PCPM Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27.2 “Tell me, When I wasn’t here, how much grievances did you suffer?”  (2)

Rong Mo immediately stopped herself from visualizing it and buried her face in his shoulders, “Who wants you to accompany me, I want Sister Sa.”

In the past, he promised that he was going to protect her, but that came with a deadline. Now that the deadline had passed, he returned once again and claimed that he was going to be her bodyguard.

“Besides …”

“Besides what?”

“Besides, you already know the current circumstances of our family, we can’t afford to hire a  bodyguard anymore, much less hire you … considering you’re so expensive.”

The more she continued to speak, the more stuffy her heart felt.

Their family really was about to collapse.

She wasn’t allowed to see her father yet, and she didn’t even know how he was faring.

“Who said you couldn’t afford it?”

She heard his low voice continue. “Not mentioning one of me, even if it’s a hundred of me, you can always afford it.”

Rong Mo was placed on the wheelchair and was pushed into the elevator.

There were a lot of people who couldn’t help but notice her along the way, but she was already used to receiving such curious glances.

Rong Mo suddenly remembered something and hurriedly fished for her cell phone, but once she touched her pocket, she realized that she had left her phone on her wheelchair. It was no wonder she didn’t hear Lin Sa calling for her. “I’ve set up a meeting with Lawyer Lin. “

Nie Feizhan lowered his eyes. When he remembered the lawyer’s matters, his hands clenched into fists.

However, his face remained unchanged. “Don’t worry, I’ll have someone deal with it on the other side.”

Yunting Hotel was a famous five-star hotel in C City. It was also considered as one of the best hotels. Rong Mo had previously attended a banquet here which was also the day where Nie Feizhan had stopped the auctioning of Rong’s old residence.

Coincidentally, a banquet was also being held in the hotel today and a few familiar faces were in attendance.

Rong Mo immediately remembered that today was the wrap-up dinner for the crew of “Riding the Wind”.

“Riding the Wind” was a famous romance novel that was adapted into a TV series, invested by Cloudy Day. She had previously participated in it, but due to recent events that kept her busy, she had long lost track of Cloud Day’s matters.

“Well, isn’t this Miss Rong?”

One of the leading actors, Luo Fei, spotted Rong Mo and walked over towards her in her high heels. Although her figure was not tall, she still looked at the wheelchaired Rong Mo in a condescending manner.

“Why, did you come to sell your mansion again? Why isn’t your brother Xiuran with you?”

Rong Mo: “…”

Luo Fei’s family background wasn’t shabby, however, it couldn’t be compared to the Rong Family’s.

In the past, she was obsessed with Shen Xiuran, but Shen Xiuran did not like her because he already had his own goddess. Unfortunately, Luo Fei had always assumed that Rong Mo was the one Shen Xiuran liked. 

In the past, Rong Mo was always followed around by bodyguards, so even if she wanted to ridicule her, she didn’t dare to do so. Now that the Rong’s family is in decline and Rong Mo only had one security guard left. How could she control her own mouth when the opportunity had presented itself to her?

Rong Mo glanced at the man next to her. He was still wearing a security guard’s clothes with a cap on his head revealing merely the lower half of his face.

His chin looked clean, with just a tiny bit of stubble that couldn’t be felt until it was touched.

No matter how you looked at him, he looked like a strong and tall young man. No one would associate him with the entrepreneur who had founded the Zm Group.

Despite being able to see merely half of his face, Rong Mo could sense that something was wrong with his mood.

He seemed … to be angry.

Rong Mo knew exactly how he looked when he lost his temper. Back then, when she recalled the scene back at the underground boxing ring, his appearance had caused her scalp to feel numb. However, if the other party was a woman, as long as she didn’t step out of line, Rong Mo assumed that perhaps Nie Feizhan wouldn’t take action against her.

Rong Mo said, “Xiuran went abroad to chase his goddess, didn’t you know?”

Luo Fei froze.

“And you seem to have forgotten. I’m still your boss, Luo Fei.” Rong Mo said indifferently. “Speak to me in this tone again and believe it or not, I will have everyone block you the following day.”

“Who do you think you are?”

Luo Fei was a hot-tempered woman. She had been feeling tortured because of Shen Xiulan’s affairs and had just imbibed some wine. The moment Rong Mo criticized her, she snapped and lifted her bag up, intending to hit her.

But as soon as she raised her hand, her wrist was grabbed, and before she could react to it, she felt a burst of severe pain.

Rong Mo covered her ears, blocking the woman’s scream.

Nie Feizhan actually grabbed her wrist and almost…..

Did he use too much strength or did he simply not know how fragile a female star’s wrist is? If he had used a little more force, he would’ve broken her wrist!

“Nie Feizhan, let go of her.” Rong Mo quickly tugged on his clothes. “She’s a woman.”

Nie Feizhan released his hand.

“I don’t care if she is a man or a woman.” Nie Feizhan replied coldly: “To dare take action against you, did she think I was a living corpse?!”

If Rong Mo had spoken half a second later, he could have possibly broken the woman’s wrist.

Luo Fei fell to the ground immediately and was supported by the assistant who had hurried over. With a pained and deathly white face, she shrieked. “You … you dare do this to me? Do you know who I am?”

Rong Mo thought. What an idiot. It would be fine if she had offended her but she just had to go and offend Nie Feizhan, the King of Hell.

“Luo Fei, do you know who he is?”

Luo Fei’s entire body was quivering in trepidation, but she followed her words and asked, “Who is he?”

“My intern bodyguard.” Rong Mo replied, “You better not irritate him, He’s very fierce and doesn’t even listen to my orders. If you try to get one more word out, do you think he wouldn’t crush your arm?”

Luo Fei was about to speak when she noticed the man raise his head, and caught a glance of his eyes.

It was difficult to describe what kind of gaze it was. Luo Fei only felt that the pain in her wrist throbbed more severe, and she immediately started shaking. Without even daring to say a word, she was taken away by the assistant.

“I wanted to go in and see the actors.” Rong Mo sighed.

After she said this, Nie Feizhan turned around.

Rong Mo realized that there was something odd with the atmosphere and looked up at him.

“Tell me, When I wasn’t here, how much grievances did you suffer?”

His tone didn’t seem to fluctuate, but his voice seemed to jump out of his teeth word by word. “Tell me their names, one by one.”

From the moment I rescued her from the kidnappers …

No, from the very first moment I laid eyes on her, the thought of wanting to protect her had turned into an uncontrollable desire.

That desire grew stronger and stronger until today and was embedded in almost every fibre of his being.

When she shed a tear, his heart would hurt so much to the point it would turn numb.

From those kidnappers who almost ruined her, to everyone who bullied her, hurt her, or even had the thought of wanting to cause her pain, he wanted to make them all pay the price, one.by.one.

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