Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 43 Fitting Room End (H)


Tang Guo moaned sweetly as she became increasingly absorbed in sucking the long fingers in her mouth.

Cheng Yuzhou’s lust surged hearing the girl’s zealous cries. The dragon between his legs seemed to have turned into a madman, quickly, roughly and ruthlessly rampaging her warm and wet cave.

Tang Guo panted heavily from receiving the continuous impact, sweat dripping down her body and her pair of milk jugs swaying back and forth. Under such exciting circumstances, they started to spurt white milk again.

Cheng Yuzhou seemed to share the same thoughts, and suddenly put his left arm across the girl’s chin, straightening the girl’s upper body which was originally laying on the sofa.


The two looked at the full sized mirror in front of them at the same time, and the mirror clearly reflected milk spilling out of the girl’s n*pples.

And along the tantalizing curves of her br*asts was a flat and tight belly, and then the red and black plaid skirt that the man hadn’t taken off.

“Ahh…Little Guo’er, you are still spilling milk…Ahh…Do you know how sexy and captivating you look right now? I want to f*ck you to death! F*ck! But I also can’t bear to do that…”

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“Gbb…Xbb..Pyeeu….tldvzla….pwnj y ckv tldvzla…yde pzs-…pzso esod y ckv…sbb..bxx…ybbbd…wbb..”

Tang Guo’s moans gradually became shattered and soon turned into cries of pain and pleasure.


After Cheng Yuzhou had finished sucking the milk on one br*ast, he immediately switched to the other, emitting noisy sucking sounds that made Tang Guo blush upon hearing it.

Tang Guo didn’t know where to place her free hands so she could only wrap them around the head that was buried in her chest. As the man continued to suck and f*ck her, causing both pain and pleasure at the same time, she pulled the man’s hair, paining him as well.

A carpet was laid inside the fitting room and though the friction was intense, the sofa that Tang Guo was laying on remained very stable.

However, Cheng Yuzhou made too big of a motion and moved too fiercely that the sofa had nearly shifted out of place and continuously produced creaking noises.

At this time, someone had knocked on the fitting room and a polite, gentle female voice sounded from the other side of the door.

“Hello, I’m Tang Tang, a staff member of the ‘Angel Adult Shop’. Some customers have notified that they have heard some noises earlier. May I ask if I can help with anything?”

Riding under the exciting wave with anxiety and embarrassment, Tang Guo’s body instantly spasmed in org*sm. Cheng Yuzhou’s gate of essence also opened, shooting the hot thick essence all into Tang Guo’s body.

The man reached out a hand to cover the girl’s scream, looking into her eyes with a smile, “I love you.”

The End

The author has something to say:

It’s over (spreads flowers)

I’m very grateful to the little angels for their support, if fate allows it, we shall meet again in the next story. (?^o^?)?


T/N: This is the end of SBMT. Thank you to Vaeun for translating the first few parts of the story and even though she ghosted me after…. I hope she’s faring well. Thank you to all readers who have stuck with me so far, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the story. This isn’t really the type of smut I like so now that I finished translating this, I’m going to wash it out of my memories 🙂

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