Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 1 – He’s Jerking Off!

Skipping school, getting expelled, transferring schools, and having too-busy and too-generous parents. These were the reasons Tang Guo, a senior high school student, was standing in front of a large urban house with her luggage in tow.

She had never met the male high school teacher or the female nurse who lived here. The welcoming entrance and the beautiful flower garden that greeted her only made her feel strange and uneasy.

Tang Guo sent her parents a text message to let them know that she had arrived before dragging her luggage inside. The living room was empty, but she heard a sound coming from the hallway. After putting down her luggage, she went into the hallway. 

It turned out to be the sound of water from a bathroom. The door was only half-closed, and a faint haze of steam was coming out through the crack. Hit by a sudden mischievous urge to spook the person inside, Tang Guo quietly moved forward and took a bold peek.

The curtains were pulled aside, and she was shocked to see a naked, muscular, and evidently hormonal young man jerking off inside the shower.


Her gaze trailed along his broad chest, all the way down to the hard thing he was holding in his hand. It was her first time seeing one, and her mind blanked as she stared at it.

Just then, the man who had been focused on pleasuring himself raised his head and noticed her peeking through the door. He continued to move his hand as he lifted the corner of his lips and shot her a playful look.

Tang Guo’s eyes widened in shock. She gulped nervously and felt as though she had been rooted in place by the intensity of his gaze. The two silently stared at each other until she returned to her senses and ran away in a panic. Her cheeks were red, and she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. 

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The man paused and revealed a cunning smile before saying, “I think you should take off your shirt, just to be safe!”


T/N: Tell me this didn’t come straight out of a P*rnhub script 😂

I’m still going to put a warning though: While it is well-written smut (imo) with something like a plot to it and a 1v1 focus, it’s still a short 100% smut novel with kinky scenes in literally every chapter from 4 to the end, so don’t start expecting anything deeper than that.

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