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  • Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

    Chapter 39: The Mystery of Sweetened Ginger Soup

    Yao Yi had probably just finished taking a shower, and Fu Chuan could see her hair was still dripping while sitting by the window. Her oversized pajamas made her seem thinner. She was not short, but it looked as if she had stolen an adult’s clothing.

    On the bay window, Fu Chuan sat with his knees bent and his eyes fell on the opposite window.

    Yao Yi seemed to be looking for something. She looked around, and even squatted down and stretched out her hand to reach the bottom of her bed, but stood up empty-handed again.

    She was standing beside the bed and her hair was dripping with water droplets. She suddenly seemed to remember something, strode to the bookshelf next to her, but the legs of her trousers were too long, and she stumbled.

    Fu Chuan’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help but put his hand on the glass, his eyes overflowing with worry.


    Fortunately, Yao Yi held on to the bookshelf so she didn’t fall over.

    Fu Chuan heaved a sigh of relief, recovered, then slowly pulled the curtains closed, then leaned there and closed his eyes.

    Yao Yi took out a page from the book, which was a mathematical formula she had copied from a previous journal. When she met Qin Li to give him a question, she would use this one.

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    “Rp vbl cwpkdlpp tsse?” Ww Ubwyd ypjle kd y bsyapl hsknl.

    Yao Yi glanced at Fu Chuan confused but said nothing.


    Fu Chuan pointed to the little thing left in her hand, clenched his fist and coughed: “I saw you and… Qin Li last time, and I know you two are going to sell things.”

    “Oh.” Yao Yi raised the small items in her hand, “Business is very good today, there are only so few things left.”

    There were still some leftover balloons and a few ceramic dolls. The dolls were very rustic, with big painted faces and two bright red dots on their cheeks.

    Yao Yi always insisted on bringing these kinds of dolls to sell, but it had never succeeded in being sold.

    “It’s too vulgar, no normal person would buy it, even if it’s a tourist who isn’t picky.” Qin Li once looked at the ceramic doll wearing a blue coat and complained, “And you always only have one at a time, no one would want to purchase it.”

    “It can be given away.” Yao Yi would give the dolls to young children every time when summer vacation was coming to an end.

    Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi’s red face from being under the sun for too long, pursed his pale lips and advised, “Even in Lugu Mountain, the temperature here is lower than other areas, you still should put on sunscreen.”

    Seeing him look over, Yao Yi touched her face uncomfortably, it was hot, and she was probably a little dehydrated from the sun.

    “We’ll see later.” Yao Yi tried to avoid the topic, took out something in her hand and said, “This doll is for you.”

    Fu Chuan stared at the red-faced doll for a moment, then accepted it: “Thank you.”

    “Then I’ll go back first, recuperate well at home.” Yao Yi quickly slipped into her house.

    When Fu Chuan walked in, Uncle Li was surprised: “Young master, didn’t you go for a walk?”


    “I don’t want to go anymore.” Fu Chuan replied casually and walked straight to his bedroom.

    If Yao Yi could see Fu Chuan’s room through the curtains, she would be surprised to find an identical doll on his bedside table.

    The villa was empty. Yao Yi first put her things away, walked around on the first floor for a while, and then went up to the second floor to read a book. She glanced out the window, the curtains on the opposite side were still pulled out, and so she finally went downstairs.

    There were still a few pieces of ginger in the kitchen, Yao Yi washed and sliced ​​them, and then turned on the gas to make some soup.

    The taste of the ginger slices was a little heavy, and Yao Yi was choked by the smell that her eyes were tearing up. Although she was not good at cooking, she could still cook a simple bowl of ginger soup.

    Her grandfather often told her that it was good to drink some ginger soup if you had a mild cold. Unconsciously, the status of ginger soup in Yao Yi’s mind was getting higher and higher. Whenever there was some discomfort, she liked to make some ginger soup.

    Fu Chuan’s facial condition looked too poor, Yao Yi carefully poured the soup out and recalled the look on his face just now. There were many people in his villa, so how could he still be so seriously ill?

    Shaking her head unconsciously, Yao Yi felt that Fu Chuan was very pitiful and could not even take care of himself.

    After carefully covering the soup with a lid, Yao Yi knocked on the door of the villa opposite.

    “Little classmate?” Uncle Li looked at Yao Yi standing outside the door in surprise, “Come in quickly, the young master is upstairs!”

    “No need.” Yao Yi handed the soup to Uncle Li, “I just saw that Fu Chuan’s complexion was not very good, and I just brought over some ginger soup for him to drink.”

    “Little classmate, you don’t want to come in and give it to the young master yourself?” Uncle Li had already turned to his side to give way.


    “No, I still have something to do.” Yao Yi refused, “Give it to him for me. I’ll just come and get the bowl tomorrow afternoon.”

    Uncle Li didn’t want to force her, so he can only agree and took it over.

    Even with the lid on, Uncle Li could smell a strong ginger smell, and he probably knew what it was.

    Uncle Li thought about it and felt that the soup had no bad effect on the young master’s body, so he went upstairs and knocked on Fu Chuan’s door.

    “Master, this ginger soup was sent by the classmate opposite. She said that you would want to drink it while it’s hot.” Uncle Li put the bowl on the table and said to Fu Chuan, who was sitting on the bedside playing with the blue doll, “The little classmate looked like she was very worried about you.”

    Fu Chuan pursed his lips and glanced at the glass that had been blocked by the curtain, and said, “Uncle Li, just leave it there, I’ll drink it later.”

    “Okay.” Uncle Li stepped out and quietly closed the door.

