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  • Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

    Chapter 43.1: Fu Chuan’s Hobbies

    Since dating affected studies, then she would also be involved. Then she could see whose grades dropped faster, and it also solved the problem of who would date Fu Chuan.

    That was… how to date him?

    Yao Yi slept until dawn with this question in her mind. For the first time when she woke up early in the morning, she was not thinking about math formulas, but thinking about how to date Fu Chuan.

    To date, they must first become boyfriend and girlfriend. However, at this point, they were just classmates, barely ordinary friends.

    So, now she had to become Fu Chuan’s girlfriend to date him?


    Yao Yi walked to the classroom, but Fu Chuan hadn’t arrived yet. She lay on the table thinking about how to make Fu Chuan her boyfriend.

    “Are you sick?” Zhao Qian asked worriedly when he walked into the classroom and saw Yao Yi lying there.

    Yao Yi raised her head: “No, I was just thinking about something.”

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    Yao Yi placed the note into her pocket, lowered her head and played with her phone in the drawer.


    The teacher did not expect Yao Yi to be so bold and didn’t notice her at all.

    Yao Yi used her phone to search for ‘how to date a boy’ and ‘how to pursue a boy’.

    Send gifts, send cards, write love letters…

    Love letter? Yao Yi frowned, she couldn’t even write a normal composition well. Asking her to write a love letter…it was impossible.

    In the end, Yao Yi had no choice but to post the question on the Internet and even offered a reward.

    The title of the post was: [What should I do if I want to date a boy?]

    Soon the post started getting many replies, with all kinds of responses.

    11: F*ck him, don’t be cowardly.

    21: Excuse me, what is the gender of the poster?

    Yao Yi replied slowly one by one.

    Reply to 11: May I ask what the meaning of your first character is? Can the initials of cursive characters still form characters?

    Reply to 21: Female.


    11: …

    31: What are you doing in a daze? Go pursue him, poster! If you don’t date when you are young, you will be single for decades in the future. I swear by my twenty years of single dog life.

    41: The response above is right, if you meet any good boys now, go pursue them! Who knows what kind of cheap ones there will be in the future?

    Although Yao Yi felt that the brainwaves of the people who responded to the post were not in line with hers. Although some of them could still be used as a reference. So she kept asking.

    Reply to 31: May I ask how to pursue? I do not really understand.

    31: This question is beyond my knowledge. If I understood, I wouldn’t have been single for so many years.

    Reply to 41: Then do you know? I have a hundred gold coins, and if you have a way, I will give you the bounty gold coins.

    41 also replied quickly: Poster, please use your cute little brain. If I know, then I would have a boyfriend. If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be so free to earn your hundred gold coins!

    People on the Internet spoke strangely, Yao Yi pursed her lips a little angrily. It seemed that the Internet couldn’t do everything, why were they all single dogs?

    Since asking for help online was not feasible, Yao Yi could only look for help in books. On Saturday, she went to the Xinhua Bookstore in the city to browse, and she really found a book called “36 Strategies for Dating”.

    Yao Yi looked at it for a while, and found that it talked about the way of getting along between lovers, which didn’t match her.

    Walking out of the bookstore in a low mood, Yao Yi couldn’t help but take a second look at the couples who were coming and going on the road. She thought hard to guess how they became boyfriend and girlfriend.


    Suddenly, a young couple came into Yao Yi’s eyes. She didn’t recognize the boy, but she recognized the curly-haired girl.

    Wasn’t it the girl who bought her five ice creams last time?

    “Hey, what are you doing here?” The curly-haired girl also saw Yao Yi at this moment. She let go of the hand of the boy next to her, and walked towards Yao Yi curiously.

    Yao Yi answered honestly, “Buying books.”

    “Oh, I know you, the second place in the number one high school.” The curly-haired girl thought of something, and laughed happily.

    “…” Yao Yi wanted to ask her something, and she didn’t mind her laughing so exaggeratedly.

    “Your name is Yao Yi. Let’s leave our QQ contacts(TLN: social media). If I have a question about my studies in the future, can I ask you?” The curly-haired girl asked with a smile.

    Just as Yao Yi wanted, the two added QQ contacts very smoothly.

    “My name is Ji Yu.” The curly-haired girl typed out her name and sent it to Yao Yi, then continued shopping with her boyfriend in her arms.

    Yao Yi waited until evening before sending a message to Ji Yu.

    [Is the person next to you today your boyfriend?]

    [Yeah, what’s the matter?]


    Yao Yi sat on the bed, covered with a thin quilt, and sent a text message:

    [Did you pursue him or did he pursue you?]

    Ji Yu had just taken a shower. She wiped her hair with a bath towel, clicked on QQ message with one hand and replied:

    [Of course it was him. Why, you like my boyfriend?]

    Yao Yi frowned and quickly explained: [No, I don’t like him.]

    [Just kidding, what’s the matter?]

    Yao Yi thought about it, and finally she wanted to ask someone for some experience: [It’s like this, I want to date someone, but I don’t know how.]

    [Pfft, you? The study goddess also wants to date?]

    Ji Yu laughed so hard that she couldn’t straighten her back, and replied seriously to Yao Yi: [You are asking the right question. Although I am not experienced in many battles, all the friends around me are masters in love.]

    [Are you that good?] Yao Yi held the phone and thought about it. There were specialties in the art industry. It seemed that people who were not good at studying should be more proficient in the business of dating.

    [Of course. I can help you pursue him, no matter how cold that person is.] Ji Yu boasted easily.

    [Mhm, thank you. I will come to you again at this time tomorrow night. Now I will go study.]

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