PCPM Chapter 40

Chapter 40 “You can do whatever you want.” Nie Feizhan suddenly said, “I’m at your beck and call.”

The father and daughter pair talked for hours until dawn broke and Rong Ji coaxed her to quickly go to sleep.

Even if nobody had told him, the father himself knew best that his daughter could not get much sleep. She had been really stressed during this period from bottling all the rumors floating around outside, the pressure from within the family, and other fears and worries inside this weak body.

Fortunately, she was not alone.

Rong Mo has a feeling that Nie Feizhan must’ve helped out a lot behind the scenes so as to allow her father to come back sooner than originally planned, but Rong Ji had never mentioned Nie Feizhan from start to end, as if he didn’t recognize this person.

But just now, the moment that Nie Feizhan smiled at her, she could really feel that her brother Zhan was really all mighty. He was so powerful he could grant all her wishes.

To the extent that he had even brought back her father to her.

But since Rong Ji didn’t mention it, Rong Mo naturally wouldn’t bring it up either. After all, her relationship with Nie Feizhan right now was… very ambiguous.

They were not just your average employer and  bodyguard. They also had not clarified themselves as a couple.

If she had to describe it in words, it was more like … unspoken rules?

She pondered about all the various rumors involving the men and women in her own entertainment company, and the ‘love stories’ that starred rich women and bodyguards in the movies, they all started as unspoken rules, so could they also be considered to be…..

Thinking about it this way, Rong Mo was unable to fall asleep even more, and had only fell into slumber when daybreak came.

However, she had not slept for long when Linsa woke her up, “Miss, do you want to eat breakfast with President Rong? Or do you want to continue sleeping?”

Rong Mo drowsily opened her eyes, “Ah? My father isn’t …… “

Just as she trailed off, she suddenly remembered that her father had returned last night.


Rong Mo sat up sharply.

She became a little dizzy from her abrupt action that she almost fell back down to bed, but Lin Sa quickly supported her. “You slept too late last night. President Rong advised that you should sleep for a little longer, so he pushed breakfast to start late at ten o’clock.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 9:40.”

Rong Ji has always maintained a good work life balance. He would get every morning at six, run, eat breakfast, and then he would go to work. Even if he was out on a business trip, despite getting less sleep or drinking a lot more in this situation, he would still maintain the same habits.

He pushed breakfast late today because he wanted to have breakfast with Rong Mo, but was also afraid it would be too early for her to get up.

Rong Mo hurriedly asked Linsa to take her to the washroom, and by the time the clock struck 10, she had arrived downstairs.

In order to facilitate Rong Mo’s moving about at home, when she was young, Rong Ji had specially asked the architect to renovate the villa. No matter where she went in her wheelchair, it would still be very convenient. There was even a dedicated lift in the house. But whenever she had to go downstairs from the second floor, Lin Sa would always carry her.

When she came down, Rong Ji was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

Although he had been gone for two months and was struck with illness, Rong Ji didn’t look much different than before. He wore sportswear attire, clearly showing that he had just finished exercising and showering, and his hair was also well taken care of. Those who didn’t recognize him would probably think that he was only between thirty-five and forty years of age. Moreover, his handsome countenance and elegant demeanor completely conformed to many women’s aesthetics requirements of their other half. 

A year later after Rong Mo’s mother had died, there were too many women who wanted to be the mistress of Rong family and become her stepmother.Rong Mo despised this kind of matter back then, so Rong Ji did not allow any woman to step through the family doors. When Rong Mo’s pain gradually subsided, leaving behind only feelings of longing and nostalgia towards her mother, she began to worry about her father suffering from being alone, so she no longer rejected the idea of him approaching other women as adamantly as before anymore.

However, until today, there was still no woman who was suitable enough to become the mistress of the Rong family. Instead, many people had openly declared their intentions to pursue Rong Mo, but were rejected by Rong Ji who wore a cold face.

In Rong Ji’s eyes, ther number of men who could match his daughter were few, or at least none had appeared so far.


Rong Ji raised his head and smiled, “You’re up.”

