Passion on the Bus

Extra III: Confession (H) [END]

The youth had already made up his mind and settled down. Who knew that when he got on the elevator, he became nervous, watching the numbers constantly changing… 


Xiao Nan felt his heart thumping like a drum and stepped out of the elevator with soft feet.

Xiao Nan never thought that one day he would confess to a man who was also his uncle. He understood that this was a taboo love, but he fell unknowingly in love…

Xiao Nan stood in front of Room 708 and rang the doorbell. Once, twice… but no one opened the door for a long time.


Where is Uncle?

Xiao Nan squatted down with his back against the door. It was sunset. At the end of the year, the weather was cool, and he came out in a hurry without wearing a coat. Although the hotel had the heating on, the youth sitting by the door still felt cold. Xiao Nan hugged his knees, buried his head, and his shoulders slightly trembled.

Uncle must be angry and left, he doesn’t want him anymore…

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“Xjyu.” Mbl xyd pyv esod sd vbl cle, pxkzkdt yde ryxrlakdt bkx.



“I like you…” The youth’s red face was buried deep in the man’s neck and he whispered, “Uncle, don’t leave me, okay?”


Xiao Ning lifted the youth’s blushing to face him and seriously said, “Baby, you should not have said that. You are still young and impulsive. Though Uncle has been worried that you will meet a girl you like when you go to a new school and forget about me. “

“I will not… ” Xiao Nan pouted, “Uncle is not old. Many people would look at you when walking in the street. During summer vacation, when we went out to climb mountains, I did not know how many girls took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with you.”

“Oh? My baby is eating vinegar1[T/N: Eating vinegar means he was jealous.]~” 

“When am I…” Looking at the smiling eyes of the man, Xiao Nan felt shy and struggled to get off the man’s lap.

“Okay. No, it’s your uncle who is always jealous.” The man picked up the youth again, his hot lips biting the youth’s ear. The youth’s bu*t was just embedded in his bulging desire.

“Uncle…” Although the two had already been intimate a lot of times, Xiao Nan was still ashamed every time he had sex with his uncle. It seemed that the sexual organ beating between his thighs was hitting him through the cloth, his whole body becoming sweaty.

The man’s hot and humid tongue slid down his red and tender earlobe to his sweet lips. He breathed heavily and kissed the youth deeply, embedding the youth firmly in his arms, swiping his tongue across every tooth and hooking the slippery tongue. He sucked it fiercely while his hands were wantonly behind the youth, stroking him down the spine, and sneaking into the soft sweatpants.

“Hmm…” The man’s rough fingers slid up and down between his thighs, even pressing and rubbing at the sensitive h*le. Xiao Nan felt almost losing his breath and twisted his body uncomfortably, but he didn’t know that this further fueled the man’s desire.

Just when Xiao Nan’s consciousness began to fade, the man ended the long, deep kiss. Taking advantage of the youth’s heavy breathing, he held the youth’s bu*tocks up, turned around, and put him on the soft bed. He took off the youth’s pants, revealing his slender white legs.

Xiao Ning leaned over and enveloped the youth, stripping off the youth’s obstructive clothes, and affectionately gazing at his little lover with evident fascination.

The small n*pples were exposed in the air, slowly stiffening without being touched, like a small flower blooming in front of Xiao Ning’s eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from leaning down to pick the alluring flowers.

“Um… Uncle~” The man’s rough tongue fiercely swept the erect n*pple and was even bitten with his teeth. The tingling sensation was mixed with slight pain and an unusual feeling came out of his body.


Xiao Ning’s fingers skimmed over the lecherous h*le between the youth’s thighs and chuckled, “I didn’t expect my baby to still be passionate.”

“I don’t!” Xiao Nan struggled in shame. He didn’t want to do it with his uncle, “Let go of me. I want to go home.”

“Behave, Uncle’s just kidding.” The man coaxed and softly kissed the youth’s lips.

“Hmph.” The youth turned his head to avoid him.

“Baby, I was wrong.” The man admitted, his tone was sincere.

The youth no longer evaded, learning from the man’s actions to suck and kiss his lips. 

Their lips and teeth were passionately meeting and blending. The fire became ferocious because of the youth’s initiative, Xiao Ning started pounding the softness of the youth’s crotch through his pants.

“Hmm…” His whole body trembled in shame, especially the back h*le that was hit hard, constantly opening and closing. Xiao Nan couldn’t bear it anymore, turned his head and cried, “Uncle… Give  me.. Um…”

“What do you want, baby?” Biting the sensitive tip of the youth’s ear, he asked knowingly.

“Uwu… Uncle… I…”


“Uwu… Husband… I want to…” His tears fell and Xiao Nan no longer knew shame. His lower body was numb and his pink stem quietly straightened up. Xiao Nan, who had experienced the extreme pleasure of lust, couldn’t help it anymore and said what the man wanted to hear most.



Xiao Ning only felt that there was a string in his head that snapped. He took a deep breath. He quickly and impatiently stripped off his clothes. His thick co*k was immediately inserted into the youth’s place of ecstasy. 



At this encounter, the two gasped heavily. The man was really stimulated, the thrusting of his genitals was ferocious, and the youth could only produce broken moans.

“Um… Uncle… Slow… Slower…”

Why would Xiao Ning slow down? The tight chrysanthemum cave kept shrinking and squirming, the extreme psychological and physical pleasure made him comfortably growl. 

“Ah, ah!” How could the youth stand this kind of stimulation? Every time his sensitive part was deeply rubbed, he moaned and his sphincter unconsciously contracted. 

“Baby, I love you! Uh—” The man shoved and pulled dozens of times before pushing in deeply for the last time. He released a burst of scorching liquid.

The road between the two of them was still long, but it was nothing as long as they loved each other, wasn’t it? 

Translator’s Note

That ends this incest BL story. 

Truthfully, I translated this story because of its short length and *cough* smut. I didn’t expect to be fed with sugar and dog food. Among the short smut BL stories I’ve read, this one has the only sweet couple I encountered. 

If you have recommendations or BL short smut stories you want to be translated, comment down below and I might consider translating it. 

Thank you for reading!

[Edit] I’ve picked up a a translation project called Brothel Open For Business!

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