    Fu Chuan put down the doll in his hand, walked to the table, lifted the lid, and a pungent smell hit his nostrils. He curled his lips and smiled, taking a sip and feeling a little sweet.

    Lugu Mountain has always been a famous mountain to escape the summer heat in the country. The mountain was cool and refreshing. Many tourists always wanted to visit again after they have been there once.

    However, Qin Li and Yao Yi did not feel very cool when they went to sell things. Sometimes they were lucky enough to find a shady place to sit for a day, but if they are unlucky, they have to sunbathe all morning.

    Once there was no shade here in Lugu Mountain, it meant that the sun would beat down on them directly, which was very stinging.

    Today Yao Yi couldn’t find a good place again. After being exposed to the sun all morning, both of them were dizzy.


    “I can’t bear it.” Qin Li wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, “I may suffer from heat stroke if I stay here any longer.”

    The place where they set up their stall not only had the sun, but also had a lot of people. Cars and buses came and went… The exhaust fumes could make people vomit, and it didn’t look like a summer resort.

    But if you didn’t find a place with a lot of traffic, it was hard to sell things.

    “Why don’t you go back first, anyway, I read the weather forecast earlier and it said that there will be heavy rain in the afternoon, and we won’t be able to do any business.” Yao Yi’s cheeks were also flushed from the sun, “I will carry the things back home later.”

    Because of the high passenger flow, most of the items were already sold, except for the children’s toys.

    “We can sell umbrellas when it’s raining.” Qin Li suddenly responded, “I forgot to get umbrellas.”

    Yao Yi suddenly smiled: “I got them, and I’ll come out to sell in the afternoon.”

    “No, I can’t come in the afternoon. I have to buy some goods at home. I have to help.” Qin Li frowned.

    “Oh, then you don’t come here in the afternoon. Family matters are important.” Anyway, Yao Yi was familiar with the road by herself, so she didn’t care if there was one less person to help. She was already able to carry a bundle of umbrellas and sell them all over Lugu Mountain when she was a child.

    Sure enough, around 1:30 in the afternoon, the sky began to turn dark and the clouds were dense. Yao Yi quickly put on her raincoat and came out of the villa.

    When Fu Chuan came out with a box in his hand, what he saw was Yao Yi carrying a big black bag and holding a bunch of umbrellas in her arms.

    “Yao Yi.”

    The clear and pleasant male voice suddenly attracted Yao Yi’s attention, she looked up, and saw Fu Chuan was walking towards her.

    “The ginger soup is very sweet, thank you.” Fu Chuan lowered his eyes and said.

    Very sweet? Yao Yi’s head suddenly flashed a huge question mark. She tried to recall every step she took to make ginger soup, she obviously didn’t put any sugar. Yao Yi immediately thought of another possibility.

    “I didn’t add sugar.” Yao Yi replied with a serious expression, “But the ginger soup passed by Uncle Li’s hand. I have reason to believe that he put sugar in the ginger soup.”

    “…” Only then did Fu Chuan realize that he had said something wrong.

    “Are you feeling better? If the ginger soup is not spicy, it should have no effect.” Yao Yi frowned and looked at Fu Chuan’s face.

    Fu Chuan turned his face uncomfortably and continued, “This is sunscreen. Your skin is tender, so you can’t dry it out directly in the sun.”

    Yao Yi looked at the delicate box that was stretched out in front of her, and answered: “Sunscreen is troublesome to wipe on.”

    Fu Chuan looked straight at her, staring at her face that was no longer just red but also a little peeling. His heart was churning, but his face was very calm: “If you don’t rub it, it will cause your face to crack and peel. If it’s serious, you will get sunburned, and may need treatment.

    Thunder rumbled in the sky, and dark clouds rolled.

    Fu Chuan still continued: “Treatment will take time, so you will have to use your studying time to take treatment.”

    Yao Yi hugged her umbrella tightly and was a little frightened by Fu Chuan’s words, but there was no logical error in his series of words.

    “Okay, okay, then I’ll wipe it on later.” Yao Yi said blankly.

    Fu Chuan shook the box: “Can I put this in for you?”

    Yao Yi nodded: “Okay, the key is in my pocket, can you open the door for me?”

    Fu Chuan approached Yao Yi, and put his slender hand into Yao Yi’s trouser pocket. In summer, the clothes were thin. When Fu Chuan took the key, he accidentally touched Yao Yi, and he could obviously feel her body temperature.

    The tip of the ear under his long silky hair was flushed, but Fu Chuan calmly opened the door and put the box he prepared on the table in the hall.

    It was raining heavily outside, and Yao Yi looked a little impatient.

    “Hurry up, I’m leaving.”

    Fu Chuan closed the door and said, “Going to sell umbrellas?”

    “Mhm.” Yao Yi nodded hurriedly, wishing that Fu Chuan would return the key to her immediately, so that she could leave.

    The rain fell heavily, Yao Yi’s eyes went from the villa opposite and Fu Chuan, and she finally made up her mind: “You grab an umbrella and go back by yourself, I’ll go first.”

    Seeing that she was reluctant to give him a umbrella since the villa was just a few steps away, Fu Chuan’s heart felt soft.

    Fu Chuan Yiyan took out an umbrella from Yao Yi’s arms, and Yao Yi ran out immediately, wanting to quickly go to a place with a lot of traffic to sell umbrellas.

    At this time, Fu Chuan followed her with an umbrella.

    Yao Yi looked at the umbrella over her head in surprise, and then looked at Fu Chuan blankly.

    “I’ll go with you.” Fu Chuan stretched out his hand and put on the raincoat and hat that was about to fall off of Yao Yi’s body properly, and said in a low voice.

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