Pet Dog

Chapter 2 – The inters*x owner was licked by the dog to orga*m, ejacul*ted, and squirted.

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. Do not feed dogs sweets as they are harmful for their health!!!

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 2 The inters*x owner was licked by the dog to orga*m, ejac*lated, and squirted.


“Yes…” Yue Xiujin groaned comfortably, stroking his pet dog’s head with his hand unconsciously, as if encouraging him.

There were too many cake residues on the flower hole, as his legs were parted in opposite directions, some were spilled on the soft couch. Su Xue shook his big furry tail, licking the cake crumbs on the flower hole cheerfully. The roughness of the grainy tongue licking the flower hole was very strong, as if there were something bumpy rubbing the flower hole, especially the most sensitive small fleshy pedicle, just being licked by the dog’s tongue, it became erect, protruding from the protection of the flower lips. Every time Su Xue licked the small fleshy pedicle inadvertently, Yue Xiujin shuddered all over, and a strong sense of pleasure rushed from the flower hole as his dog licked it. The stimulated s*xual organs became harder, and a large amount of transparent obscene liquid flowed out and hung on the gl*ns.

When Su Xue licked the two thin lips, Yue Xiujin clearly felt the lewd yet innocent movements of his lips getting licked by the dog’s tongue. As soon as that tongue licked the sensitive flesh, he licked the cake dregs along the wet meat. Scraping the tender meat, and harshly sweeping the slightly wriggling meat passage time and time again.

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Su Xue’s nose was itchy from the small fleshy pedicle, and the strong smell of nasty water rushed into his nose. Clear eyes stared at the bulging fleshy pedicle on the tip of the nose, with puzzled eyes. Such an ignorant and innocent appearance fell in Yue Xiujin’s eyes, which greatly increased the shame he felt in his heart.


It was extremely sordid to let the dog lick his c*nt, and to sneer at the dog to lick his cu*t was even more cheap. Yue Xiujin tightened his robe in shame, the gorgeous moon-colored robe lined his flushed red skin, and his face looked extremely handsome. Turning aside, he shut his eyes in shame, as if by doing so, he would not be able to imagine his appearance of begging the dog to lick his lewd hole.

Su Xue was a good dog. If the owner liked it so much when he licked him, he would do so. Su Xue spit out his long tongue and licked his red fleshy pedicle. His big tongue not only licked his master’s flower hole, but also made two soft parted lips feel good, and the saliva and obscene water stained on it made it become slippery. The tongue once again pressed against the small fleshy pedicle and licked.

This kind of intense pleasure made Yue Xiujin’s eyes filled with tears, his right hand was holding his pen*s, and he squirmed quickly, and his left hand was placed on Su Xue’s big head which gently stroked the dog, wanting to encourage Su Xue to lick his flower hole and between the narrow gap between the wet fleshy cave. Under the repetitive licking of the dog’s tongue, it gradually lost its pure pink color and turned into a congested lustful red.

“Su Xue…ah…Su Xue…just like that…ah…” Even knowing that his pet dog couldn’t understand, Yue Xiujin couldn’t help moaning and screaming.

The robe was still on his body, but at this moment Yue Xiujin’s hand made it wrinkled and tossed it to the side, his hair bun was also messed up. The jade hairpin fell onto the soft bed, and Yue Xiujin raised his hand to cover his mouth, for fear that someone outside the door would suddenly barge inside hearing his abnormal voice, but the lustful moans still came out, they were erotic and his words came out broken.

He was born with little body hair, and his lower body was not covered with pubic hair like ordinary people. They were soft and smooth. At this time, his lower body was naked with knees and legs bent and parted, his s*x organs were swollen and red, and the appearance of being licked by a huge long-haired white dog made it even more lewd.

“Ah…” So comfortable… It’s so comfortable… Ah…

Yue Xiujin felt so comfortable that he swayed his waist slightly, letting the gushing flower hole rub against Su Xue’s big tongue, and the pleasure swept his fleshy organ like feathers, making the hole shrink and tighten. The horny flesh inside was squeezed together, the emptiness was prominent when it squeezed, the more comfortable Yue Xiujin was, the more empty he felt, and the more obscene water flowed out.

As more liquid rushed out, the stronger the smell became, Su Xue wagged his big furry tail, and licked it from bottom to top, he licked the obscene water flowing out of his owner and took care of his small fleshy pedicles.

Yue Xiujin’s body was on the verge of extreme convulsions suddenly, and his genitals jittered and ejected a large amount of sem*n, which fell on his face, and on the chest with his robe’s collar opened, faintly revealing that the bright red on the neckline was also stained with sem*n, and the lower abdomen was also covered with his release. It had been stained a lot, and the cramping fleshy flower between his legs seemed to have opened a gate, spraying lewd water at the furry head of his pet dog, and he wasn’t able to control it.

The white hair on Su Xue’s face was sprayed with kinky water. He seemed to have never expected that his owner would spray water from under the sweetness of the pastry and shower it all over his face, he stared sluggishly at the flower hole which the owner did not  know how to shrink. Su Xue instinctively licked his mouth and nose, which was full of a strong smell that was exactly the same as that between his master’s legs.

Yue Xiujin didn’t expect that he would spew water. When he used to play with himself, he would only let out a little water, and he would go to bed when he was comfortable. The feeling of being licked by a dog was completely different from that of his own. It felt so nice  that he almost lost consciousness.


Su Xue couldn’t help licking his master’s flower hole. Even if the little fleshy flower was licked and congested and its lips became thicker, it was not an opponent of the dog’s tongue, especially Yue Xiujin who was still immersed in the org*sm, and the flower hole which spewed the fishey water by the dog’s tongue was still too sensitive

With such a lick, Yue Xiujin convulsed and sprayed the lewd and lustful liquid again.

Yue Xiujin clamped the big head of his pet dog, and the twitching fleshy flower between his legs was licked by his pet dog roughly, the dog’s tongue curled up and pulled the horny lips apart, which made his owner sensitively continue to spray water, while the pet dog between his legs licked his release happily.

“Su Xue…Ahh…Su Xue…Don’t lick it…Um…” Yue Xiujin pushed his pet dog’s head, but the dog’s tongue was too strong and stubborn, and the sensitive flower hole was not an opponent at all, so he could only continue squirting out water from his bulging hole. Letting his dog to lap it all.

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