Pet Dog

Chapter 7 – The dog’s wake-up service: Licking his owner to the point he spurts and forgets the jade dildo.

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 7 The dog’s wake-up service: Licking his owner to the point he spurts and forgets the jade dildo. 


Su Xue yelled and rolled outside the door, but the door still did not open. Seeing that his master had no effect on his rolling, Su Xue had to curl up to sleep outside the door, taking care of his master’s safety.

In the early morning the next day, Su Xue woke up vigorously with a layer of dew on his body, stretched his waist, and shook off the dew from his body. He turned around and raised his paw to try and see if the door was locked, but the door still would not open. As a good dog who listens to his master, he would not knock the door open, otherwise his master would get angry and hit his nose.

However, one night passed, and he did not hear sounds of his owner mating with the jade dildo. It was conceivable that the broken stone was not as favored as he had imagined. He was still the owner’s favorite, his owner’s favorite dog.

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Su Xue was about to take another lick when he suddenly smelt a familiar scent by his sensitive nose. Su Xue sniffed along the smell, and reached the end of the bed, and then inserted his nose into the quilt to follow the sweet smell. The fragrance in the quilt became stronger, which was the sweet smell of his owner’s estrus.


Su Xue suddenly remembered the picture of his master posing for mating last night, but he was mating with the jade dildo. Now that the master was in heat again, his master did not pose for mating. As a disciplined dog, he could not force his master to mate with him. 

But what if the owner mates with the jade dildo again? Do you want to watch your master being inserted and mated by jade?

Su Xue all of a sudden, did not want to be a good dog.

Wang! No way! My master’s stick is mine! My master’s little hole is also mine!

Su Xue arched Yue Xiujin’s head with his head, trying to wake him up. Yesterday, when the big dog’s tongue pleasured him and was done by the jade dildo, Yue Xiujin was very tired after shooting three loads, but Su Xue licked and nudged him again without waking him up.

Never let the master mate with jade anymore, he must let his master understand as soon as possible that he is better and more powerful than a stone! Let that stone get out of here as soon as possible.

Su Xue jumped onto the bed and stood at the end of it. He picked up a corner of the quilt and lifted it up with his sharp teeth, revealing the long legs of his owner. No matter how good Yue Xiujin’s sleeping posture was, he would inevitably turn over. The pants on his lower body had long been messed up. One trouser leg was rolled to the calf, and one of the trouser legs was rolled to the knee. The trousers were loosened, and the hem of the shirt was rolled up to his belly button. The trousers that hung loosely around his waist showed a tight, thin waist.

Seeing his master’s calf and narrow waist, Su Xue could not help but lean forward and sniffed his master’s calf, and then licked a few mouthfuls, leaving wet saliva all over. He repeated the same process again by smelling his master’s waist, licked a few mouthfuls, and once again left wet saliva.

Finally, he smelled his master’s sweet crotch, and Yue Xiujin’s semi-hard genitals pushed the crotch out like a small tent. There was a wet watermark on the top of the small tent. Su Xue nudged the watermark and sniffed vigorously.

The owner’s great taste felt exciting, which made him want to jump up and down.

The big dog closed his clear eyes, lowered his head and smelled his owner’s s*xual organs. It clearly smelled like a fishy odor, but his owner’s smell was the best, and his owner’s liquid was white, moreover it tasted even more good when he sprayed water. It smelt really good.

Give the owner a lick, the stick shoots out white juice, and the little hole spouts water, he will not mate with the jade dildo anymore, maybe the owner will put on a mating posture and will be willing to mate with him.


He was a good dog that could ride on and mate with his owner. The jade dildo was just a stone. Compared to it, he was intimate. Compared to it, he has hairs to touch, and it would not roll around to please his owner like it does, and he would also take care of the house and courtyard. 

He must make the owner forget that damn stone.

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