PCPM Chapter 41

Chapter 41 It felt like something had melted in her heart, the scalding temperature spreading all over her body.

Rong Mo stared at him for a while and eventually determined that he was serious .

After having known him for so many years, Rong Mo understood his character. This man rarely joked around. Even when he was feeling impatient, he still carried out matters with an earnest attitude.

Besides that, his expression looked very focused at this moment, and was that a faint expectation…she saw in his eyes?

Rong Mo’s gaze slowly travelled down from his eyes.

And paused on his chin.

She hesitantly reached out and stroked his chin carefully.

This was actually one of the things she had always wanted to do, and she had had the urge to do this since a few years ago, but she could never summon the courage. Even if she somehow managed to make contact with it, it was always by accident.

She had never unbridledly stroked his chin like this before.

She could clearly feel a stiff prickly sensation with her fingers. If she didn’t touch it carefully, she wouldn’t have known that there was still some miniscule stubble on his chin.

Nie Feizhan also seemed to have been stunned, but he did not budge from his position, his eyes, on the contrary, gradually became deeper and deeper.

Rong Mo tried to feign appearing calm, but she couldn’t control her heartbeat from thumping faster and her hands from shaking.

“Is it fun?” Nie Feizhan asked all of a sudden.

“… It’s not fun.” Rong Mo said, “But it feels good and is very relaxing.”

After she finished speaking, she felt that it would be embarrassing to continue touchin, so she withdrew her hand.

But it was rare to encounter such an opportunity like this. Thinking about it, wouldn’t it be a loss? 

“I also have other places that would feel good to the touch. Would you also like to try it?”

Rong Mo widened her eyes, and before she could react, he reached his hands out to pick her up, and put her on his lap, then he held her hand and coaxed her like he would to a child. “Here, don’t be shy.”

Rong Mo: “…”

Fortunately, they soon arrived at their destination.

Nie Feizhan carried her directly out of the car while she buried her head in his arms, never lifting her head.

She didn’t know where Nie Feizhan had brought her, but as long as it was by him, she didn’t mind being taken anywhere.

As long as she was in his arms, she would feel safe anywhere. It was as if he was wrapped around her closely. Even if she was going to be in a dangerous place, she wouldn’t feel any unease.

She could hear people’s voices speaking faintly in the background, but Nie Feizhan did not speak from beginning to end, this was until he stopped in his tracks and responded to someone she couldn’t recognize, “I got it.”

Rong Mo then raised her head.

She did not expect that Nie Feizhan would take her to the cinema.

And apparently, he had rented an entire movie screening room.

There was a movie screening room specially arranged for her at home, so aside from visiting the cinema when she was young, she hadn’t gone out to see a movie in many years. Now that she was out to watch movies with Nie Feizhan by themselves, she had felt it to be quite a refreshing experience.

The VIP screening room Nie Feizhan had booked had seats that could be reclined. And it was the first time for Rong Mo to have sat on a reclining chair in the cinema. Nie Feizhan placed her down and pressed on a button. When the seat descended, she was taken aback.

“What movie are we going to watch?”

Nie Feizhan said, “We can watch whatever you want to watch.”


Rong Mo was evidently excited by this place, the innocence of a young girl slowly peeked out from the depths of her eyes.

There were many snacks and drinks placed beside her, including a large cup of popcorn in the middle. She picked one popcorn up and popped it into her mouth.

She had never tried this kind of snack before, so after getting a taste, she found that it tasted quite good, so she picked another one and delivered it to Nie Feizhan’s mouth. 

Nie Feizhan looked at her, and felt his heart warm slightly. He then parted his mouth to eat the popcorn.

He remembered what Rong Ji had said to him.

In fact, Rong Mo had almost never been in normal contact with people since childhood. Although she made many friends during school, not many of them kept in contact with her.

The first thing outsiders noticed about her was generally her physical condition and family background. In the beginning, people who wanted to approach her were enthusiastic, because they more or less held some purpose. Rong Mo could also sense their intentions, and as a result, she had suffered a lot of damage, and her originally closed heart became more difficult to open up to outsiders.

The number of people who could truly walk into her heart was very few.

Nie Feizhan had never tried to walk into her heart. From the beginning, he just ran and collided with her straight on, barging his way into her heart.

The activities that ordinary girls would usually do when they come out such as shopping, watching movies, KTVs were activities that were unfamiliar to Rong Mo who had almost no experience of doing any of these, and that included going on a date with a person she liked.

Rong Mo later on realized that the two of them were now on a date and they were all by themselves.

When she voiced out the name of a recently released movie, a few moments later, the same movie started playing. 

The surroundings immediately turned pitch black and aside from the dialogue between the male and female protagonists, there were no other sounds.

She turned to look at Nie Feizhan, and found that he was focused on watching. He even had his brows scrunched slightly, making his expression look slightly solemn.

What they were currently watching was a romantic movie, and to tell the truth, the plot was not that intriguing, so the only thing that would attract a man’s attention was….

Rong Mo carefully shifted her upper body closer to him.

Are you watching the female lead?

Rong Mo looked at the big screen and found that he was not looking at the female lead but … the male lead?

The male lead of this movie was called Qi Xia. She not only recognized him, this person was also an artist under Cloudy Day, and had also pursued her before, but she had explicitly rejected him from the very beginning.

She wasn’t sure if Nie Feizhan knew of this matter, however she handled it well in the beginning, allowing rumors and scandals to stop forming at the source. Besides Luo Qingqing, only a few people in the company knew about it.

So Nie Feizhan shouldn’t have heard of it… right?

As soon as she thought of this, Nie Feizhan turned his head and met with her sight.

Rong Mo’s heart jumped, and she immediately turned her eyes away.

