Chapter 1 – Rebirth

Ji Nan Feng was reborn, back to two years ago when he just got married to Mo Li Xin for four months.


However, the current him was lying on a hospital bed, unable to open his eyes. He could only listen in on the conversation that took place around him in darkness.

“Mo Li Xin, I asked you to bring some clothes but why did you only bring these? Nan Feng will be hospitalized for quite a lengthy period. Could it be that you want to take advantage of this opportunity to come a few more times?!” Based on that domineering and arrogant tone, Ji Nan Feng knew that that could only be Duan An Ran. On the surface, she looked like a little white lotus, but deep within she possessed a vicious heart. In his previous life, he was blinded by this person and trusted her wholeheartedly.

“No… It isn’t… I… I didn’t know… Erm… You… You didn’t inform me how long Ji Nan Feng will be hospitalized for.” Ji Nan Feng’s heart quaked upon hearing that quavering but melodious and sweet voice.

This was his wife. Before they got married, she would lovingly call him, Ah Feng. Yet, on their wedding night, he banned her from ever using that nickname again.

What he said to her at the time was presently deeply engraved in his memory.

“Mo Li Xin, don’t be nauseating by calling me Ah Feng. You don’t have that right! Remember, our marriage is just a deal struck between your grandfather and I. Henceforth you better know your place! Oh! And you’d better resign from your job, I don’t like my things prancing around in public. Furthermore, you better not try to stick your nose into my business. On top of that, I won’t be returning to this place much.”

That was but their wedding night, but he had phrased the words in such an irrevocable manner. Dehumanizing her by calling her a ‘thing’ and labelling their home a ‘place’. After which, he turned and left without a care or concern. He knew not of her emotions at the time, but the feeling was not as gratifying as he expected.

In a twisted way, the reason he didn’t let her go out was that he wanted her to be cut off from society and forgotten by the world. Finally, become a forsaken person who is tortured by loneliness. No one could have imagined that a man who was viewed as gentle and refined would treat his own wife in such a despicable way.

Now thinking back on his past actions, he realized how abhorrent he was towards her. He knew perfectly well that she was passionate about her job designing wedding dresses, and her dream was to become a renowned wedding dress designer, but he had clipped her wings and dashed her dreams.

Memories of the previous life flooded in like a tsunami. Like watching a movie, Ji Nan Feng could recollect all his previous actions down to the very last detail. At the end of the day, even he, himself, felt that he had been a scoundrel.

He was lost in rumination, pondering on the past that it was the voice from outside his consciousness that finally drew him out from his train of thoughts.

“Fine, fine, just quickly leave! Nan Feng will most likely be in a bad mood again if he sees you upon waking up!” Duan An Ran’s tone was full of impatience and loathing.

“Can… Can I stay for a while? Just a little while would do, I’ll leave after that, Nan Feng wouldn’t notice that I was once here,” Mo Li Xin begged, it never crossed her mind that she was his lawfully wedded wife. It should never have been her that had to leave; she had every right to stay.

“I’m telling you to leave, just go! Why are you…” There was a knock on the door before Duan An Ran could complete her sentence.

Duan An Ran abruptly stopped mid-speech and adjusted her appearance. Using a dignified tone she announced to the door, “Come in.”

“An Ran… Eh isn’t this Mo Li Xin? Have you come to seduce Brother Nan Feng again? As the eldest miss of Mo family, do you have no sense of shame at all? After being told off by Brother Nan Feng so obviously before, you still have the face to turn up. You really are an embarrassment to the Mo Family!” The speaker was none other than Yun Ting, Duan An Ran’s best friend.

“I… It’s not, I am…” Ji Nan Feng’s wife, Mo Li Xin dare not voice out the last half of the sentence. Back then, she had promised Ji Nan Feng that besides those presented at their wedding, no one else would know of their marriage.

Mo Li Xin’s momentary loss for words was seen as having a guilty conscience in Yun Ting’s eyes. Yun Ting was completely unaware of the marriage between Mo Li Xin and Ji Nan Feng. Hence, she wholeheartedly believed that Ji Nan Feng and Duan An Ran were truly a match made in heaven.

“Yun Ting, don’t say that. Regardless, Xin Li is Nan Feng’s childhood sweetheart. Nan Feng will feel uncomfortable hearing you say that. Even… Even though they seem to have this great enmity between them.” Duan An Ran amended her expression to look as if she was worried, revealing traces of unease. But of course, all of this was fake.

Ji Nan Feng, who was unconscious, could only tune in to the activities outside trying not to miss a word, listening to the two people ridiculing Mo Li Xin. How his heart ached, that woman who he should have cherished and loved deeply. Instead, she was currently being bullied right in front of him. His heart was full of rage, he regretted what he had done before and hated his present uselessness. He tried desperately to wake up, but his eyelids seemed as though they weighed a thousand catty.

“An Ran, you’re just too kindhearted. Mo Li Xin, on the other hand, is so malevolent. Disregarding the fact that she has hurt you, she even…” Yun Ting paused after that and glanced at Ji Nan Feng before deciding not to continue.

“Enough! I’m fine now, as you can see my arm has recovered. Although it is not completely healed, as long as the weather does not shift too suddenly, it wouldn’t hurt, granted it looks a bit ugly,” Duan An Ran pull up her sleeves to show Yun Ting her wound.

“Oh gosh, why does it look so severe? The last time I saw it, I assumed that it would heal in a few months! I didn’t expect it to be so serious,” Yun Ting exclaimed in disbelief.

“Nan Feng has given me the best medicine, and I have recovered very well. I’m already very satisfied,” Duan Anran uttered as she stared pensively at the wound that covered more than half of her arm.

