PCPM Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28.1 The amount of effort he put into this in all seriousness, was much more terrifying than when he was confronting evildoers.

In reality, Nie Feizhan didn’t mind fighting a girl. In his point of view, fighting was only concerned with strength and had nothing to do with gender.

So this was also the first time that he had acted against a woman who had no ability to fight back, moreover, the thought of going easy on her had not even crossed his mind.

In all these years, although he had kept up to date with Rong Mo’s life, he couldn’t always pay attention to her matters due to being too busy.

Rong Mo had always been a proud girl ever since she was a child. Although she had a disability, and could only move around in a wheelchair, it was fortunate that Rong Ji only had this one daughter so he protected her and loved her like the pearl that she was. Ever since the kidnapping incident, he had even hired a new bodyguard for Rong Mo, Lin Sa——the only bodyguard whom Nie Feizhan also recognized could qualify to stay beside Rong Mo.

However, news of the Rong Family getting into trouble had caught him off-guard.

It took him five years to build his status that was worthy of her, but because he hadn’t been by her side in recent years, he ended up overlooking too many matters that shouldn’t have been ignored.

By the time he had come back, it was already too late.

Back when the Rong Family was at the prime, although Rong Mo did not usually mix with social circles, every time she appeared, people who recognized her would respectfully call her Ms. Rong. Now that the sturdy Rong Family tree was toppling, people only held feelings of sympathy, pity, some even schadenfreude towards her and some people were even gloating, some anxious to ridicule her on from up above, and even some men have started to harbor dark thoughts about her.

There were several people who wanted to bully her.

And Nie Feizhan couldn’t wait to find each and every one of them. He’d warn them that if anyone dared to touch one of her hair or mock her, he would teach them a lesson on who they shouldn’t provoke.

Rong Mo didn’t know his thoughts at all, she only felt surprised.


Without waiting for Nie Feizhan to speak, Rong Mo suddenly had a realization.

With someone as arrogant as he was, he naturally wouldn’t allow anyone to harm the person he protected.

“Sure some people bullied me, but at that time you weren’t my bodyguard, you had nothing to do with me, so whether they bullied me or not should have nothing to do with you.”

When He Wei heard this, he immediately turned to look at Nie Feizhan’s face.

It was as if Nie Feizhan was holding himself back as his entire face turned gloomy.

He Wei immediately and slowly took two steps back.

Rong Mo also seemed to realize that her words were a bit cold, but she had not spoken any lies, so she looked at him with her chin held high and inwardly encouraged herself not to be frightened.

“You’re right.”

Rong Mo foolishly watched him crouch down and place his hands on the armrests of her wheelchair. He stared into her eyes, and whispered, “But have you ever thought that the reason why I saved you, wasn’t for the sake of you getting bullied.”

Rong Mo clearly became stunned.

He Wei silently gave Nie Feizhan a thumbs up in his heart.

As expected of Brother Zhan, his level of coaxing people is improving at the speed of light.

He assumed that once Rong Mo heard these words, she would feel better about him, but to his surprise, the atmosphere of the two had not changed much, stiffness still lingered between them.

It was especially apparent when they were eating as Rong Mo appeared to have no appetite considering each dish Nie Feizhan ordered were all things that she loved to eat.

Although there were also dishes that she had eaten in the past few days.

She couldn’t ask Nie Feizhan so bluntly. Have you been secretly sending me food these days?

Were you only treating me well because you saved me once in the past?

He Wei looked at Rong Mo then shifted his gaze to look at Nie Feizhan, and then he sighed inside.

Between the two of them, one had closed herself off for far too long and was sensitive and insecure. The other was cold and stubborn, ignorant of how to properly treat the girl he held carefully in his heart.

This was genuinely such a frustrating matter to watch.

“I’m full.”

Nie Feizhan glanced at her plate which was still half full.

All the food ordered for her had been meticulously prepared, yet all she ate were some vegetables, a small piece of steak and two scoops of corn congee while the rest of the dishes on the table were all untouched.

“Does it not suit your palate?”

Rong Mo shook her head.

He Wei hurriedly stuffed two more spoons of food into his mouth before he left to give the two people some private space. Looking at the atmosphere of the two people, he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. When he walked past Nie Feizhan, he bumped into his chair and as he tried to regain his balance, he spoke. “Aiya, Sorry about that, Brother Zhan.”

Nie Feizhan, who accidentally (forcibly) had his ears plugged with a receiver: “…….”

When He Wei left, his voice transmitted into the receiver. “Z, look at your phone.”

Nie Feizhan looked down.

——The key to making girls happy is to coax them, so what do you think you should do now?

You should obviously be feeding her, dummy!

Nie Feizhan had clenched one of his hands under the table into a fist and his other hand stiffly picked the fork up.

Rong Mo looked at him suspiciously. “What are you trying to do?” 

Clang. The fork Nie Feizhan was holding dropped onto the plate.

“Nothing.” He said indifferently. “What else do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

Rong Mo narrowed his eyes and thought there was something odd going on with him but she couldn’t point out where.

“I’m going to see Lawyer Lin. I can’t let him wait too long.”

“You don’t have to go see this person.”

Rong Mo frowned. “Why?”

Nie Feizhan took out his phone and clicked on the screen before placing it in front of her.

Rong Mo became shocked after seeing it.

It was a photo of Mr. Lin meeting with Rong Xun. The picture was clearly taken in secret as it looked a bit fuzzy, but because she was familiar with both of them, she could recognize them with just a glance.

Rong Xun was her older male cousin from the paternal side.

Although they were both members of the Rong family, ever since she could remember, her father had never gotten along well with uncle. 

Her father had demonstrated an extraordinary acumen for business during his youth whereas her uncle Rong Boyuan was slightly lacking, hence, he was not valued as much in the family.

Ten years ago, shortly after her mother’s death, her uncle had also passed away.

Rong Xun left the country when he was in middle school. Rong Mo originally thought her  relationship with him wasn’t bad, but she didn’t expect that Rong Xun would hate them.

Rong Xun felt that everything the Rong family possessed should’ve been his. Rong Ji had no son, and Rong Mo was a liability, so naturally the control of the Rong family’s industries should fall under him. 

When Rong Xun returned back to the country to enter the family business, he was rejected by Rong Ji.

Rong Mo originally didn’t understand why, but when her father was later hospitalized due to illness, he told her the truth. It turned out that Rong Boyuan was an adopted son of the Rong family, he was not her biological uncle.

But, the reason why Rong Xun was not allowed to enter the family business was not because of the matter of his bloodline, it was because Rong Xun’s behavior while he was abroad was almost exactly the same as that of his father’s.

If they had given the Rong Clan to Rong Xun to handle, it wouldn’t take long for the clan to surely be destroyed in his hands.

Three years ago, when Rong Xun returned to the Rong family with his wife and children. Rong Ji accepted him. In Rong Ji’s eyes, although Rong Xun was not suitable to take over the Rong family business, as a relative, he was still willing to accept him, but never did he expect that the reason why Rong Xun showed a gentle and harmless appearance was because he wanted to take revenge on them.

“So, Lawyer Lin was also bought by Rong Xun? Then my father, he …”

“I will help you deal with your father’s matters.”

Nie Feizhan said, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Rong Mo gripped his phone tightly. “Why?”

“There’s no why.”

Nie Feizhan pulled out a wet wipe, took her hand, and helped her wipe each finger.

Even though his movements were extremely gentle, his voice remained nonchalant.

“I just can’t stand seeing you sad.” 

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