tell her!

Now that Duan An Ran presented him with a possible solution. He could resolve this issue by feigning amnesia, pretending that he did not remember anything and under that context, treat Xin Li better. After all, she was his lawfully wedded wife. Eventually, when everything settles down, he can slowly fill Xin Li in on those minor details.

“I don’t remember, who are you supposed to be? I only recognized Xin Li!” To have memory loss is one thing, but he shouldn’t push it too far. He had to make it believable, so he can’t pretend that he did not remember anything. People like his parents shouldn’t be ‘forgotten’. Ji Nan Feng decided to pretend that he lost a year’s worth of memory. This was because it falls into the time frame where he has yet to know of Duan An Ran and his relationship with Mo Li Xin was still cordial.

The moment those words left his lips, the other two people in the room were shocked.

Duan An Ran’s pupil shrank in disbelief as she stumbled a few steps back. Her mind went blank as his words resonated within her mind. Does that mean that everything she had done up to that point was meaningless? Her heart was about to collapse and tears overflowed from the corners of her eyes. Her beautiful face was awash with tears making her look exceedingly pitiful. But Ji Nan Feng was not the slightest moved by her facade.

Compared to Duan An Ran’s shock, Mo Li Xin was more at a loss and her heart was in a mess. On one hand, she was worried about Ji Nan Feng’s condition, he must have suffered major trauma to lose his memories. Even if he were to recover in the future, would there be post amnesia after-effects? Moreover, to have suffered from amnesia there must be a lot of things that he has forgotten, surely that would cause inconvenience in the future.

On the other hand, there was an evil voice that counter-argued, was it not better that he did not remember Duan An Ran? Was it not good that the current Ji Nan Feng did not despite her as much?

“Nan Feng, I’m An Ran! The one who has been by your side for the past year!” Duan An Ran seemed to be on the brink of collapsing.

“I’ve already said that I don’t remember you. Additionally, I don’t like the feeling that you’re giving off. You should leave,” Ji Nan Feng carelessly stated. Too many things had occurred in their previous lives. Although Mo Li Xin’s death was not attributed by any one person specifically, he still would not let go of those people who had indirectly caused it. Duan An Ran being the main culprit. However, his first objective was to coax his wife back to his side first!

Upon opening his eyes, did Ji Nan Feng truly feel that he was reborn. Since God had given him another chance, he would cherish it. At this moment, nothing matters more than fixing the awkward relationship between him and his wife.

Although Duan An Ran left, she still could not believe it and went to consult the doctor. Nevertheless, how could the doctor give an accurate explanation for something as abstruse as amnesia? They can only conclude that the cause of memory loss was unknown. Additionally, the fragments of memory lost were within that one year or so; the period Duan An Ran started appearing in Ji Nan Feng’s life.

After chasing Duan An Ran away, only Mo Li Xin and Ji Nan Feng were left in the ward.

“Are you… okay?” What Mo Li Xin actually wanted to ask was, do you really not remember Duan An Ran?

“Why wouldn’t I be okay? What’s the matter?” At this point in time, Ji Nan Feng can only pretend that he did not understand her question.

“It’s no…nothing. Do you know what year and month it is now?”

“Xin’er, how would I know? Didn’t the doctor just say that I have amnesia? I lost about a year’s worth of memory, so naturally now should be a year later.” Ji Nan Feng raised his eyebrows. He mused, she was usually foolishly silly and oblivious, but why was she suddenly so conscientious?

Mo Li Xin was unsure of how to reply to that. Ji Nan Feng observed her pouting lips and knew that that was an expression she wore when considering something deeply.

“Pack our things and let’s go home.”

“Oh! Right away,” Mo Li Xin complied unconsciously.

Mo Li Xin felt that something wasn’t quite right. Thinking about it, did he just say, “Let’s go home.”? Since he had lost his memory, how did he know that she had married him and ‘home’ was the same destination for both of them?

“You knew that I had married you?” Mo Li Xin blurted out the moment that crossed her mind.

With both hands on the bed, Mo Li Xin was slightly bent packing their items when her eyes met Ji Nan Feng’s. Her round face was full of doubt, but he found it very endearing.

“I remembered saying that I would marry you a year prior. Since now is a year later, you must have already been my wife.” Ji Nan Feng froze for a moment, and then jokingly replied.

Mo Li Xin paused upon hearing his explanation. Indeed, a year ago, he had said that he wanted to marry her. But along the way, after all the wrong things her mother did, his heart no longer had her.

But… Hadn’t her mother gotten her retribution too?

“I can’t remember what happened over the past year. In the future, you can slowly fill me in. For now, let’s go back home.” Ji Nan Feng was resentful of himself as he tried to change the subject when he saw her expression. Without having to guess, he knew what that expression represented, she must be recalling his past actions.

“Oh… Oh…” Mo Li Xin wasn’t sure what was running through her mind but it made her feel a little depressed and she didn’t want to speak any more.

Mo Li Xin’s thoughts were a mess as she distractedly packing what little things they had away. Ji Nan Feng also changed out of his hospital garb and studied the busy woman. He felt ill at ease thus he wanted to embrace her while telling her how much he loves her. But he knew that he can’t do that, he would definitely frighten her, so he could only take things one step at a time.

“Let’s go,” Ji Nan Feng carried the bag of clothes in one hand and stretched out the other towards her. Mo Li Xin looked at the slender outstretched hand and resisted the urge to cry as she placed her hand in his.


With the family chauffeur driving, both of them were seated at the back. Mo Li Xin’s hands were sweaty because after getting into the car Ji Nan Feng did not release her hand from his grip.

Driving the car, the chauffeur, Xiao Fang, was a little confused by the display. Even though he was newly employed, he only ever saw Third Young Master’s gentle side when facing Miss Duan. Unexpectedly, after a few days of ailment Third Young Master’s attitude towards Miss Mo had changed. Wasn’t Miss Mo accused of setting off the fire this time? How come instead of blaming her, their relationship turned for the better?

Despite all the assumptions running amok in his mind, he dared not voice them out. Hence, he turned his attention back onto the road, lowering the partition between them to give the couple some privacy.

“Ji… Nan Feng, do you really not remember?” Mo Li Xin questioned doubtfully once again. Since he came to, he had conversed with her gently and drove Duan An Ran out. Her hand still clasped in his, Mo Li Xin felt that all this must be a dream.

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