But she had forgotten that she was creeping up near him like a kitten, as long as she leaned a little closer, she would almost reach into his arms.

In the next second, she felt that Nie Feizhan grab her hand as if he was grabbing the paw of a kitten trying to escape, and was even kneading her fingers.

Rong Mo froze. She didn’t know if Nie Feizhan was still watching her, but she could feel his gaze flitting to her occasionally.

No wonder couples liked to have dates in the movie theater. In such a dark place, regardless of how many people were around, they couldn’t be bothered, and adding on to the interaction of the movie’s male and female protagonists, the atmosphere would easily become very ambiguous.

Nie Feizhan’s hand was a slightly bigger than hers. When he held her hand, his entire hand wrapped hers, and the warmth of his broad palm slowly suffused into her body.

Especially when his fingers caressed the back of her hand lightly, the itchy sensation felt like electricity passing through her body.

Rong Mo was slightly distracted from watching the movie, but when the male and female protagonists embraced each other, and were about to kiss, her attention was immediately attracted.

“Do you admit it? Do you admit that you like me?”

“Would it kill you to admit that you like me?”

“No, but I like you so much to death.”

For some reason, Rong Mo felt her face heat up just from listening to their conversation.

Just as the protagonists embraced and kissed each other, Nie Feizhan suddenly let go of her hand.

Rong Mo was already accustomed to the temperature of his palm, so when her hands suddenly became cold, she immediately turned to look at him.

Nie Feizhan lifted an arm and said, “Come here.”

Rong Mo stared blankly at him.

“Come here, Momo.”

Rong Mo hesitated. As soon as she moved slightly, Nie Feizhan had directly taken her into his arms.

Rong Mo had not been mentally prepared to be embraced so suddenly.. “W- … why are you holding me?”

“The air conditioning is a bit cold, so it will be warmer if we do it this way.” Nie Feizhan was near her earlobe when he spoke in a low tone. “Lin Sa is not here, so It is my responsibility to take care of the lady at all times.”

Rong Mo felt her ears turn numb.

After a while, even her body had also turned numb.

Her upper body was enveloped in his arms, her head resting on his chest, allowing the sounds of his strong heartbeats to enter her left ear.

Whatever movie plot, protagonists, dialogue, hugs or kisses there were that was happening, they couldn’t take her attention back any longer.

She was only preoccupied with feeling the warmth from his body incessantly permeating hers, as well as his every breath and heartbeat, and the carressing of his hand on her hair.

It felt like something had melted in her heart, the scalding temperature spreading all over her body.

She closed her eyes, not even knowing when the movie would end.

So she was unaware that Nie Feizhan’s gaze had always been on her, and was simply not on the movie screen at all.

It was undoubtedly a wise decision to have booked this entire room.

Not being disturbed is of course one of the most important reasons. If an outsider was present, Rong Mo would’ve certainly felt uncomfortable.

Only in a vacant and dark environment would she would lean on him like a kitten and watch a movie.

It wasn’t until the ending song sounded that Rong Mo looked up.

The movie was over.

It wasn’t that time was short, but in his arms, she couldn’t feel the passing of time.

“Was the movie good?” Nie Feizhan asked her.

“It’s….okay.” Rong Mo said, “Comparing it with local romance movies, the plot is pretty good.”

Nie Feizhan nodded, “What about the actor? Does he look good?”

Rong Mo raised an eyebrow. “Among the young male stars in China, he’s also pretty good-looking. “

Qi Xia was currently very popular. His character was good, and his looks were charming. He wasn’t your usual delicate pretty boy, instead he was dashing and handsome. His family background was also impressive. His father was a famous director, and his mother was in the business industry. When he first started to pursue Rong Mo, there were still some people who were optimistic about their relationship. Even Luo Qingqing said that his character was good, and even encouraged her to consider having a romantic relationship with him.

But she felt nothing towards Xia Xia.

To be more specific, apart from Nie Feizhan, she held no feelings towards any other man.

From the moment she was seventeen years old when he had rescued her, this man had occupied a big chunk of her heart.

Her heart originally had a lot of space but apart from him, she couldn’t fit anyone else in.

Yet he was like the wind, drifting without a resting place, and she always felt that he would not belong to anyone, much less hers.

“Do you want to continue watching?”

Rong Mo shook her head.

Someone seemed to have come by the door.

“Wait for me.” Nie Fei stood up.

He had only taken two steps when he suddenly heard her voice.

“Nie Feizhan.”

“Hm?” Nie Feizhan turned his head.

“He’s not as good-looking as you are.” Rong Mo sat there, supporting her upper body with one hand and lookeing at him. “In my heart, you are the most handsome.”

Nie Feizhan paused.

The ending song of the movie was still playing, and the lights had not turned on, so the surroundings had still remained dark.

Her voice had clearly transmitted into his ears.

After saying this, Rong Mo shrank back into her seat.

But she heard him come back and walk up to her.

When he bent down in front of her, her cheeks were flaming red.

“What did you just say?” Nie Feizhan asked.

Rong Mo was sure that he had definitely heard her. and he had definitely heard her words clearly.

But he was so close to her, and those deep, invasive eyes were watching her closely as he repeated his question again, “Hm?”

“I said … you are …”

Rong Mo couldn’t stand being watched by his gaze.

It was too invasive, too focused and too serious.

She couldn’t say what she wanted to say, and put her hand on his chest, pushing him away, “You are the worst.”

Nie Feizhan was stunned.

“You didn’t come look for me in so long, and I didn’t even receive any piece of news. Every day, I constantly thought about you, where you were, if you’ve encountered any danger, or whether you’ve forgotten me …” she blurted as her voice started choking, and her tone was also full of accusations and grievances, “Nie Feizhan, you are such a bad person.”

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