In actuality, it originally was not that grave, but for him, she must make it so. The ‘him’ in this context of Duan An Ran’s thoughts was naturally Ji Nan Feng.

Struggling to wake up, Ji Nan Feng snorted, Duan An Ran, you really are scheming, it is no wonder that I was deluded by you in my previous life.

“An Ran, if Ji Nan Feng doesn’t marry you in the future, I really think that there is no logic under heaven anymore. You’re so outstanding and your person is so amicable,” Yun Ting proclaimed while examining the wound.

Duan An Ran chose not to reply. She pondered, it would have been ideal if he had married her, yet he was already married, but… whatever, his heart is not with Mo Li Xin despite that. Once their marriage passes the stipulated time of three years, Ji Nan Feng will be able to get a divorce and finally be with her. Thinking about that, she can’t help but feel elated and traces of the emotion unconsciously leaked out as her lips were slightly hooked.

Mo Li Xin snuck out as the other two were conversing. It’s not like she didn’t have a temper, she just didn’t want to disturb Ji Nan Feng. She knew that her love was humble and negligible in Ji Nan Feng’s eyes, even so, she can’t help but love him.

Mo Li Xin chose not to leave the hospital therefore she went and hung out in the staircase. In the event of an emergency, she could head over immediately as the stairwell was near Ji Nan Feng’s ward. Besides, others would not think that she was camping out here. Six to seven hours passed since she sat within the staircase. It was long enough that Mo Li Xin lost feelings in her legs. As it’s still March, the weather was relatively chilling. Mo Li Xin ploughed on even though she was drained and was on the brink of falling asleep.

During the day, Duan An Ran would accompany Ji Nan Feng. When night falls, she would hire a nurse to keep watch so that she could head home to rest. However the hired nurse was irresponsible and neglectful, not long after Duan An Ran left, she would also bail.

Suddenly a strange noise was emitted from Ji Nan Feng’s ward. Mo Li Xin jumped up wanting to rush over to take a look and nearly tumbled down the steps due to her numbed legs. Fortunately, she managed to stabilize herself in the nick of time and with an unsteady gait, she hurriedly limped into his room.

She breathed a sigh of relief upon assessing the situation in the ward. Luckily, it was just a fruit that fell onto the floor due to its unstable placement. Mo Li Xin subconsciously approached Ji Nan Feng’s bedside after picking up the fallen apple and dazedly ogled at his sleeping profile.

He has beautiful facial features that made him look like a mixed-race; about 1.8 meters tall, lean, and a well-proportioned body. She knew for certain as she enjoyed designing clothes and had been to plenty of fashion shows. Therefore, she was confident that few men have the looks and body figure that surpass the one lying in front of her.

Mo Li Xin was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that she had already sat on the small stool beside the hospital bed. Not long after, she dozed off due to her fatigue catching up on her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had the luxury to be so close to Ji Nan Feng. So much so that she wondered if this could be considered contentment. Breathing in his unique scent, she fell into peaceful slumber.

Mo Li Xin hasn’t had such a restful sleep in a long time. Her dream must have been filled with essences of joy as one could faintly get a whiff of the sweet scent floating about her. So deep in slumber that she was undisturbed even when the man beside roused and brought her onto the bed.

Ji Nan Feng woke up the moment Mo Li Xin came in, but he didn’t dare to face her. He could only let her stare at him blankly until she nods off before he had the courage to bring her into his embrace. He held her so tightly as if he wanted to join the both of them together, only loosening when the woman in his arms showed signs of waking up.

Akin to hugging a block of ice, the woman within his arms was freezing. Especially her hands and feet, they were like icicles. How he wished to pass all of his warmth to her.

“Xin Li, why are you so foolish?”

“Xin Li, I will never hurt you again.”

“Xin Li, I’m sorry.”

“Xin Li, I love you.”

On that tranquil night, the man’s voice was heavy and hoarse. Letting out a sigh he cuddled her and slowly started to doze off too.


At dawn, Mo Li Xin woke up refreshed and alert after a good night’s rest. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Ji Nan Feng’s perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, before she had time to properly appreciate his features, she heard noises coming from just outside the ward.

Albeit reluctant, she still flew out of bed and tidied up her appearance. She contemplated on how she managed to climb into Ji Nan Feng’s bed and was thankful that no one noticed.

Duan An Ran saw Mo Li Xin the minute she opened the door.

“How did you get in here? It was all because of you that Nan Feng is in this miserable state, are you still not satisfied? Mo Li Xin, I really have to give you some credit, you’re like the gum that’s stuck under my shoes, I just can’t seem to get rid of you!” Duan An Ran was furious while peeping in the direction of the bed. Fortunately, Ji Nan Feng has yet to awake, it would have been disastrous if she was not the first person he saw upon opening his eye.

“I’ll leave immediately,” Mo Li Xin casted an unwilling gaze at Ji Nan Feng. She also didn’t want Ji Nan Feng to see her when he woke up. She figured that he would be disgruntled when he saw her.

Unbeknown to them, Ji Nan Feng had been conscious through their whole interaction.

 “Cough, cough, cough.”

“You’re awake, do you feel any discomfort anywhere? I will call for the doctor to examine you.” Before Mo Li Xin was even aware of her actions, she had already crouched beside the bed. She was the fastest to react the instant they heard his cough.

“Nan Feng, you finally woken up! Do you know how worried I was as I watched over you day and night?” Duan An Ran bleated after she snapped out of her stupor. Her beautiful face was tear-stained and she looked extremely pitiful as if she was absolutely distressed by his condition.

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