He measured Rong Mo for a moment and said, “You’ve gotten thin. You must have not been eating properly these days.”

Rong Mo replied, “That’s not true. I’ve been eating very well. Ask Sister Sa if you don’t believe me.”

Before Rong Ji left, he instructed Rong Mo to sleep well and eat well, as well as to ignore other people’s gossip.

Among all those things, she could only do half.

Lin Sa rubbed her nose. How could she dare lie to Rong Ji? In her position, people could already tell she was about to lie before she could even do so, but if she had to choose who to back up between the father and daughter pair, she would still choose to support Rong Mo. “Yes, the miss has been eating well. “

Rong Ji set aside his newspaper and phone to roll his sleeves up. He then served her porridge and picked her vegetables.

“I heard that you recently hired a new intern bodyguard?”

Rong Ji’s sudden topic almost made Rong Mo drop her spoon into her bowl.

Rong Ji wiped her hands with a napkin, and gently said: “Eat slowly, why are you so nervous eating with your father?”

“Father, I’m not nervous.” Rong Mo tried her best to keep her face from turning red, but it was to no avail. The place that should not turned red felt faintly hot.

“Father can rest assured that there are more people to protect you.”

“… Father, I’m happy as long as you are content.”

Rong Ji smiled and said, “What’s the use if Father was the only one who was content. The main question you should ask is whether you are satisfied or not.”

Rong Mo calmly responded, “In terms of being a bodyguard, his performance is not bad, so I’m quite … satisfied for the time being.”

Rong Ji nodded and said after a while: “Don’t be in a rush to give him tenure, let him accumulate as much internship experience as he can first, then continue on observing him. “

Rong Mo responded cutely, “Alright, father.”

Who knew how Nie Feizhan would react when he heard this.

She wasn’t the slightest bit doubtful that Rong Ji knew Nie Feizhan’s identity, and she definitely knew that Nie Feizhan was the person who had rescued her in the past.

At that time, Rong Ji had attempted to look for him, but Nie Feizhan’s identity was hidden too well. If he had not appeared later on, Rong Mo would’ve reckoned that she would never see him again in her entire life.

After this topic finally came to an end, Rong Ji took the initiative to talk about Rong Xun’s matters, and anyone could see that he had thoroughly lost hope in Rong Xun.

“We haven’t found Linda yet. As long as she’s been found, there would be one more piece of evidence.”

Linda was one of the employees in the company who had worked for the Rong corporation for two years, slowly working her way from the bottom to the top. They had later on gotten to know that she shared an intimate relationship with Rong Xun when she was in country M, and was one of the main culprits in the downfall of the Rong Family, but she had been missing for a while, and nobody knew if she had gone into hiding by herself, or if she was being concealed by Rong Xun.

“You don’t have to worry about these matters. Since Father is back, let your Father worry about them.”

Rong Ji said, “It must’ve been a difficult time for you, so go relax.”

The case hadn’t been solved yet so even though Rong Ji was already set free, he still had to stay in City C and wait until the matter was completely over before he could leave.

But since he was already back, half the pressure that Rong Mo had been carrying had been alleviated.

No one could tell how tired she was during this period of time.

After they finished eating, Rong Ji said, “Let Lin Sa take you out to play.”

He then seemed to have remembered something again and added, “Oh yes, bring that intern bodyguard too.”

Rong Mo: “………”

Before Rong Ji returned home, she was still feeling fine. But once he was here, Rong Mo suddenly felt embarrassed having Nie Feizhan appear.

“There’s no need to, Father, I’ll just stay with you at home.”

“Father still has a lot of things to do.” Rong Ji patted her head gently. “You should relax and take your mind off of these matters. Regardless of whether it’s the company’s affairs or other matters, you should leave it all to Father to handle.”


“Alright, that’s it. “

Rong Mo said, “Then, just let Sister Sa accompany me alone. “

Rong Ji solemnly replied, “Even if he’s only part-time, he should still be used. Otherwise, what’s the use of hiring him.”

