Pet Dog

Chapter 17 – Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (5)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 17 Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (5)    


The dog’s essence poured into the flower hole and the gl*ns dried up. Yue Xiujin was flushed red, his genital erected, the mushroom head dry, and his sem*n mixed with licentious fluid came out. Hung on the top of the meat stick, the roots of it were filled with a large amount of kinky water, the erect fleshy pedicles became more and more red, and the two flower lips were obviously rolled into the flower hole and turned out again, and the fleshy mouth was thinly supported.

Yue Xiujin could no longer care about whether the dry pen*s of the dog would hurt him. He just wanted Su Xue to go in deeper and deeper, and hit him hard so that he can no longer be so mean to have s*x with a dog. That pen*s, which was thicker and longer than a human, punished the flower hole well.

The uterus finally opened under the continuous pounding of the dog’s pen*s. Su Xue screamed, licking the tears on the face of his master, and his waist moved forward, squeezing the pointed gl*ns into the uterus.

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He would never forget the smile that his owner showed when he picked him up, pure and clean, just like the moonlight at night.


My owner is the best-looking owner without hair, and he is also the best-looking owner among human beings. I have to love my owner for life and be a loyal dog to my owner.

Su Xue’s head rubbed against Yue Xiujin’s head. 

Of course, such a good owner could only mate with him, how could other cheap people touch his owner?

Wang! I’m so happy to be able to mate with my owner! After mating with the owner’s two small holes, only my smell can be emitted from him, and the smell should be strong.

Yue Xiujin couldn’t remember how many times he had or*asm, but his flower hole was tireless, spewing lewd water again and again. After two or three shots from his meat stick, he couldn’t ejac*late again, but every time he was stimulated by pleasure, he became hard, even wanting to ejaculate was also a futile leak of obscene liquid, and only a few traces of milky white were mixed in the obscene liquid.

Being stabbed again and again by a dog’s terrifying pe*is, he was afraid it would have been painful for ordinary people long ago, but Yue Xiujin didn’t feel the pain, only the thrill of the surging pleasure.

As it was for the first time to mate with the owner’s flower hole, Su Xue did not deliberately prolong the mating time like he did for the chrysanthemum hole, so the two tender holes should be mated gradually and slowly raised with his white juice. He is a good dog. The loyal dog would not hurt his owner.

Su Xue sped up the sprint, and the pen*s pounded in his master’s flower hole. Yue Xiujin had long lost his mind, and the fleshy cave had almost lost its elasticity, but the dog’s pen*s still penetrated the fleshy canal again and again, using sarcoma to make the fleshy wall more sensitive and soft. The gla*s poke opened the uterus mouth again and again, poking into his womb.

When Su Xue was about to ejac*late, his pen*s knot swelled and locked his uterus, and fiercely jetted sem*n hit his tiny uterus.

The hot s*men was so warm that Yue Xiujin convulsed, and the gurgling water leaked out, the uterus was immediately filled with the big dog’s sem*n, and after a while, Yue Xiujin’s belly began to swell. Yue Xiujin burst into tears, and only felt that his stomach was getting bigger and bigger, and Su Xue’s sem*n was still spraying continuously, obviously, he would not stop until he finished his eja*ulation.

“Enough…ooooh…no more…can’t I can’t…” Yue Xiujin grabbed Su Xue’s long hair, crying and begging his dog not to eja*ulate anymore, the full load of sem*n had nowhere to flow, but could only hold up in his uterus, as if he was pregnant by a dog.

Lewd water burst out of his obscene hole. The pleasure was clear and terrible, and he was going to break.


“It’s really broken… broken… ah…” Yue Xiujin pinched his genitals and barely held his urination, but the pleasure of ejac*lation made his urge to urinate stronger, and a drop of urine still came out. The pen*s was stuck in the fleshy canal, and it wouldn’t shrink until he finished ejac*lating. He had to push up his butt and let the big dog continue to pour sperm into the womb without moving.

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