Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 30.2

Chapter 30.2 “I heard that there were a lot of people…who wanted to ask Nie Feizhan out?” (2)

Nie Feizhan didn’t allow Duan Xiao to observe him any longer and bluntly spoke. “When your wife was suffering from insomnia, was getting acupuncture effective?”

“It’s alright. Why? Is Miss Rong also suffering from insomnia?”

“Her insomnia… is quite serious.”

Nie Feizhan took out two bottles from his pocket and threw it on the table.

Duan Xiao knew with just one look that they were sleeping pills.


“I can introduce a doctor to you or let Xiaotian take her there.” Duan Xiao said. “However, I don’t think Miss Rong has the heart to cure her insomnia.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Duan Xiao sat across him and poured out some tea. “Then do you know that to her, treating her insomnia is just like treating the symptoms but not the root cause.”

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“When Xiaotian went to J Country in the past, I wasn’t even her bodyguard so she didn’t dare tell me the worries that she had.” Duan Xiao said. “But I knew what she needed even if she didn’t tell me. Even if it’s difficult to give, I would do anything to please her.”


“I would let her know that I wouldn’t let her suffer even the slightest bit of grievance in her whole life.”

“Since you chose to return to her side, then don’t fucking cower or else you’ll regret it sooner or later.”

When Nie Feizhan came out, his entire face was ashen.

He never thought of a day where he would be chided by someone and that someone was his best brother.

And he couldn’t even fucking refute him!

The passers by automatically retreated a few meters back when they saw Nie Feizhan’s gloomy face. Even people who didn’t recognize him would automatically think ‘Fuck this guy looks like so scary, is he going to cause a ruckus here?’

In the dog training base, Nie Feizhan crouched down and Karl flew over, pouncing on him head first.

“Karl, good girl.” Nie Feizhan rubbed her head and looked into her eyes saying. “Can you come with me for a while?”

The training instructor who jogged over was stupefied.

Oh my god, oh my god, what did he just hear? Who is this person who actually dares to take away the boss’s guard dog? And why is Karl acting so familiar with him? Do they know each other? Or was Karl actually just a dog that the Boss had picked up outside and now its real owner was coming to get it back???

Should he ring the alarm??

Nie Feizhan took Karl out for a jog and while he was running, he appeared to be deep in thought.


Karl also ran alongside him until she saw him stop and also did so as well.

Nie Feizhan was looking towards a direction and appeared entranced.

He pointed towards that direction and asked. “This is?”

The instructor spoke. “Oh. These are puppies picked out from the recently retired dogs’ newly born litter. In the future, they’re going to be trained into outstanding dogs.”

Nie Feizhan looked pensively at the pups and bent down stroking one of the dogs.

“Looks like for now, I won’t be needing you, Karl.”

Karl tilted her head.

The corner of Nie Feizhan’s lips hooked up and he scratched the dog’s neck. “I’ll have to trouble you soon.”


Rong Mo didn’t think that Bai Lu would actually come to her door.

Lin Sa was also actually quite angry. “Young Miss. What do you think this woman wants?”

In the past, when Rong Xun was living in the Rong residence, this woman intentionally looked for trouble. Lin Sa endured all her tomfoolery at the beginning but gradually couldn’t take it anymore, but before she was finally about to snap, Rong Mo’s father had directly kicked her and her husband out of the house.


Rong Mo coldly said. “She wants too many things to start with.”

This woman was just like Rong Xun. They were both avaricious and insatiable, sorely unaware of their own identity.

“Let’s go entertain her.”

Lin Sa didn’t fear the woman, so she pushed Rong Mo out the door.

“Wait. I need to tidy myself up.”

Rong Mo touched her face.

Recently, she hadn’t been sleeping well and she couldn’t sleep if she didn’t take her sleeping pills. There were too many things she needed to do during the day so her complexion didn’t look too good.

She couldn’t let other people trample on her Rong Family nor could she let them think that she was a useless person.

But when she thought up to here, another matter popped up in her mind——

In the past two days, had she been seeing Nie Feizhan with such a pale, dispirited and ugly face?

…..No wonder the air between them was so awkward!

Lin San saw Rong Mo’s face turn rigid and she quickly asked. “Young Miss. What’s wrong?”


Rong Mo drooped her eyes. “I heard that there were a lot of people…who wanted to ask Nie Feizhan out?”

Lin Sa’s personality was blunt so she nodded her head without thinking much. “There’s quite a lot. There’s a lot of girls from the company too. I even heard that there was once a female celebrity who took fancy to him but couldn’t manage to find him no matter how hard she tried.”

A guy like Nie Feizhan held a fatal irresistible attractive force to women, so it wasn’t weird at all.

“A female celebrity huh…” Rong Mo pushed her wheelchair towards the mirror. “What’s she called? Do you know?”

Lin Sa was in the middle of pondering this when she suddenly heard Rong Mo ask again. “Is she pretty? Celebrities…should be pretty right?”

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