Chapter 76: Moved

“How’s your injury? Sorry for bumping into it just now. “

“It’s just a skin injury. Maybe my clothes are stiff, so it hurts a little bit, but it’s okay.”

“Did you apply medicine?”

Zhao Yu shook her head. “I was going to buy it on the way back, but I was distracted and forgot. I have some scar cream, but it looks like it can’t be used until the wound starts scabbing.”

Ji Sui got up and went to get the first aid kit. He rummaged inside before handing her an ointment. “Use this.”


“Thank you.” She took it and went into the bathroom. Soon after, her voice sounded from inside.

“Ji Sui, do you still have the paper with instructions?”

He got up from the sofa and responded, “What’s the matter?”

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As for the real reason… She could do things like self-mutilation and let herself get severe allergic reactions, so a little skin allergy like this was nothing.


“Why am I so sensitive?” she sighed. “No wonder I felt like something felt wrong when I was at the company this afternoon. I’m not sure if this will actually leave a scar.”

“I’ll go get the instructions.” Ji Sui turned around and left, returning shortly with the box that the ointment came in. “There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but should we go to the hospital just in case?”

“No, no, no, it’s not a big deal. I’m not that fragile,” she said, smiling as she took the paper and read over the instructions. “This’ll do.”

Seeing her twist and turn her head and shoulders to see the wound in the mirror, Ji Sui stepped in and said, “Let me help.”

“Oh, okay. Thank you.” Zhao Yu was still looking at the red mark on her shoulder, seemingly oblivious as she agreed.

As Jiu Sui took the ointment, she added, “Umm, can you… wash your hands first…”

She sounded as though she felt bad for saying that but had to say it because she didn’t want to risk getting bacteria in the wound.

Ji Sui was going to use a cotton swab to help her with the application, but her words led him to subconsciously reach for the hand soap and quickly wash his hands.

After they left the bathroom, Zhao Yu squeezed some of the ointment onto his fingertips and sat down on the sofa. She pulled down her collar and turned her shoulder toward him.

Ji Sui followed suit. Looking at her grace shoulder and neck, he couldn’t stop the alluring images from his dreams from resurfacing in his mind.

A slender waist and flat abdomen… Ruddy lips, voluptuous breasts, long legs, and…

Shaking his head, he quickly dispelled those dirty thoughts and extended his left hand, pulling back her long hair so he could apply the ointment with his right finger.


He had just washed his hand with cold water, so his fingers were a little cold. When he touched it, she shrunk back slightly, causing him to immediately pull back in alarm.

“Is my hand too cold?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a little… itchy.” Zhao Yu gripped the ointment and lowered her head. “It’s okay, so you can… keep going.”

The atmosphere around them was already ambiguous to begin with, and it only grew more ambiguous with how tense and shy she looked as she said it was“itchy1T/N: This is like in CN smut novels where the FL says she’s feeling “itchy” inside to imply that she wants it, so this scene is… lol..”

Ji Sui fell into a daze, remembering the feeling of her skin beneath his fingertips. His cheeks burned red, and his heart began to beat faster.

Trying to calm his mind, he got more ointment from her and slowly spread it on her shoulder. His fingers were calloused and slightly rough, and by contrast, her skin was soft and delicate, almost addicting.

His body was getting hotter and hotter.

He told himself to hurry up and finish applying the ointment, but his right hand refused to listen as it continued its slow ministrations. 

He told himself to stop looking, but the more he tried to stop himself, the harder it became to control himself. His gaze gradually trailed from her shoulder to her neck, and then because of her body’s positioning and his height advantage, he could clearly see the scenery beneath her collarbones…

“Are you done?” Zhao Yu turned around with the ointment and pretended that she only wanted to squeeze more of it out for him. However, with this move, her cheek “coincidentally” brushed against his hot face.

Their bodies were very, very close.

She could feel his breath against her skin, and his heart beating faster.


He could also feel her breath, her scent enveloping him, her moist, pink lips in close proximity.

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

And then again.

His scorching gaze fell on her lips, trying to move away, but couldn’t.

And his hand, because of her sudden movement, had abruptly fallen on her bare shoulder.

Zhao Yu looked at him in a daze, her gaze confused and somewhat lost, the swell of her chest heaving up and down as her breath continued to fan across his face.

She also swallowed, very obviously, and nervously nursed her lips. The hand holding the ointment moved down and gripped onto her skirt, the back of her hand rubbing “coincidentally” against his firm thigh. 

Ji Sui could see her breasts and the deep valley between them more clearly now, and his mind was filled with the images from his dreams.

Her plump softness wrapped around his member, and her wet, inviting lips sliding up and down its length…

The thin thread connecting him to his sense of control finally snapped. The hand on her shoulder slowly tightened its grip, and then he leaned forward, covering her lips with his.

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