Pet Dog

Chapter 1 – The Inters*x owner tempts his dog to lick his c*nt

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. Do not feed dogs sweets as they are harmful for their health!!!

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 1 The Inters*x owner temps his dog to lick his cu*t


The Yaju Garden was brightly lit, the sounds of singing and laughing could be heard all around.

The lewd music was mixed with groans that could be recognised coming from a private room. The little boy playing the piano blushed and peeked at the young man half-leaning on the bed in white clothes. The man was neatly dressed, only the garments on his lower body were untied, revealing a glimpse of slender scarlet s*x organ, the swollen gl*ns of his penis was smeared with mucus, under the candlelight, the g*ans appeared shimmery.

The little boy who was kneeling in front of the man was blindfolded, and his hands were tied behind his back.

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Yue Nu panicked, and called out cautiously: “Master Jin…”


Yue Xiujin ordered: “Come on.”

Yue Nu immediately stood up and laid his upper body on the bed.

Yue Xiujin took the cloth on the side and wiped off his genitals, he then parted Yue Nu’s buttocks. But when the genitals just touched Yue Nu’s butt, suddenly a strong tugging behind him caused him to fall backwards. He let out a scream.

“Ah a dog!”

A huge dog came in and stood right in front of Xiaofu Fuqin – the boy who was playing the piano, was so scared when he saw the dog who was stronger and bigger than an adult man, he crawled and left the room. Yelling there was an evil dog present while running.

The dog had long white hair, no variegated, fluffy, looking clean and beautiful. Its green eyes were crystal clear, like green gems, without a trace of fierce colour, and it looked very innocent. The four paws of the long-haired white dog were thick and big. It tilted its head and looked at its owner with half-open pants, and its innocent eyes seemed to not understand what had happened.

When he heard there was a dog in the room, the naked young man lying on the bed was shivering and seemed very frightened. Yue Xiujin immediately lost any interest in doing him.

“Let’s stop.” Yue Xiujin released Xiao Nu’s hand, so Xiao Nu pulled off the blindfold, and he saw a big dog squatting on the ground. The long-haired white dog had been staring at him with green eyes, and he was scared to even breathe. Xiao Nu’s face turned pale, he climbed down from the soft bed, trembling, he tried to avoid the long-haired white dog, almost stuck and moved against the wall, Xiao Nu finally reached the door of the room.

The long-haired white dog wagged its tail and watched the little boy walk out of the door.

The room became quiet, Yue Xiujin didn’t bother to pull up his pants, and took a sip of cold tea which was already present at the side table. Even though he knew that dogs could not understand humans, he couldn’t help but say, “Su Xue, don’t follow me in the future. You will guard the gate in my yard from now on.”

Su Xue raised his head and placed it on Yue Xiujin’s. On both legs, there were a pair of gem-like eyes open, and an unspoken grievance could be noticed in his eyes: “Mmm…”

Yue Xiujin couldn’t help thinking of waking up in the morning, Su Xue habitually throwing himself on the bed and licking him, not only lapping his face, but also licking his bare skin, not even letting go of the half-naked nip*les which peeked through his messy clothes.


He was originally a bis*xual with a strong s*xual desire, and his nip*les were very sensitive. When he was licked by a rough dog tongue, he got hard underneath, and wanted to have a tongue lick his nether regions. Yue Nu’s mouth work was good, but no matter how he sucked his genitals with that tongue tonight, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

Someone knocked on the door, and Yue Nu whispered: “Does Master Jin still need Yue Nu to continue serving?” His voice trembled, and was obviously reluctant.

“No, go down, there is no need to find someone to serve me.” Yue Xiujin commanded, “Close the door and don’t let anyone in.”

Yaju Garden was originally a place for people who liked s*x and have fun, Yue Xiujin booked a room which was located in a remote corner, and no one usually guarded the door.

Yue Xiujin squinted his eyes, and touched Su Xue’s head with his hand. Su Xue remained motionless and even narrowed his eyes with enjoyment.

There was no one outside, and his genitals had been teased by Yue Nu for a long time. Yue Xiujin only felt that there was always a trickle of water coming from below, and he could not restrain it anymore. He just wanted someone to lick his part which had never been touched by someone before, he wanted someone to lick his lewd water, and have it licked real good.

He was the eldest son and the only child of his mother. Naturally, he could not reveal his identity of an inters*x. Even if he comes to Yaju Garden to vent his desires, he must blindfold the young man’s eyes, and the little one who plays piano could not see clearly what was under him through the curtains around the bed. It was for fear that they would discover the secret of his body.

Lying on the bed at night, his desire tortured him, he couldn’t fall asleep even if he turned over and over again on the soft bed, he could only relax by satisfying his flower hole with his hands and letting out the lust in his body.

However, Su Xue was different from others, he would never betray him no matter how human-like he behaved.

Yue Xiujin slowly took off his trousers, and the bloodshot s*x organ hung upright between his legs. He sat on the soft bed, hugged Su Xue’s big head, and opened his legs to Su Xue.  The meat stick flowed out slimy obscene liquid. There was no sac below, only a thin fleshy seam, two thin flower lips, with one end of the flower lips protecting his small cl*toris, and the other protecting the small fleshy hole, all of which were painted light pink in colour. It could be seen that it was a pure colour that had not been really used.

Yue Xiujin had nothing which could seduce Su Xue. He crushed a piece of cake and sprinkled the cake residue on his wet flower hole. The sticky flower hole was immediately stained with a lot of cake pieces. Su Xue tilted his head and looked at his owner nonchalantly. He stared at his master, who was smashing the cakes and sprinkling them all on the flower hole.

“Hmm…” Su Xue showed his aggrieved eyes, as if accusing his master of this wasteful behavior.


At this moment, Yue Xiujin lifted his waist slightly, his genitals inadvertently rubbing Su Xue’s nose. The cool nose made Yue Xiujin feel nostalgic for a while, he then sent his flower hole to Su Xue’s mouth, so that Su Xue could sniff the stuck cake crumbs on his needy flower hole.

Su Xue shook his head, his nose dug deep into his owner’s legs, as he smelled the flower hole mixed with the sweet smell of the cake dregs.

The smell of kinky water rushed into Su Xue’s nose, and his cold nose involuntarily rubbed the small fleshy pedicle at the top of the flower hole.

“Uh…” The sensitive Yue Xiujin couldn’t help but groan, he hugged his pet dog’s head, and spread his legs wider, repressing his lust, “Su Xue, lick me clean.”

Su Xue sniffed his master’s flower hole deeply, and stuck out his tongue obediently, the wide tongue warmly licked the thin fleshy seam, the whole tongue easily covered the fleshy wet hole, the rough tongue not only licked the small fleshy pedicle, but also licks the two thin lips. 

“Yes…” Yue Xiujin groaned comfortably, stroking his pet dog’s head with his hand unconsciously, as if encouraging him.

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