Pet Dog

Chapter 26 – The Dog Wants to Destroy the Owner’s Uterus

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi

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Chapter 26 The Dog Wants to Destroy the Owner’s Uterus


Su Xue did not expect that he could actually lick his master’s uterine wall. He whimpered with excitement, his sharp canine teeth grazed against his master’s flower hole, the dog’s wide tongue squeezed into the warm tight hole which was still org*sming, the excited big dog kept twisting his tongue enthusiastically. Not only did he pull out more and more of his master’s l*wd water, he even licked the master’s delicate uterine wall with the tip of his tongue.

This is the place where the owner can give birth to cubs. The owner will be pregnant with his and his partner’s cubs. The cubs will look like his masters and the future partner of his master. The cubs will have half the blood of the master.

But the Cubs won’t have his blood.

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He grasped Su Xue’s paw that was on his right thigh with his right hand, Su Xue, in reaction, reduced the strength of his paw, and let his master hold them and send it between the slender and smooth legs.


Although the fleshy pedicle was in an erect state, it was still smooth and tender, and the two blood-filled lips were also soft and sensitive. Su Xue watched as his big furry white paws held his master’s flower hole. The dog could see clearly in the dark, now everything was in front of him.

My paws are so big, bigger than my master’s hole which induces heat, it seems that the master’s two caves are petite and pitiful, but they have to be forced to open to the limit in order to eat my tongue or p*nis, which is bigger than that broken jade stone.

Su Xue suddenly felt that he was too outrageous. He should not be jealous of his master’s partner who had not even shown up yet. Even if his master was pregnant with his partner’s cub in the future, the master will still be his most beloved master, and that cub would also be the master’s cub. 

How can you hate the owner’s cub?

He almost really wanted to destroy his master’s womb frantically, so that the master would not be able to conceive in the future, and would never be able to give birth to anyone’s cubs. Fortunately, he has the upper hand in the love life of his master, and rationally restrains his crazy feelings of wanting to monopolize his master completely. He was reluctant to hurt his owner and was afraid that his master could not bear to have no cubs in his life.

What if he monopolizes the owner? He was just a dog. A dog’s life span is only a dozen years. Even if Su Xue lives desperately, he could only accompany his owner for more than ten years. He could not bear the owner’s eyes watching himself die, and then he continues to live a lonely life.

His owner should have a human companion who loves him so much, and a healthy and lively human cub, whose happiness surrounds him all his life.

Su Xue only needs to watch his owner’s happiness quietly by the side. When he gets old and is about to die, he could leave his owner in peace, find a place where the owner could not find, and wait for his death while quietly laying on his stomach.


I’m sorry, I should not be so selfish, as long as the master is willing to mate with me, it’s sufficient. I love you so much, I will be a very well-behaved and obedient dog.

Su Xue whimpered, his tongue licking his master’s fingers guiltily.

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