Pet Dog

Chapter 14 – Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (2)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 14 Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (2)


Su Xue who broke through the blooming chrysanthemum licked Yue Xiujin’s round and straight butt with his tongue excitedly. The long, wide and thick tongue licked the two round cheeks of the butt. The saliva was glowing with wet water, and the small chrysanthemum hole was taken care of by the big tongue. The rough tongue rubbed the folds, which made the folds more soft and moisturized.

Yue Xiujin only felt that the chrysanthemum hole became moist, and the feeling of the liquid flowing from the twitching chrysanthemum was very clear, but the intense pleasure prevented him from noticing the changes in his body, and only instinctively raised his butt, allowing the big dog behind him to lick his chrysanthemum hole. He even deliberately shrank his hole and clamped the big dog’s tongue, the big dog suddenly licked his hole like crazy.

The meat stick was so hard that it stuck to the belly. Yue Xiujin’s left arm could hardly support his body. His slightly opened red lips screamed, and his right hand clenched the jade dildo to quickly pound into his flower hole. Not only did he spray his thighs, but also squirted on the sheets.

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He couldn’t shoot out, but he couldn’t stop the flower hole, nor could Su Xue get his chrysanthemum hole.

The chrysanthemum hole, which he hadn’t used the jade dildo to get through, was now caught by a dog. The dog gl*ns went into the bottom of the intestine and pressed against the elbow at the bottom. Yue Xiujin’s tearful eyes showed a trace of clarity, and he buried his face in the quilt. His buttocks raised up and pressed against the furry lower abdomen of the big dog.

Su Xue felt that he could no longer get in, so he rubbed his master’s ears exposed outside the quilt with his mouth, and yelled.

The small hole behind the owner is so tight, soft and comfortable, I want to let out a voice telling everyone that I finally mate with my owner.

Su Xue cocked his tail excitedly, and then swayed his waist back and forth quickly. His waist strength was extremely strong, and he pulled out his stick and pounded back in at a speed that humans could not reach.

The stem was inserted again into the chrysanthemum hole. He did not have the slightest skill to dry the owner’s chrysanthemum hole. The originally narrow intestine became the shape of a dog’s pen*s, and the pointed gla*s repeatedly curved to the bottom of the intestine. The shape deeply made Yue Xiujin both frightened and excited, and the numb pleasure had turned into a crazy pleasure that made him lose his mind again through quick dryness.

And the dog’s penis has a strange sarcoma, as if it was born for mating. The stout dog’s penis sinked the sarcoma into the intestinal wall. As the dog’s pe*is moved in and out, it rubbed back and forth against the tender and sensitive intestinal wall. He could not withstand such torture, wanting to wriggle out from the reach of the dog’s p*nis, but was reopened by the dog, invading to the bottom again and again.

“Ahhh…too fast…I can’t do it…ahhhh…” Yue Xiujin couldn’t keep up with Su Xue at all, and couldn’t even hold the jade dildo at all.

Su Xue moved his waist, and the white hair on his lower abdomen didn’t seem to have left his master’s ass, and a fleshy stem that was more scarlet than the master’s genitals was looming between the ass and the white hair.

“Awooo…” Su Xue finally couldn’t help howling, and violently dried his master’s wet chrysanthemum.

So happy!

Wow… my peepee is about to be melted by the master’s small hole…


My master’s little hole is so cool…

Yue Xiujin was finally unable to hold the jade dildo by Su Xue, and the shrunken flower hole squeezed out the jade dildo and fell between his legs. The dildo was immediately stained by the squirting lewd water, and the two wide open lips were shaking because of the dryness of Su Xue, the fleshy mouth opened and was extremely hungry and thirsty. The dripping lustful water fell on the messy sheets and on the sticky dildo.

The sensitive spot in the chrysanthemum was rubbed by the dog’s pe*is, and the emptiness inside the flower cave was extremely vacant, only occasionally rubbing the white hairs on the flower hole for comfort, Yue Xiujin raised his butt and let more white hair rub against the needy flower lips, which he instinctively chased for pleasure, the eyes that lost their focus were only full of lust. From the corners of the eyes, tears keep dripping because of the intense pleasure, and the corners of the slightly upward-turned mouth draw a greedy arc, stained with saliva, making the lips look more and more ruddy.

“It’s so cool… ah… I will die…” The elbow at the bottom of the intestine was dried quickly and fiercely by the dog’s pe*is. More and more juice was sprayed from the dog’s meat stick, dampening the white and clean long hair.

The little shame left by Yue Xiujin had disappeared under the big dog’s violent work. The terrible pleasure ran through his body and eroded his mind. He just wanted to be used by the big dog he raised with this strange sarcoma dog stick. The pen*s dried the chrysanthemum hole, the chrysanthemum hole became a slutty point that only knew to swallow the dog’s penis, and only the instinct of chasing pleasure remained in his mind.     

Su Xue is too powerful…Dog co*k is too powerful…he is willing to be with Su Xue forever… 

Yue Xiujin kneeled under the big dog and suddenly convulsed violently. His wet pu*sy and chrysanthemum convulsed together, squirting nasty water out of control. The chrysanthemum hole was reopened by the dog’s pen*s, and the dog stick could only be clamped tightly. The intestines couldn’t help prevent the dog’s penis from entering which was as hard as iron.

Yue Xiujin couldn’t bear the overwhelming pleasure, his right hand grabbed the head of the bed with teary eyes, and his left hand grasped his genitals, throwing it up and down, but it was still unable to shoot.

In such a short time, Su Xue couldn’t shoot at all. He changed his posture a bit, still resting his two front paws on his master’s shoulders, his hairy head twisted next to his master’s face, and licked his face comfortingly. 

The male dog’s waist never stopped moving, and continued to dry his master’s chrysanthemum hole quickly.

Yue Xiujin raised his face and let Su Xue lick it, his big tongue and the fluffy white fur covering his back gave him a sense of security, as if to tell him that no matter what happened, he would accompany him forever. Guard him forever.

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