PCPM Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Nie Feizhan really did spoil her

She naturally said this in a fit of anger, because there was no way he was actually a bad person in reality.

Amongst all of the bad people who exist in the world, he was, without a doubt, not one of them. He had always been a hero, and not just a hero who belonged to her, but also a hero for many other people.

But a woman’s tears had always been an effective weapon to conquer a man, not to mention if the tears belonged to a girl who held a special place in the man’s heart.

Regardless of how pretty other women tried to cry in front of Nie Feizhan, his heart did not soften, yet Rong Mo’s tears had yet to have fallen when his heart had already felt like breaking.

“I’m sorry …”

He took her into his arms, coaxing her with a hoarse whisper, “Sorry, it’s all my fault, I came back too late.”

Her tears trickled down her face and landed on him, “Nie Feizhan, you are such a scoundrel.”

Nie Feizhan originally felt distressed, however, upon hearing her response, he couldn’t help but suddenly laugh.

How can you be so cute when you scold people while crying?

Back then, he didn’t know how to coax her, and fast forward to today, he still didn’t know how. When Rong Mo heard him chuckle deeply, she angrily raised his fist and hit him again.

Of course, she didn’t hit him very hard, but Nie Feizhan put on a very pained face. He had almost lost control of his expression because of her.

“You’re right, I’m a scoundrel.” Nie Feizhan gently lifted her chin and kissed the tears on her face, “You can punish me slowly in the future, alright? Don’t cry.”

In reality, it was much better for her to cry. Even her father had said that Rong Mo had been repressing herself too much this past few years. Ever since her mother passed away, she had turned into an entirely different person. From a lively girl who loved to laugh to a little doll who was taken care of in her wheelchair, weak and quiet, remaining motionless for a long period of time. Looking at her evoke a sense of distress in people. 

Aside from those who she really trusted and was close to, she wouldn’t easily show her emotions, whether it was being happy or being sad. Such unbridled crying was only shown in front of specific people.

Such as Rong Ji, Shen Xiuran, and then him.

“I’m not crying.”

Rong Mo wiped her face. She wasn’t a person who liked to cry, but for some reason, her tears glands had become much more active recently.  When her father came back home, she cried, when she was watching a movie, she also cried.

In the end, it was all this man’s fault.

He was clearly so cold to her before, but now he had done so much to move her.

“Nie Feizhan.”


“What do you really see me as?”

She finally asked this question out.

Regardless of whether their current relationship was simple or complicated, and regardless of how much Nie Feizhan had done for her, or how long she had waited for him, there was never a clear definition of their relationship.

Nie Feizhan was stupefied for a moment before he held her face, and gently kissed the corner of her lips.

Instead of answering her question, he said, “I picked out a gift for you in Country J, and I have never had a chance to give it to you.”

Rong Mo was nonplussed by his sudden kiss and responded blankly: “What?”

Nie Feizhan smiled and said, “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Rong Mo thought for a while, and replied,  “…I really can’t think of anything.”

Under his focused gaze, she couldn’t think of anything.

“Then I’ll take you to have a meal first, and you can think slowly.”

Nie Feizhan picked her up and took long strides out of the screening room.

The restaurant he booked was just upstairs. When the two entered the elevator, Rong Mo saw a lot of people not far away looking towards their way. Some even wanted to take their mobile phones to click pictures, but were quickly blocked by several security guards.

Nie Feizhan had arranged several bodyguards who would only appear when necessary.

Rong Mo thought that he had booked a Western restaurant, but she didn’t expect to enter a….

“Is this a buffet restaurant?”

“That’s right.”

Someone had brought in a wheelchair, and Nie Feizhan put her on it, pushing her towards the table, “You can take whatever you want. Don’t worry about how much it is.”

It was as if there were no other customers in this vast buffet restaurant aside from a few waiters. It was apparent that Nie Feizhan had rented the entire place as well.

There were usually a lot of people in this buffet who would walk back and forth to get food. Rong Mo who was in a wheelchair had never come to a restaurant like this before, so this was her first time experiencing a buffet, and there was only her and Nie Feizhan being served.

This experience was really such a novelty.

Nie Feizhan handed her two plates and pushed her wheelchair back and forth between tables filled with food.

“I want to get more vegetables.”

“Wow, what is this? Why does it look like this?”

“… Nie Feizhan, I want that cake, I can’t reach it.”

Rong Mo rarely ate sweets, but looking at all the different kinds of cute little cakes available tempted her. Nie Feizhan saw that she could not reach it, so he simply pushed her to the table and made her put her plate down. Then, he walked to the dessert area and took all the cakes.

There was a small hot pot on the table, and the waiter had brought over the roasted chicken wings and grilled meat.

Rong Mo saw that Nie Feizhan was still getting her ice cream not too far away from her, so she whipped out her mobile phone, and took a few photos to send to Luo Qingqing.

Luo Qingqing immediately replied: “This is *** buffet, right?”

Rong Mo: “Have you eaten here before?”

Luo Qingqing: “I did, when I received my first bonus. This is the most expensive and luxurious buffet restaurant in city C. Their seafood is especially delicious, there’s also desserts, and other stuff … Are you there to eat the buffet? Why don’t I see any other customers? “

Rong Mo: “Nie Feizhan booked the entire place. “

She took a side=profile picture of  Nie Feizhan, and had sent it to Luo Qingqing.

