Chapter 4.1 – Early Spring Edition – Golden Omurice and Creamy Corn Soup Part 2 (1)

I was currently finding myself in the middle of such a scene.

A stainless-steel kitchen reminiscent of the Showa era…or rather it was the scene of the handsome Prince with blonde hair and blue eyes who was currently standing in that kitchen. Add in a knight dressed in a silver-armor with an apron over it and the image was complete. I didn’t know whether I should be impressed or not, but my heart was gripped by some fluttering emotions I couldn’t fully describe.

By the way, the washroom problem was solved when my sister came back after changing clothes quickly and showed Prince Cain the way for me.

“Jade, is it possible that Prince Cain is here because he wants to have dinner with us?”

“I would presume so. The maidservants are also here, and there are more than twice as many soldiers guarding the house than usual.”

Jade’s words caught my attention and I looked towards the living room where three older women in maid’s uniforms were standing silently. –’Wow, this looks like such a nostalgic “Showa” era’s living room. It even had a low serving table and maids in costume as well.’

The image of the maids dressed in their uniform sitting gracefully atop the tatami mat left me marvelling at them for a moment.

Outside the kitchen window you could spot the large number of Knights guarding the area. They kept staring this way with a grim look on their faces.

–Oh, dear.


Since my parents died, I had been doing the housework and cooking for my sister, but I couldn’t call myself a great cook. My skill was at best at the level of home cooking. –’But now you’re telling me that my omurice will be handed to us by a group of maids waiting at our table and served to a Prince?!’

“Jade, are you serious about serving omurice… my omurice to royalty? You’re lying, right? Can I run away?”

“I can sympathise with you on that. But, running away is forbidden. “ Jade cut me off with a smile.

While I was caught up in my moment of despair, the electronic sound of the rice cooker rang out at the perfect time.

While my mind was searching for a way to escape, I wandered over to the rice cooker who let me know that the rice was ready. As soon as I opened the lid, steam rose from the rice cooker, revealing a bright white, glossy rice.

–It looked great.

My stomach made a small gurgling sound. Maybe it was because I had been to the market all morning, but I was really hungry. It was a little annoying that my stomach chose this moment to start growling.

Ignoring that I stirred the softly cooked rice with a spatula and divided the necessary portions into bowls.

–I’ll let Jade handle the corn soup.  It was going to do wonders to my mood to get back at him a little.’

After letting the heat dissipate, I put the boiled food into the blender. Jade was very curious and excited about this new mysterious tool. I plugged it into the wall socket and beckoned him over.

“What?” He approached me with a curious look on his face. Without saying anything, I deliberately pressed on the switch.



I was surprised to see Jade’s hand quickly grabbing the sword at his waist, which made me recoil a bit. I hope he had the common sense not to draw his sword here, but I felt like I had gotten even with him for earlier now.

“Was that wind magic just now?! Did you activate it in only such a small bottle?”

“No, no, no! It’s not like that! “

And there he went again treating me like I’m a magic tool user. I managed to calm him down as he still stared at the blender warily, and explained that it was not magic, but a tool powered by electricity.

“Oh, it’s lightning magic!” But I hurriedly corrected him again as he tried to interpret it in an oblique way.

He still looked a bit perplexed, but at any rate he understood that if you pressed the button, the object inside would be crushed.

While a bit wary of his reaction I pressed down the button and the blender went once more whiiirrrrr! Although he still looked to be on his toes it seemed like he was having fun.

When they were smoothed out to some extent, I strained the contents of the blender with a fine mesh tea strainer.

Jade was already familiar with the process from when he used the tea strainer to help me with the pudding.

Just as with the pudding, we must not cut any corners. It needed to be strained carefully if we wanted to get a thick texture. –’By the way, I didn’t have a normal strainer at home.  Now that I thought about it, I wish I had bought one.’

After we strained the mixture several times, I transferred it to a small saucepan and spread the milk over it, keeping it warm. I had to be careful not to burn the potatoes because of their thick size. So, I used a wooden spoon to carefully spread them around. When they started to become somewhat soft, I added the reserved corn as a garnish, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and brought it to a boil. For this is best to add dried parsley to taste. When I tasted it, the sweetness of the corn spread softly in my mouth.

After I finished with that I took a small plate and asked Jade to taste it as well. As soon as Jade had got a hint of its taste, his eyes widened. His brightened face seemed to be saying, ‘this is delicious’.

I was so happy to see his reaction that I made a small fist pump so that Jade wouldn’t notice.

