Pet Dog

Chapter 21 – Which foot to lick? Dogs ought to choose too.

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 21 Which foot to lick? Dogs ought to choose too.


As soon as Yue Xiujin woke up, he saw the long-haired white dog lying next to him. He was suddenly out of breath. The big dog who was unprepared for him slept very sweetly. The cute dog face was as innocent as ever, and the big fluffy tail was still innocently laying in his lap.

If it wasn’t for the stickiness between his legs, who would have thought that a dog could bravely ride his owner, and once it rides, it would cover both of the owner’s meat holes.

Although he seduced the big dog at first, and accidentally took the aphrodisiac that was used to help him, he was ridden by the dog he raised, but seeing Su Xue at this time, he was still angry in his heart and couldn’t tolerate Su Xue sleeping so sweetly.

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Su Xue didn’t move at all, letting his master step on his head, but his eyes followed his master’s naked thighs. The clothes that covered his thighs could not hide the scenery inside, and the morning erection poked out of the clothes. Inside were the meat holes. The two obviously enlarged lips fit together, protecting the meat pedicle and concealing the meat passage. The whole meat seam was slightly moist, showing a well-ripe ruddy appearance, Su Xue saw it. He was a little disappointed not to see the chrysanthemum hidden in between the hips.


However, Su Xue was immediately attracted by his owner’s feet. He had seen the owner’s feet countless times. The ankles were warm and skinny, the instep was slender and well-proportioned, the round toes were slightly longer, and the whole foot looked fair and delicate, and the pink and tender toenails were healthy. It was shiny, the seams of the feet were more pink, and the soles of the feet were smooth and callus-free, showing the master’s pampering life.

Su Xue had long wanted to lick his master’s feet, but his master never stretched out his feet to play with him. He could only wait for his master to take a bath or wash his feet to be able to look at his master’s beautiful feet that made his mouth drool, warm and moist. Soaked in hot water like jade, even if it was taken out, it would dry quickly, either by putting on the socks or sticking into the quilt.

At this moment, the owner’s feet had been stepping on the top of his head, the soft soles ravaged the hair on his head, the round toes had been opening and curling in front of his eyes, the seams of the feet were soft and the soles of the feet were smooth.

Master’s feet… Master’s feet… Wang… Can I lick it?

The feet in front of him attracted Su Xue’s eyes. Wherever the master’s feet stepped on, his eyeballs turned to stare greedily at it. His open mouth was pouring out his tongue and gasping for breath, expecting his master’s feet to face his mouth and get even more closer.

“Su Xue, you can only lick from now on, okay?” Yue Xiujin gritted his teeth.

Whatever the master says, master, keep your feet closer.

Su Xue didn’t listen to his master’s words at all, his eyes only stared at his feet. Yue Xiujin could see that Su Xue was not attentive, and the other foot was also stepping on Su Xue’s head. Su Xue’s green eyes, when stepped on by both feet together, suddenly lighted up.

One foot was enough for him to lick for a long time, and if two feet came together, he would not know which one to choose.

Su Xue stared at his owner’s two delicate and slender feet excitedly, no matter which one, he couldn’t bear to give up. 

Wang Wang, this is really embarrassing!

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