Nie Feizhan was still making ice cream for her.

The ice cream at this place was also in the mode of self-service, with various flavors and ingredients available for picking. It was evidently obvious that this was Nie Feizhan’s first time preparing something like this, and he appeared unsatisfied with his creation several times. He lowered his head and concentrated on decorating the ice cream, and this scene was photographed by Rong Mo. .

Luo Qingqing enlarged the photo and looked at it for a long time before replying: “Oh my god, is Director Nie making ice cream for you? How manly! I ’ve seen people booking restaurants, but this is still the first time I’ve heard of someone booking an entire buffet! He’s really spoiling you, isn’t he! “

She calculated the turnover of this restaurant, because one couldn’t only rely on wealth to be able to book this restaurant. After all, the owner of this restaurant wasn’t lacking in money.

Rong Mo responded, “We had just finished watching a movie where he had also booked an entire theater.”

Luo Qingqing sent a photo of a sour expression as if she had just bitten a sour lemon.

Rong Mo said, “Do you want to come and eat? I can’t finish it myself.”

Luo Qingqing: “Although I really want to go … but still forget it, it’s rare to see Mr. Z so diligent. Just enjoy your date. Ah right, if there’s any developments, remember to notify me on time.”

Listening to Luo Qingqing words, Rong Mo became lost in a daze as she stared at his back figure.

Originally, she thought that this was done spontaneously,  she didn’t expect that he would have arranged everything to go so smoothly today.

When she heard Luo Qingqing say that he spoiled her so much, Rong Mo realized that Nie Feizhan really did spoil her, and he did so without restraint.

When Nie Feizhan came back, he had three differently decorated ice creams in his tray. He placed it down carefully as if he was afraid of ruining its appearance.

Rong Mo looked at him and said, “… the shape looks very special.”

Nie Feizhan: “… It’s my first time doing it, is it too ugly?”

“It’s alright, it’s not ugly.”

Rong Mo took a scoop of ice cream, and felt the sweet taste spread out from the tip of her tongue.

To her, it didn’t matter what she ate. What was more important was how serious he looked when he was making her ice cream.

Just like when her mother had just left the world, her father who lived like a prince since young and had never stepped into the kitchen before, stayed in the kitchen since early in the morning in order to cook a bowl of porridge just for her. He personally washed the vegetables, chopped them, and rinsed the rice. Three trembling chefs and one nanny stood behind him during the entire morning until Rong Ji personally brought the porridge to her.

At that time, Rong Mo hadn’t eaten much for three days, but she had drunk the bowl of porridge clean, because after hearing the nanny whisper something to her, she let the nanny secretly record a video of Rong Ji busying himself in the kitchen for her and she watched it all from start to end.

The Heavens were indeed fair.

They gave her such a good family, with such good parents, but also took away her health and her ability to walk, even taking away the person she loved who also loved her the most, her mother.

But when she was at her most desperate moment, they also gave her a very powerful yet gentle hero.

“What’s wrong? Is it too spicy?”

Rong Mo only ate a mouth of beef from the hot pot, and her eyes immediately turned misty. Nie Feizhan thought that it was because it was too spicy for her, so he hurriedly handed her a drink.

Rong Mo shook her head and said, “It’s too delicious.”

In order not to waste food, they only took a little bit of everything. In the end, when Rong Mo had finished eating her fill, the rest were devoured by Nie Feizhan.

“What are we going to do this afternoon?” Rong Mo asked him.

She knew that Nie Feizhan had already arranged everything, so she was already harboring quite a bit of expectation.

Nie Feizhan carried her to the car and said, “Let’s take you to the mall first.”

Rong Mo asked suspiciously, “You wouldn’t have … rented the entire mall, would you?”

Nie Feizhan replied dryly: “You think too much. “

He patted her head and smiled. “This brother will buy you whatever you want.”

And the reality was that Rong Mo’s assumption had really hit the target.

Nie Feizhan took her to a mall that was closed. Four entire floors were empty, and all the shopping assistants stood at the door of their store waiting to receive them. Rong Mo wanted to find a calculator to calculate how much time, money and energy, as well as thoughts Nie Feizhan had spent for her sake today.

Nie Feizhan said, “I heard Lin Sa say that you haven’t gone shopping in a long time. Today, you can buy whatever you want.”

He said this sentence casually, as if he wouldn’t blink an eye if she decided to empty the mall.

Actually, why hadn’t she gone shopping for a long time?

She has never picked things to shop for in a mall like this before. All of her clothes and jewelry were either new products delivered directly to her home by some of her favorite brands, or were personally ordered.

No matter how famous she was or how much wealth she had, she wouldn’t be so ostentatious as to close the entire shop down just to let everybody attend to her alone.

Her father would do it for her, but she had never felt the need to do so.

Yet Nie Feizhan did it for her.

Not only did he do it, he also did it with such earnesty.

Of all the things she never imagined, or imagined but wouldn’t do, he would always let her experience it once, and from beginning to end, he behaved as if it was natural, as if no matter how much effort and money he had spent, it was all that was well-deserved

Nie Feizhan leaned close to her ear and inquired, “Which shop do you like? I’ll take you there.”

Rong Mo said, “I want to choose a tie for my father first, can I?”

“Of course.” Nie Feizhan replied “You can have whatever you want.”

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