Pet Dog

Chapter 6 – The dog watched his master mate with a jade dildo, and felt that he was not as good as the jade dildo

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 6 The dog watched his master mate with a jade dildo, and felt that he was not as good as the jade dildo


After touching Su Xue’s hair for a long time, Su Xue no longer showed his pitiful eyes, but was staring at his master’s chest and lower abdomen. Yue Xiujin looked down and found that there were specks of sem*n on his chest and lower abdomen. Yue Xiujin’s face suddenly turned red, looking for a cloth to clean himself.

At this moment, a big hairy head came over and stretched out his tongue to lick the sem*n that hit the nip*les. The sensation of the pale red dog tongue licking made Yue Xiujin’s chest tingle, Su Xue licked very lightly, but there was a grainy texture coating on the tongue. Grinding the skin of the sensitive ni*ples and chest. Licking the tender nip*les and chest, the big tongue licked down again, scraping his skin inch by inch until he reached the lower abdomen, and the lewd fluid secreted by the greedy pu*sy and the sem*n ejacul*ted was all licked into his mouth. However, Su Xue’s expression was extremely focused, as if he was doing a major deed that was of great importance to him, without moving his eyes from the focused place of licking.

Watching the big dog he raised clean up his body, Yue Xiujin could not help but feel a strange feeling in his heart. When Su Xue’s big tongue was cleaning the s*x organs, Yue Xiujin found that the flower hole was gurgling out of lewd water just after the dog’s tongue licked the inside meaty way, it shrank even more and more, and the wanton pu*sy could not wait to be beaten again by the tongue of his pet dog.

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The dildo made of white jade was less than three fingers thick, stiff and cold with elegance, and every part of it was carefully carved, really like a phallic, lifelike.


Yue Xiujin’s cro*ch was already soaked. Holding the dildo with his right hand, he pulled off the belt with his left hand and stretched it into his pants. After touching the seam with his fingers twice, he took off his pants, knelt down on the bed, and hurriedly took the jade in. Potentially inserted into the flower hole. As soon as the flower hole bit the hard object, the needy p*ssy spit out water more joyously, the s*x organ hanging between the legs flicked with the thrust of the jade, the lewd water flew down his inner thighs, and from the roots of the s*x organ tit went towards his gl*ns.

Su Xue, who was behind the door, raised his claws and pushed the door, but he could not open it. The door was bolted from the inside. He unwillingly scratched the door and wanted to enter his owner’s bedroom to sleep with him as usual.

The owner used to sleep with me the most, but today he shut me out. Why? Does the owner not love me anymore?

“Hmm… um…” Su Xue kept slamming the door and pushing it with his head. The door rustled away from the wood chips, and was finally pushed out a gap by his big head, just enough for it to penetrate his mouth. His eyes were awkward when he saw what was inside.

The bed shook in the room, and his owner knelt on the bed, pushing up his round white buttocks, the pink chrysanthemum hole was slightly open. The flower hole was wide gaping to welcome the jade, and the cold white dildo came and went in and out of Yue Xiujin’s flower hole. It squeezed out his master’s sweet juice, and the meaty s*x stick was also dripping with c*m.

This was a posture for mating, and the owner wanted to mate with him! Su Xue was wagging his tail excitedly, lying down on the ground and grabbing the door, his long white hair and big furry tail were covered with dust.

“Wang!” Master, I am willing to mate with you!

Hearing his dog bark, Yue Xiujin shrank his ass instinctively, and the fleshy hole immediately clenched the jade dildo, and the flower lips that puffed out were full of obscene water. His chrysanthemum contracted in Su Xue’s eyes, and Su Xue anxiously grabbed the door, barking constantly.

But its owner could not understand the meaning of “Wang Wang”. He called once, called twice, and called three times, all of which his owner could not understand.

Master! Bark!!!

Su Xue watched his master’s flower hole expelling the dildo and then mating with it. Obviously, the owner liked to mate with the dildo more than himself, and he was a dog that was not as favored as a jade piece.

Su Xue felt more sad as he thought about it, but he did not want to leave. He could only watch his master suddenly get up, holding the jade dildo with one hand, and sit on the jade, relaxing his butt, letting the dildo penetrate the small hole deeply, and the base of it was snuggled by it. The cleaned meat stick ejected thin layer of sem*n, and then the sweet juice was dripping from the owner’s small hole.


He can not lick his owner, nor can he clean up for his owner. As a loyal dog of the owner, did the owner have any interest in his dog breed?

After watching his master mate with the jade dildo, Su Xue rolled back and forth with his four claws, whispering.

The owner must not love him anymore, he was not as good as a jade dildo!

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