Pet Dog

Chapter 16 – Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (4)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 16 Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (4) 


The dog’s pe*is was inserted into the owner’s flower hole, and Su Xue’s excited paws trembled, panting hard, he licked his owner’s flower hole, listening to the owner who let out a gasping groan, the two front paws climbed up on the master’s back and put them on the master’s shoulder again. The s*x organ with penile bone still maintained its huge shape without erection.

Excited, Su Xue jabbed several times in a row but couldn’t find the position, Su Xue became anxious as he couldn’t insert himself in the flower hole.

Yue Xiujin felt the hot dog’s penis poking around the flower hole indiscriminately, but refused to insert it in the flower hole. He contracted his flower hole with impatience, grabbed the thick dog penis, and pierced the pointy tip in himself. The gla*s reached the entrance of the flower cave, and the delicate fleshy mouth clamped around it, the hot water from the chrysanthemum left on the gl*ns stimulated Su Xue’s libido.

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The dog’s pe*is moved in and out quickly and also pulled the fleshy pedicle. The sharp pleasure made Yue Xiujin’s head feel overwhelmed. His body was shrugged off by the big dog, but he couldn’t move the position because the big dog was pressing on his back.


“Ah… slowly… cervix… No… ah… not…… good Ma …”

His wet hole was stuffed full by Su Xue, Yue Xiujin could only feel the meat from the dog pen*s. His hole was drained by the dog’s pe*is before it was too late to react. This dog with sarcoma had a terrible p*nis, and the dried flower hole could only spit water, just like a big dog.

The pointed gl*ns pierced the cervix intensively, stimulating the opening of the cervix, and the pleasure mixed with soreness hit Yue Xiujin like a tide. The uterine mouth that absorbed the pill-like soreness was so weak that it was about to be stabbed by the gla*s. The stimulation caused the flower point to tighten violently, and the climax squirted out lewd water.

But the dog’s pen*s refused to let Yue Xiujin go, and the gla*s continued to poke the mouth of the uterus, and each prick made it a little deeper than the previous one.

“Ah… Su Xue… deeper… I… deeper…” Yue Xiujin grabbed Su Xue’s long hair, his butt completely sinking into the long hair of Su Xue’s abdomen, and dedicated his fleshy flower to Su Xue. He let Su Xue fuck him deeper, open the shut womb, and fill it with his pet dog’s s*men.

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