Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 9.2

Ch 9.2 The most shocking thing wasn’t his body but his face (2)

Due to her special situation, Shen Xiuran had already amply organized preparation beforehand as they were led straight to their seats from the entrance without having attracted too much attention.

The underground boxing floor was like a boiling cauldron of voices. Everybody was screaming and shouting, wanting to rush up to the ring to throw punches themselves. They sat at the highest VIP viewing platform where the mood was a lot weaker but the scent of smoke, alcohol and every other smell mixed together creating a suffocating smell that made people nauseous.

Shen Xiuran brought Rong Mo a cape, wrapping her body and her face up very closely. If it wasn’t for Rong Mo’s insistence, he would have thought that he was crazy for bringing her to this kind of place. 

Rong Mo looked down.


Regardless of whether you were seated on the VIP spectator’s seat or down the ordinary audience’s seat, there were exquisitely dressed male and female servers as well as plenty of provocatively dressed beauties everywhere. Those who bet on the outcomes were usually the ones who screamed the most. 

On the ring, there were two burly men. One didn’t have enough physical strength as he shielded his face with his arms and endured the wild attacks. The only thing that was evidently different from this boxing ring from others was that you had to gamble with your life. The referee standing on the arena didn’t even once attempt to separate the two from start to finish.

The fight on the ring soon came to an end. The victor had won with an overwhelming force. To the very last end, he roared and violently pummeled his opponent to the ground. The audience all crazily cheered and howled in response. 

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“Mbyv’p kxrsppkczl.”


“If he doesn’t want to, nobody could bring him right in front of me.”


Shen Xiuran frowned. He found Rong Mo’s words incomprehensible. Even if that person was special to her, in the end, he had only rescued her once, before or after that, they practically had no other interactions.

“Let’s go.” Shen Xiuran didn’t allow for any more explanations and pushed her wheelchair to bring her away.


Rong Mo gripped the railing, leaning her body forward.

Shen Xiuran pursed his brows and looked down.

Once the round ended, the audience didn’t seem to be fully satisfied so the next round started without much delay.

Aside from at the arena, the lights down there were all very dim. Shen Xiuran looked for a long while yet he couldn’t grasp who Rong Mo was staring at. 

That was until someone had appeared on the arena with a burly height of around 190cm. Shen Xiuran immediately turned his head to Rong Mo and found that Rong Mo wasn’t even looking at the ring. 

The audience clamored and whistled however, among the people smashing their wine bottles, she noticed a tall guy disappearing into the shadows. 

He had his head down, holding a pair of boxing gloves in his hands.

She didn’t know if he was next to go up on the ring because at this moment, he was still smoking on a stick of cigarette with an indifferent expression. He didn’t even cast a glance at the opponent in the ring.

The beauty who lifted the sign up was about to head down and that person got up and extinguished his cigarette. He straightened himself up and walked out from the shadows. 


The boxer on the stage had bared his upper body. Seeing his opponent, he smiled in contempt.

The audience’s clamor appeared to have come to a stop.

In the next second, all the females in the crowd started screaming.

Compared to the muscular boxers who had bared their upper bodies on the arena, this person stood out prominently from them.

He wore a black sleeveless tank top, exposing his wheat colored muscles. Compared to the bronze-toned bulging muscles of the boxers, his muscles were exceedingly beautiful and smooth. People who were used to seeing the violent matches could definitely detect the charm of testosterone he was emitting yet they found it difficult to imagine that he had enough battle prowess and explosive power to take down the other opposing boxer.

However, what made people shocked was not his figure but his face.

His face illuminated under the lights didn’t wear any expression on but it was simply at the peak of handsomeness. From the deep valley of his brows and eyes to his tall nose bridge to the long chin line that was incomparably sharp. This wild, handsome appearance was enough to drive the girls in the audience wild.

However, his opponent didn’t seem to think so. While he was still slowly cracking his neck and warming up, his opponent seemed to have gotten irritated and sent a fist over!

“Shen Xiuran.”

Shen Xiu Ran was still fascinated in watching when he suddenly heard Rong Mo calling him and he hurriedly flicked his head to her.

Rong Mo stared at the arena and spoke. “Help me lay down a bet. I’m betting that he’s going to win.”


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