Pet Dog

Chapter 5 – Can’t lick master’s c*nt, can’t clean up master’s body

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. Do not feed dogs sweets as they are harmful for their health!!!

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 5 Can’t lick master’s c*nt, can’t clean up master’s body


The ​​dog felt that his master felt so comfortable that he didn’t even bother to move his fingers. Yue Xiujin closed his eyes and panted, his sweaty handsome face was slightly frowning, and his lower lip was a little cracked as it was bitten by him. With undulating nip*les on the chest still standing upright, the big open chest and lower abdomen were full of slimy s*men, the exhausted meat stick was drooping to one side, and the flared pu*sy lips showed the insides of the lewd flesh through the small gap, exposing the open hole. The hole time to time shrunk and twitched, spitting out lewd water.

Su Xue sniffed the dIck and flower hole between his master’s legs. The fishy smell of sem*n and the scent of kinky water was mixed into a smell that made his legs go soft.

The owner oozed out such a fragrance for the first time, and his head was dizzy, turning almost confused.

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“…” Yue Xiujin’s face turned dark, and he once again knocked Su Xue’s nose, but this time harder.


“Ummm…” Su Xue lay flat on the bed, covering his sore nose with his two front paws, and looked at his master pitifully, not understanding why the always caring master knocked on his nose again.

Yue Xiujin couldn’t tell what kind of dog Su Xue was. His face was shorter than that of ordinary dogs. The emerald-green eyes were as clear as the best gems, and his eyes were rounder than that of ordinary dogs, and the long and fluffy white hair was pure and white as untainted snow. They were free and loose over the dog’s body, with a pair of pointed ears standing on top of his head. It was really a picturesque sight to look at when the dog sat quietly.

When Su Xue was young, he was a fluffy white-haired ball. When he grew up, he was a big fluffy beautiful dog. Yue Xiujin could not see the burnt black hair when he had just picked the puppy up. He could only see a scorched little one when he lay on the side of the road. He was labeled as “Dead Dog”, if it weren’t for Yue Xiujin’s sharp eyes and found the small puppy was moving, so to show his kindness, he picked him up, and developed the now beautiful appearance that is as white as snow.

Su Xue has been a good dog who listened to his master since he was a child. If his master told him to go to the east, he would never go to the west. If his master told him to lie on his stomach, he would never stand. If his master told him to roll, it would never lie still. If his master wanted him to lick, he would lick wherever it was, but this did not mean that he was a non-mischievous dog.

Yue Xiujin took care of Yaju Garden for more than half a year. The number of times that Yue Nu really served him was only a handful. The rest of the time, he was scared away by Su Xue who secretly followed them. Su Xue was quiet and picturesque when he was still not moving. However, he was a giant dog. When grinning, he showed a bit of a ferocious appearance, it was enough to make people afraid of being bitten by him.

Yue Xiujin knew that he couldn’t get used to Su Xue, but Su Xue lay on the ground, with his chin resting on his two front paws, and when he stared at him pitifully, he couldn’t help but be soft-hearted, turning the big things into small.

At this moment, Su Xue’s tail was hanging down, and the pitiful look in his eyes made Yue Xiujin’s heart turn soft, and he could not continue to blame Su Xue anymore. He hugged Su Xue’s neck and rubbed his face in the fluffy cloud of white fur.

Su Xue’s head was a little dizzy when he smelled the scent of his master, his paws were soft, and a certain part of his hind legs swelled. He wanted to lick his master’s fragrant hole again, but his master was not allowing him to lick it now.

Su Xue put his chin on his master’s shoulder in frustration, his expression awkward. He could not smell the aroma of estrus between his master’s legs, and could not lick the sweet juice flowing out of his master’s small hole. His master did not let him clean up the holes, the dog suddenly did not know what to do anymore.

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