 The only thing left to do now was to finish the omurice. So, I popped the bacon into the hot frying pan. –’I could already smell it frying.’

As a little smoke rose into the air, the delicious fat began to spread into the pan. Once the fat had been released to some extent, I took the bacon out. I didn’t want the end result to be too crispy. The texture was important because the final product will be served with soft rice. I then continued to sauté the onions in the bacon’s flavourful fat until they softened, then added the bacon back in.

Afterwards I mixed the thickened onions and the savoury bacon together for a few moments. Then, pushed them to the edge and poured ketchup in the empty space. The ketchup soon began to boil. The water drained away, and the flavour thickened. In this way I was able to kill two birds with one stone by removing some of its sourness.

Some people like to add consommé granules and sugar to the boiled ketchup. My sister prefers a sweeter flavour, so I did it without. After that, I kept mixing the ingredients and rice with the ketchup and fried them a little. The result was a moist, shiny, bright red bacon ketchup rice. It was also possible to add butter here, but since I cared about the calories used, I chose not to.

Now for the important part, the eggs. Today I was going to use a standard thin layer of egg to cover our rice. While the version where you can slice the omelette open with the knife and reveal the melting insides of it spreading over the rice was quite pleasing visually. I decided to opt for the more normal version of it.

Because the success rate for the former version was quite low, I decided to go with the latter more easier version of it. I was a rather clumsy person after all, so I didn’t want to be showing off, only to fail spectacularly afterwards. I had thought my sister that the mellow ones can only be made in restaurants, so I’m sure she won’t complain.

Also… Any pity regarding my meagre skill is…. Unneeded.

I added a piece of butter in the frying pan. And I made sure to keep the heat low. I needed to gently pour in the egg while it wasn’t too hot. The butter reacted with the egg, giving off a nice aroma. I continued to stir it with the chopsticks in a circular motion. Afterwards I turned the pan and spread the egg to make it round and placed some more of the egg mixture in the centre of the pan.

The egg should be thinner towards the margins. The outside should be crispy and the middle a little raw. When the eggs were crispy on the outside and a little raw in the middle, I placed one portion of ketchup rice in the middle.

I then folded the front and back of the egg to enclose the rice and tilted the pan toward the back. Then, flipped the pan over onto the flat plate I had prepared earlier. The upturned omurice should have a beautiful oval shape.


I pretend not to notice the gaze of the Head Maid as I thump the handle of the frying pan to give it a better shape. This is essential.

The point is, the end result should be beautiful.

Yeah… You don’t need to show pity for this either….

* * * * *

“Huh, where have the maids disappeared to? “

The food was ready, so I peeked into the living room and saw that the maidservants who had been giving off a sense of discomfort while sitting on the tatami mats were no longer there. Only my sister, Prince Cain, and Leon the dachshund were sitting on the sofa, relaxing. By the way, the sofa was placed directly on the tatami.

“I had them leave. This is my house, and I didn’t want the hassle of having them around.”

My sister’s eyes were scary.

It seems that she formed some strong convictions ever since coming to this other world. To that Prince Cain could only smile bitterly.

I guess the smart choice here was to not get involved.

“I see…Oh, well. The food is ready, so you can bring it in.”

“Yeesss! Come on Cain, what are you sitting down for! Let’s go! “

“Eeeh, me too!?“

“Isn’t that obvious. Didn’t I say so earlier that this is my house. And while you’re in my house you’ll need to follow the rules as well. That’s why stop standing around and let’s go! C. O. M. E. O. N.! Stand up already and let’s go! “

My sister lightly kicked Prince Cain’s butt.

Witnessing such a shocking sight made my eyes go round. And I felt a chill go down my spine witnessing my sister’s violent reaction. While Jade’s face seemed to have lost all colour as well.

But it seems that while we were having a panic attack, Prince Cain was obediently following my sister’s order, with only a slightly troubled look on his face. “Sigh, I can’t win against you Hiyori.” Said he, with a slightly happy look on his face. 

Was it possible that Cain already got used to it? Don’t tell me that my sister has had this behaviour towards the royalty ever since coming here?

I suddenly felt like I needed to kowtow before a lot of people.

I raised my sister wrong! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? 

Someone patted me on the back and comforted me as I crouched down with my head in my hands. That was sweet, but I deserved it. ‘Thank you…‘ So, I turned around and saw the innocent face of our dog demanding food staring at me.

Damn it!


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