Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 30 Str*ptease (H)

The man’s majestic rod was swallowed by the girl’s lower body, disappearing into the cave of ecstasy time and time again.

Tang Guo worked her waist and legs simultaneously, moving up and down constantly and panting for breath.

Below her, Cheng Yuzhou also worked both his hands, vigorously rubbing the girl’s plump big tits, and pulling the girl’s n*pples from time to time.

Cheng Yuzhou’s thick c*ck was now hitting the depths of Tang Guo’s cave. Coupled with the excitement brought by the stimulation on her n*pples, Tang Guo felt so much pleasure that she felt herself about to go mad.

“Ahhhhhhh ……Ohhhhhhh ……”


Thanks to Cheng Yuzhou’s languor, Tang Guo was now in complete control of the man’s c*ck. As long as the girl exerted the slightest strength, she was able to make his c*ck hit the pleasure point of her flower core, making the both of them emit gasps of extreme delight.

Lewd juices leaked out of the member inside the cave endlessly like a stream. Tang Guo, who was riding Cheng Yuzhou, first moaned before convulsing slightly, then she let out a scream as she climbed to cl*max.

At the same time, Cheng Yuzhou also let go of his essence, spraying hot semen in Tang Guo’s c*nt unbridledly.

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Tang Guo was very happy that the man’s attention had finally completely shifted back to her. She watched the man’s reactions zealously, and unbuckled the hook of her dark purple bra.


Then, Tang Guo deliberately threw her lace bra onto Cheng Yuzhou’s face as he was sitting on the sofa.

The bra that had just been taken off still contained the warmth of the girl’s body and her captivating scent. Cheng Yuzhou pressed her bra to his face and took a deep whiff of the fragrant scent that belonged solely to the girl.

Cheng Yuzhou’s originally stormy thoughts finally calmed down and his previous resentment and gloomy thoughts disappeared without a trace.

When Cheng Yuzhou, who had completely calmed down, removed the bra covering his face to look at the lovely and charming girl again, Tang Guo had already taken off her denim shorts and had thrown them onto the coffee table.

Now, Tang Guo’s fair and soft upper body was completely exposed, a pair of white bunnies stood perfectly proudly on her chest while her hands were placed on the thin straps of her matching purple thong.

The small piece of lace cloth between the girl’s legs only measured about two of Yuzhou’s two fingers, barely hiding anything.

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