Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 17 Done Madly In The Infirmary (H)

Cheng Yuzhou’s org*sm came swiftly and violently, squirting out a large amount of burning hot liquid into the warm flower cave, his rod showing no signs of softening at all.

During and after the cl*max, Cheng Yuzhou did not stop doing Tang Guo roughly. This knowledge greatly stimulated Tang Guo’s vanity and quickly sent the girl to the peak of lust.

Perhaps because Cheng Yuzhou shot too much at one time, or Tang Guo’s flower hole was too small, the man’s large pool of s*men mixed with the girl’s love fluids, which continuously flowed out from the place where the two were joined at.

As Cheng Yuzhou continued the pumping action of his lower body, he used a finger to scrape some of the love fluid from Tang Guo’s hole, and raised it towards the girl, beckoning her to lick it clean.

Tang Guo’s large affectionate eyes were half open at this point. She grabbed the man’s wrist, and just like a traveler who had been walking in the desert for three days and finally saw the first drop of water, she licked the man’s fingers greedily and contentedly.


When all the love liquid on Cheng Yuzhou’s fingers was swallowed into her belly, Tang Guo still did not let go. She gnawed on the thin flesh between the man’s fingers for a while before sucking the man’s fingertips as though she was sucking on a teat for milk.

The young girl wore an entranced and lusty expression of being unable to extricate herself, the moans spilling out of her mouth were endless as she ravenously tasted the man’s hand as though she was sampling the rarest delicacy in the world.

Looking at the er*tic scenery underneath him, Cheng Yuzhou’s already swollen-to-the-limit member, actually swelled a little bit more, and he made love to Tang Guo even more fiercely and violently.

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As expected, Cheng Yuzhou quickly got hard again. Placing Tang Guo’s legs on his shoulders, he impatiently started a new round of coitus.


“Yu Zhou, f**k me! Harder! Don’t stop!”

“Little minx, are you trying to make me skip on my afternoon classes!”

“Are you saying attending class is more important than doing me?”

“Of course doing you is more important! If I don’t f**k you until you pee this time, I won’t get off work and return home!”

And Cheng Yuzhou really did deliver upon his bold claims. Afterwards, Tang Guo took off the sheets soaked in s*men, love fluid and urine in embarrassment, stuffing them into her school bag to throw away on her way home.

Tang Guo, who had been violently f**ked for several hours, couldn’t even stand still, let alone walk straight. As such, she pinched Cheng Yuzhou’s waist to vent her anger.

After Cheng Yuzhou asked for leave for himself and Tang Guo, he carried the weeping girl princess-style to the car and headed home.

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