Passion on the Bus

Extra II: Mom’s Just Outside (H)


No! Mom just came back from work!

“Uncle, stop!” Xiao Nan said in panic.

Xiao Nan stopped the man with a frightened face, but the man did not stop and continued moving, “Baby, call me husband.”

“NanNan, are you still sleeping?” Mom’s footsteps were getting closer.


Xiao Nan only felt that that one word was held in his throat, but he couldn’t call it out, crying anxiously.

“Oh, forget it.” The man was a little disappointed, backed away, took the youth to the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

“NanNan?” His mom knocked on the door.

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“Xjyu, Ysx.”

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“Bdnzl…” Dkys Lyd zssjle yv vbl xyd’p vyzz yde casye cynj kd nsdqwpksd, qllzkdt y zkvvzl ckv pye, yde pllxle vs cl dspvyztkn.

“NanNan, what’s the matter?” Mother Xiao looked at the absent-minded youth eating rice.


“Ah? Nothing…” Xiao Nan suddenly felt that his uncle must be upset. Otherwise, why did his uncle endure his desire and refuse him? He suddenly blushed. His uncle kept asking him to say… this one word, he felt very ashamed.1[T/N: Husband (老公 = lao gong) is two characters and words in Chinese.] How could he not say it? Thinking about it now, his uncle liked him so much, he must have been very disappointed at that time.

 “NanNan…” Mother Xiao wanted to ask the youth who suddenly started to blush again.

“Mom, I have something to do, I’ll go out for a while.” Xiao Nan put down his bowl and chopsticks and quickly stood up.

“Oh…” Mother Xiao laughed and said, “Our NanNan has grown up and has a girlfriend now.”

“Mom…” Xiao Nan’s face turned red.

“Okay, you go, will you come back for dinner tonight?” Mother Xiao said with a smile, watching the youth leave the house as if trying to escape.

Mom was really… Xiao Nan blushed and angrily stepped on the stairs. His girlfriend— Uncle’s face appeared in his mind. He couldn’t help smiling happily but suddenly stopped. He understood, he also liked his uncle. Whenever he saw a pair of sweet couples on his college campus, he would think of his uncle; seeing them holding hands and having a little intimacy, he would miss his uncle; seeing a youth running sweaty on a hot day just to buy a bottle of water for his girlfriend, he could only think of his uncle’s gentleness to him… He liked his uncle, but he evaded in shame every time…

Unknowingly, he walked to the downstairs of the hotel. Xiao Nan looked up at the seventh floor, guessing which window belonged to the man. He raised the slightly immature corners of his lips, he decided that he would tell his uncle that he liked him too.

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