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  • Seduced By a Married Teacher

    Chapter 35 Spanking (H)

    Cheng Yuzhou took the p*nties that Tang Guo had just spat out and stuffed it back into her ruddy mouth. Then, gripping Tang Guo’s slender waist, he plunged his proud and still-er*ct dong back into the girl’s hole.

    Basking in the after-pleasure of peaking, Tang Guo raised her fair and plump derriere and obediently accommodated the man’s new round of ruthless invasion.

    “Pa, pa, pa…..”

    At times, Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but raise a hand to smack Tang Guo’s b*ttocks but because the feeling was too wonderful and tender, the man couldn’t help but give another smacking or two.



    The girl’s whimpering sounds of pleasure and resistance were all muffled by the man’s underwear blocking her mouth.

    Being done from behind and being spanked at the same time made Tang Guo feel both pleasure and pain, her whole body quivering with excitement.

    Had it not been for Cheng Yuzhou’s big hands gripping her waist, Tang Guo would have turned completely limp, slipping down from the bench to the floor.

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    “Gbbbbb… Ybxxxxx…”

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    “Wow! My underwear is so wet… Little Guo’er’s mouth is just the same as the lower one, they both leak so much water huh…”


    “B*stard! Now my mouth is sore, my butt hurts, and my wrists are itchy. …”

    After finally gaining back the freedom to speak and move, Tang Guo wrapped her arms around Cheng Yuzhou’s waist and pouted in complaint.

    Cheng Yuzhou kissed Tang Guo’s cherry lips affectionately before gently rubbing the girl’s wrists and patiently massaging her tender bottom..

    Tang Guo nestled in the man’s embrace in content, enjoying the gentleness of the man’s actions.

    “Be good, Tang Guo, and quickly put on your clothes. Lunch break is almost over. We still have classes in the afternoon.”

    Cheng Yuzhou’s suit jacket was covered with the girl’s l*wd liquids and his underwear was also dripping with saliva. As such, the man only wore his pants and shirt, planning to tuck his underwear into his jacket when he left.

    The naked Tang Guo leaned back on the bench, making not a single move out of laziness. Because of this, Cheng Yuzhou could only pick up her clothes and dress her himself.

    While buttoning up Tang Guo’s shirt, Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help push up the girl’s br*ssiere and sucked on the girl’s little cherries before greedily starting to gnaw them.

    “Mmm…unn…it’s already swollen…don’t bite them anymore…”

    Tang Guo groaned in slight resistance, ruffling Cheng Yuzhou’s hair.

    “Hmm… let me see… the little cherries have indeed become big cherries… Little Guo’er, I really want to suck milk from here…”

    “You fool…how can a woman produce milk if she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet?”


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