Passion on the Bus

Chapter 1: On The Bus (H)

After easily completing the college entrance exam, Xiao Nan decided to go to his grandmother’s house in the countryside for a few days.  He took a bus to the countryside, which would arrive in about three hours. The bus traveled bumpily. Soon, Xiao Nan fell asleep against the back of his chair.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, a tingling sensation rose in his lower body. For a moment, Xiao Nan couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or reality. He only felt that something was about to gush out of his body. Just when he wanted to make a sound during the climax, a soft and wet thing invaded his mouth. The flexible and soft snake-like thing hooked him, completely blocking his groans.

It was hard to breathe. Xiao Nan opened his eyes in a daze. An extremely close masculine face greeted him. He wanted to scream but was firmly blocked by the man’s rich lips and was tightly held behind his neck by the man’s big palm.  The man seemed to be exercising all year-round, so his measly strength was no match against him. Moreover, the man’s palm was still holding a part of his lower body that had just vented. A unique male musk was filling the tip of his nose.

Seeing him wake up, the man became more unrestrained sucking his mouth, wantonly plundering the air from the boy’s lungs. His fierce tongue sweeping Xiao Nan’s whole mouth and then hooked his small tongue to play.

The air entering his chest cavity became thin, Xiao Nan could hardly breathe. Although he could breathe through his nose, his lips were conquered by the man, greatly overwhelming Xiao Nan to the point that he didn’t know what to do. The man’s big tongue seemed to reach the depths of his mouth, his arms lost their strength, and he had difficulty breathing— Xiao Nan almost fainted.

 Seeing that the boy’s widened eyes became half-closed, the man loosened his hold on the other’s mouth and their lips separated, but were still connected with a silver hanging wire.

The boy had not yet relaxed nor regained his spirit. His eyes still blurry, his red lips opened and closed, and his chest undulated as he inhaled and exhaled. The man took out the hand holding the boy’s lower body. His hand was full of the boy’s body fluid, which smelled a bit strong. It could be seen that the boy rarely did this kind of thing or perhaps, had never done it. The man raised the corners of his mouth, put his wet hand on the boy’s opening and closing lips, and wiped the turbidity on the boy’s red and swollen lips. His finger stirring deep inside.

“Hmm…” The boy couldn’t help swallowing, all at once swallowing his own semen into his abdomen.

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“Hmm!” He was so tight that he wanted to unconsciously straighten his back.

The man’s broad chest was pressed against him, his lips pressed tightly, the expansion of his fingers did not stop, and the lubrication of semen quickly allowed him to enter his three fingers. The boy’s sweaty and rosy cheeks made his male desire continue to clamor, so the three fingers fucked and tried hard to please the boy.

Xiao Nan had never had sexual experience. His nerves just experienced academic stress. Now that he was lustfully tossed by the man, his body couldn’t resist it. The body fluid in his mouth was overflowing, his mind was confused, and the fingers in the back wantonly stayed. The man’s superb skills made him limp all over and when the man’s finger suddenly touched a certain place, it instantly made him excited.

The man smiled. Knowing that it was the boy’s sensitive spot, his fingers continued to grind there, and he bent his fingers and scratched. The boy tightly grasped his clothes. His co*k was clearly standing upright and the secreted fluid created marks on his thin pants. The man felt that the backyard was already soft. He couldn’t restrain himself anymore, so he pulled out his fingers.

The strange but comfortable feeling suddenly disappeared, his hole couldn’t help contracting. Xiao Nan only felt the inexplicable itching and emptiness in his body, he couldn’t prevent himself from twisting his buttocks despite not knowing where the itchiness came from.

The man pulled the corners of his mouth, picked up the limp person, made him straddle his lap, and took off the boy’s pants. After releasing his high-spirited behemoth, he aimed it to the wet and soft hole and pushed it accurately in one fell swoop. His lips immediately blocked the boy’s exclamation, but the boy’s groan still poured out.

“Hmm!” No! Xiao Nan shouted in his heart. His mind became clear for a moment, only feeling the fiery pain in the back hole.

After more than an hour of a bumpy ride, the scattered people in the bus were already asleep and couldn’t witness the boundless passion at the back of the bus. 

The man’s desire had already been seduced by this tight hole and his thick arms gripped the boy’s slender waist. He lifted it up and suddenly let go. His lower body moved upwards in coordination, making the boy cry out.

 Xiao Nan tightly closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face, not knowing whether it was a cry of melancholy or pleasure. In short, he had been immersed in this unrestrained lust after being introduced to this experience he never had before.

 The man’s thick giant was still getting bigger, his lips were apart and silver wires were threading his chin — full of saliva he could not swallow. Moreover, his small chin was being illuminated by the transparent light of the sun.

Xiao Nan could only bite his lower lip. If someone else saw him like this… he couldn’t even think of it.

After the man knew that the boy would not scream here, he continued to thrust upwards. His chest heaved violently. It could be seen that both of them were panting.

The thrusting movement gradually accelerated and the giant buried deep in the body shook wildly.

“Uhmm~” Xiao Nan couldn’t help groaning, shaking his body and spraying his essence on the man’s abdomen.

The man only felt that he hadn’t had such refreshing sex for a long time. The wall of the back cave severely contracted during orgasm and he could no longer bear it. The hot and thick turbidity was sprayed directly into the boy’s body, causing the slender person to feel tense.

The sturdy arms and chest embraced the boy’s body firmly, without any gaps, so fit, like a pair that should have been together.

The root of desire was still buried in the hot and humid cave, gradually becoming hard and hot once again. The man who had only vented once met such a delicious boy and the heat in his body was about to rampage again.

Knowing that the boy had already vented thrice, the man blocked the boy’s urethra and grasped the boy’s waist with one hand. As the shuttle bus moved on the country road, he was thrusting, pulling and inserting, for a long time throughout the bumpy journey.

Xiao Nan had already fainted long ago. Unable to support his weak body, he fell into the man’s embrace. His slender body tightly embedded within the man’s arms.

The man hugged the boy contentedly.

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