Serving Meals In Another World

Chapter 1.2 Past and Future Me (2)

He told us that every few hundred years the world goes through a period when there is an outpouring of evil spirits. Evil spirits are said to be bad things that defile living beings, turn them into demons and make the land uninhabitable. If left unchecked, it could destroy humanity. That was why it was necessary to invoke the saints to purge them.

For a long time, the king kept droning on to us about the particularities of why evil spirits accumulate. Hmm, to be honest I didn’t remember anything of what he said. I’m sorry….

Even though they were talking about magic, demons, and other fantastical things, there was no way I could visualize or understand what they were talking about. My sister, who loved games, nodded her head, and listened happily.

Anyway, I heard that it was a custom to summon a saint from another world to exorcise the evil spirits. Of course, after exorcising the evil spirits, they allow you to return to your original world. I heard that it was also possible to remain if that was what you wanted to do. If you wanted to return to your original world, they would take you back to the point before you were first summoned. In other words, I could go back to the day of Christmas Eve. 

I was relieved to hear that. The thought of never being able to return had flashed through my mind for a moment, but I quickly extinguished it. There were many things I had to do in my own world. My sister was still a student, I had my own job, but most of all, I had to make sure the house was returned. The house belonged to my uncle, and he would definitely be surprised if it suddenly disappeared.


I asked the king why he had summoned the whole house. He gave me a long explanation, but in summary, it seems that when he tried to summon the saint, he brought everything around her into it.

–I am not sure what to make of this…

Summoning an entire house is quite the bold move to make… As expected this other world does not disappoint. 

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 “Leave it to me.”


My sister was going to receive her education as a saint. I was told that I would be treated as a guest of honour since I was her sister. The King set aside a room for me in a private wing of the royal castle and gave me a knight and a maid of honour to guard and take care of me.

One month later…

I was bored out of my mind with each passing day.

In case you are wondering, I was back home on a regular basis. I had to get rid of some spoiled things and clean the house. It’s an old house, and if it was not used, it would get damaged in no time.

I understand that under no circumstances should the saint’s relative be allowed to come under harm’s way, no matter how unlikely it would be for someone to target my life, but it was very hard mentally to live a life without being able to leave the palace, except for the occasional return to the house for maintenance. 

I had been working hard to support my younger sister until now, but suddenly being told that I didn’t have to do anything, made my body fidgety and restless.

I can talk just fine due to the magic effected on me for being summoned to another world, but since I couldn’t read, I had to be taught by the maidservant to read books, which was very difficult and tiring. However, since I was a guest of honour, there was no way they would allow me to help with the cleaning. The maidservant recommended embroidery – a noblewoman’s past time – but there was no way I could do that.

So, ever since I came to this other world, I had been spending my days doing nothing but lounging around, wandering around the garden, or reading books while nodding along to the story and wanting nothing more but to be able to return to my old world. 

My dog on the other hand had become something of a favourite among the maids and was spoilt for choice by them, making his stay in this otherworld very enjoyable. He’d definitely gained weight ever since coming here. Even though, Dachshunds are not supposed to be obese… –‘Sigh, what am I going to do with you…?’ 

In contrast to me, my sister seemed to have a hard time every day. I was able to notice that, in the few times I managed to meet with her. 

At first, she was so excited to get rid of the evil spirits and go home! But day by day, she seemed to lose her energy and become more and more gaunt.

According to my sister, she received tutelage from many scholars teaching her how to exorcise evil spirits and she was also apparently trained in how to use her… magical powers? She couldn’t even tell me the full details, though, and only gave me a very vague description of it.


I heard that it was extremely hard work. My sister, who is not a diligent person by nature, had to deal with the Spartan guidance of the teachers and the unfamiliarity of magic. My sister who had a rather innocent personality became more and more depressed with each time that I saw her.

Of course, as her older sister, I tried to support her as much as I could and told her to take it easy. I also listened to her complaints.

But finally, my sister had reached the boiling point.

And that’s when she started crying.

“Sis, I can’t take it anymore! “

“What happened, Hiyori?”

My sister loosened her arms that had been squeezing me tightly and looked up at me with moist eyes.

Her plump face seemed to have lost a little weight.

It must have been difficult for her to adjust to her new life in this other world. 

–As her older sister, I wanted to do something to help her.

“Are you sick of studying to become a saint?”

My sister shook her head and denied it. Prince Cain was also looking at her with concern.


“Both studying and practicing magic are hard to do, but since I am the only one that can do it, I am trying to do my best… But there’s one thing I simply can’t stand. “

“And that is? “

“The meals are… “

“The meals? “

“I want to eat my sister’s pudding and cooked meals! I don’t want to live a life where I can’t eat that!”

The moment my sister said that. The air in the palace froze. 

Oh, silly sister of mine. Was that what you were agonising over? –‘To be fair it would have been better if she would have phrased that in a better way…’ 

But now that I remember, my sister had always been fond of my home cooking. ‘Sigh, what was I going to do with this lovable sister of mine?’ 

I sighed loudly, not caring if my sister could hear me this time, causing my snivelling sister to raise her head.

–‘I can hear my sister’s pathetic wailing, but I ignored all of it. And I had also made up my mind. I didn’t had any other choice but to do so anyway.’ 

“I get it. I get it now, leave it to your big sister, so please stop crying.” 

That’s why, to keep my sister motivated, I started to make pudding and cook meals for her every day. That’s what I was doing now.


It might not seem like a lot but being able to do something that only I could do filled my heart with satisfaction. 

“Now, what shall I make?” I hummed to myself as I flipped through the recipes in my head.

Today, under the sky of another world, in the kitchen of an old Japanese house, I was going to prepare the best meals for my sister. 

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