Pet Dog

Chapter 11 – Feng Shi is worried, and always feels that her son would be thrown down by a dog.

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 11 Feng Shi is worried, and always feels that her son would be thrown down by a dog.


“Mother.” Yue Xiujin smiled affectionately when he saw his mother.

Feng Shi’s usual serious expression relaxed when she saw her son: “Come here and sit down, eat breakfast with your mother to fill your stomach.” Yue Xiujin sat opposite his mother, and a servant immediately put a few things on the square table.

Feng Shi’s diet was light, and breakfast was nothing more than some exquisite pastries. Each piece was suitable for two bites, and then some porridge. Yue Xiujin liked to eat lighter in the morning, so he ate pastries with his mother.

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Feng Shi was not worried about Su Xue, but worried that her son would not be able to raise the dog. Su Xue was too big, when standing upright, he was half a body taller than the strongest nursery in the house, and could easily knock down the nursery, which made her worry the most. What was more stressful was that Su Xue was still growing. She had never seen a dog that grows even after five years of age.


Feng Shi feared that if Su Xue grew up like this, her son would get unlucky one day.

“You try to give Su Xue as little food as possible. He can’t grow anymore. Your mother is worried that you won’t be able to tame him in the future. If the dog grows too big, he will eat his master easily.” Feng Shi reminded her son.

Su Xue straightened his ears to listen to Feng Shi’s words, but in Feng Shi’s eyes, he was just holding his bones and chewing, and she could not tell how the dog could understand her. 

I do not want to bite my owner or eat him. I just want to mate with my owner. I am a good dog, not a bad dog.

“Mother.” Yue Xiujin frowned, “Su Xue will not eat anyone, don’t worry, mother, don’t say these things in front of Su Xue in the future.”

Seeing her son siding with a dog and standing up for him, Feng Shi’s heart almost stopped beating, she secretly stared fiercely at Su Xue. The dog proudly wagged his snow white furry tail, with his paw dangling around the big bone, he went to his master, and continued to hold the bones to chew. 

The master really loves me the most, and I really want to take a bite of my master. 

After spending time with his mother, Yue Xiujin left with Su Xue, changed his clothes and prepared to go out.

He bent down, tapped the tip of Su Xue ’s nose, and warned: “Su Xue, you are not allowed to follow me anymore. Stay at home to watch the door. Your task for today is to be at home and take a bath. You are not allowed to go to my bed at night if you don’t take a bath.”

Su Xue sighed. 

Alas, it’s time to take a bath again. It takes a long time to dry the hair after washing, and the white hair must be bathed frequently, otherwise if the hair is a little dirty, the owner can see it.

Jumping out of the bed. Su Xue rubbed his master’s hand and screamed unwillingly. 


Master, you should come home early, and I will be waiting for you on the bed, clean and smelling good.

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