Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 37.2: Magic World

“Really? However we had heard that this one has the best grades in the class, and the other girl who was bullied does not have particularly good grades in Class Zero. The jealousy among the girls is terrible. This is our conclusion after many years of dealing with school bullying.” The psychologist raised his eyebrows.

“So why would Yao Yi bully Yu Qingying?” The principal felt that since this was the case, Yu Qingying should be the one causing trouble for Yao Yi.

The psychologist showed an expression as if he expected the question: “Although there is a gap in grades, classmate Yu is beautiful and has a good relationship with classmates. But Yao Yi is different, she doesn’t seem to get along with other classmates..”

“Isn’t Yao Yi also good-looking?” The principal simply expressed his opinion, “Although she was tan and thin when she first came in, she was a bit rough.”

During the dispute, Yu Qingying and a bunch of suspected gangsters were captured by surveillance.


Everyone was silent for a while, focusing on the surveillance.

According to the owner of the convenience store on the roadside, Yu Qingying was pushed into the alley. The surveillance did not capture this scene, but Yu Qingying was blocked by the wall, that was still clearly captured.

Although they couldn’t hear them talking, they could probably tell what happened from the images.

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The bicycle hit the wall directly, Yao Yi pulled Yu Qingying and disappeared from the camera.


The group of people behind were stunned, and they didn’t respond for a while. There was also a boy who stepped forward to pick up the bicycle. He was quite civilized and showed extremely high quality manners.

The last few people gathered together, discussing something, and then they picked up the long wooden sticks standing by the wall and chased after them.

Since there was no camera to capture the later scenes, they could only see Yao Yi walking around with the group of people, appearing in the camera from time to time, and finally disappearing.

At the same time, they also saw several police officers coming, who seemed to be looking for someone.

After watching the video, everyone in the office was silent. Now it seemed that the one who was bullied was not so innocent. It was just that they didn’t see what happened later, and the turning point came too quickly.

To say that Yao Yi was related to the group of gangsters, it was not impossible for the following scenes to explain that they knew each other in advance.

After all, the curly-haired girl and Yao Yi held hands.

“It seems that I still need to have a good talk with these students.” A team leader who was sent over thought for a while and said, “I’ll have to trouble the teacher to invite your students over.”

Lao Han nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go to the police to find out the situation and see why they were there.” The principal said proactively, in his mind Yao Yi’s phone call was probably to call for the police.

Lao Han walked into the class and not only ordered Yao Yi and Yu Qingying to come out, but also took Classmate Jia out.

This incident happened in a very hidden way. Except for the convenience store owner who saw a bunch of people entering the alley, no one else should have known about it. How did Jia Renlu know about it? She even had a photo.


“You don’t have to be anxious, just asking you to help me understand some situations.” Lao Han first brought Jia Renlu into the principal’s office, and then asked Yao Yi and Yu Qingying to wait in other rooms.

Jia Renlu knew that the Education Bureau had come over, and she told them what she thought was the truth.

“So you think Yao Yi bullied Yu Qingying just based on a photo?” Lao Han didn’t expect his students to do things so ignorantly.

“Teacher, you should listen to the opinions of the students, and don’t be deceived by the surface. Do you know that this matter has spread in private, everyone only knew that Yao Yi did not like to interact with other students, and usually just buried her head in her own matters before. Now, they are all afraid they will be targeted by her.” Jia Renlu still didn’t believe what other people said, she could only see and hear the information she was willing to accept.

Lao Han did not want to say any more, and knew that nothing could be asked from this student. But now he knew that on the surface, his class was excellent and serious, however some students had psychological problems.

“Teacher, I don’t know why things have developed like this.” Yu Qingying’s tears fell when she came in, and she looked really pitiful.

The psychologist stepped forward and comforted: “It’s all right, you just need to tell us what happened that day.”

“I, I was blocked in the alley for no reason that day. They beat and kicked me when they came up. I don’t know them. Later, I came out and saw Yao Yi talking and laughing with them…” Yu Qingying sobbed and choked, “I don’t believe Classmate Yao would find someone… I always thought that we could become good friends.”

The whole office was silent. What Yu Qingying said was completely inconsistent with what was being monitored. They just didn’t know what was going on, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t see what was going on at the beginning.

From the beginning to the end, the curly-haired girl only slapped Yu Qingying. And from looking at Yu Qingying’s expression on the monitor, it was clear that she knew the curly-haired girl, and even deliberately provoked her.

“Okay, you go back to class first, don’t think too much.” Finally, Lao Han let his student go out and had Yao Yi came in.

“Tell me about the situation that day.” Lao Han said to Yao Yi directly.


Yao Yi’s teeth suddenly became cold, and she felt the coldness in her stomach.

The after-effects of eating all that ice cream last time.

Yao Yi answered carefully while thinking about it, everything basically matched the monitoring.

Several members of the investigation team of the Education Bureau looked at each other, and one of the female staff members said kindly: “Can you tell us what happened after you took student Yu away?”

“Mhm, yes.” Yao Yi nodded.

“…After I pushed classmate Yu Qingying up and over the wall, before I could tell her that her pants were torn, the group of people caught up. Then the police came and they ran away.”

“Then what?” the female staff continued to ask. The scene they saw later of Yao Yi running around with the group of people and still had no explanation.

“Oh.” Yao Yi frowned, “They got lost and couldn’t get out. They asked me to lead the way. Later, when we got out, they bought me a lot of ice cream.”

“…” The truth is simple and rude.

Everything Yao Yi said matched the surveillance and the photo. The only thing that was uncertain now was who had spread the rumors.

However, everyone also had a bit of suspicion, and Yu Qingying was the most suspicious here.

This matter could only be left to nothing, the Education Bureau had to explain to the parents, and the principal had to prove that his well-meaning students were innocent, and finally decided to inform the whole school.


Just to protect the psychological state of the students, the rumors were not investigated further.

Parents were invited to talk to the Education Bureau on Monday. After the flag ceremony, Jia Renlu reflected in front of all the teachers and students of the school that she had spread rumors indiscriminately, had a bad influence on the school and classmates, and brought a phone into the school.

Yu Qingying apologized to Yao Yi, saying that she had misunderstood and caused her to suffer slander from her classmates.

Yao Yi, who was offline the whole time, looked at the two people on stage and felt that the world was magical and impermanent.

She should just go do her math.

The author has something to say: Rounding up to two more updates 冖v冖

Anon’s Rambles: All I can say…is that this psychologist is not very good at his job. He is also biased.

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