Rong Mo opened her mouth and found his argument impossible to refute.

She had actually wanted to say that the part-time and unofficial bodyguard was not hired by her but was unsolicited, because firstly, they did not sign the contract, secondly, they did not discuss the salary, and third, they did not stipulate his working hours. And from a certain point of view, she had taken him in as an “unspoken rule”.

“He should be working at this time, after all he’s…”

After all, he was also the manager of a company.

But before she could finish her words, she heard someone speak, “Mr. Nie is here, and he has waiting for you, miss.”

Rong Mo: “… Sister Sa, take me back to my room, quickly.”

Lin Sa quickly wheeled her into the elevator.

“Miss, didn’t you want to see him? Should I kick him out?”

“No, I just need …” Rong Mo touched her face, “to put some makeup on.”

Rong Mo went downstairs half an hour later, and saw Nie Feizhan sitting with Rong Ji and drinking tea.

She was curious about what the two were conversing about, and fortunately she had a good ear, so although she was a little far away, she could hear them seriously discussing work matters.

And the atmosphere was actually … exceptionally calm?

“Go and play.” Rong Ji rubbed her head and said, “After you’ve played enough, you can come back. If someone bullies you, tell your Father and Father will help you slaughter him.”

“…..Alright, Father.”

When they stepped out of the house, Lin Sa was about to pick Rong Mo up, but Nie Feizhan was a step ahead of her and reached his hand out to Rong Mo.

Lin Sa said, “I’ll carry the young miss into the car.”

Nie Feizhan: “You can go on a date.””

Lin Sa: “?????”

“He Wei feels lonely being single” Nie Feizhan: “If you keep ignoring him, he’ll keep feeding himself and turn into a 200 pound fatty. “

Lin Sa: ” … even if he gains 300-pounds, what does it have to do with me! “

Rong Mo found that Linsa’s ears had strangely turned red.

This was novel, because she had never seen Linsa react that way towards anyone.

Lin Sa righteously expressed: “Taking care of the miss is my responsibility.”

Nie Feizhan directly lifted Rong Mo up from the wheelchair. “Then let Miss Rong give you a vacation.”

Lin Sa righteously answered back: “I do not need a vacation.”

Nie Feizhan responded. “The wind today is strong, are you not planning to wear a coat today?”

He asked this to Rong Mo but Linsa suddenly recalled. “Her coat was on the sofa, I’ll go and get it.”

Once she returned to the house, Nie Feizhan stuffed Rong Mo into the car, took off his coat and put it on her, then he ordered the driver to start driving.

Rong Mo said, “… I’m not used to being without Lin Sa.”

“The things she can do for you, I can do it too.”

“What are we going to do now?”

“Do you have anything you want to do?”

Rong Mo thought about it and shook her head.

Her life had always been monotonous, and she rarely went out to play even when she was attending school. After returning from graduation, she rarely stepped out of the house unless it was deemed necessary.

“Then listen to my arrangements.” Nie Feizhan took her hand. “Brother will take you to play.” 

For some reason, Rong Mo’s heart started to beat quicker.

She looked at Nie Feizhan’s side profile, and the sunlight outside the car window shone upon his stiff face. At that moment, Rong Mo seemed to see the past him from five years ago, and those pairs of lazy eyes revealed a faint smile, and an indescribable tenderness.

She lowered her head again and saw him holding her hand.

“You can do whatever you want.” Nie Feizhan suddenly said, “I’m at your beck and call.”

Rong Mo blushed.

She did have an idea, but she just wanted to get closer to him.

Yet she did not expect that Nie Feizhan could keeny detect that she harbored “thoughts” towards him, and judging from the words he used … it seemed as if she was going to do something unspeakable to him.

“Are you really fine with anything?”

“Of course.” Nie Feizhan turned to look at her. “As long as you can give me tenure, you can do whatever you want to me and I’ll promise not to resist.”

The words ‘unspoken rules’ popped up in Rong Mo’s head again.

Is he saying that she can pounce on him any time? And no matter what she did, she wouldn’t be met with any refusal?

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