PCPM Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27.1 “Tell me, When I wasn’t here, how much grievances did you suffer?” (1)

It was also at that exact moment that he recovered a calm expression on. “I’ve known Lin Sa for a long time. In fact, the entire company knows she can’t cook to save her life.”

Lin Sa was a bodyguard that was trained in Long Feng Special Defenses. There weren’t many female bodyguards in Long Feng Special Defenses, but in any case, Lin Sa was the best among them. Nie Feizhan has always been a legend in their industry, so it was not surprising that they recognized each other.

Rong Mong would rather believe that Lin Sa knew her taste and had a good eye for choosing restaurants. She refused to believe that everything she had eaten in the past few days was sent by Nie Feizhan.

“It doesn’t matter if she can cook or not because it’s not in her list of duties to cook for me.” Rong Mo said, “As long as she can protect me, it’s fine.”

Nie Feizhan’s face sank slightly. “She can’t protect you well. “

In the situation she had just been in, if he had switched roles with Lin Sa, he wouldn’t have let Rong Mo be taken away under his nose, much less let anyone touch Rong Mo.

In other people’s eyes, Lin Sa was an excellent bodyguard, but in Nie Feizhan’s eyes, she was underqualified.

“You seem to have forgotten, Mr. Nie.” Rong Mo did not look at him and replied, “Lin Sa is my bodyguard.”

“Fine, she is your bodyguard.” Nie Feizhan asked, “Then, what am I to you?”

Rong Mo was dumbfounded.

If someone else had asked her this question, she would probably say that Nie Feizhan had saved her life before and apart from this, they shared no other ties. 

Sure he protected her once, but he had never claimed himself to be her bodyguard, nor had she signed any agreement contracting them with an employer and bodyguard relationship.

That verbal promise they agreed on had ended five long years ago.

So what was going on now?

She turned her head and came into contact with his dark eyes. Her heart immediately jumped in response.

He leaned forward and whispered in a low tone, “Momo, I’m asking you something, hm?”

Rong Mo flinched at once.

She was originally leaning against the car door so when she retracted back further, she had nearly curled her entire body into the corner.

….But she really couldn’t control her own body.

He called her Momo …

Never had she heard him call her using such an intimate form of her name that only people who were close to her would use.

On…on what basis did he think he was allowed to call her that?

He obviously wasn’t anything to her.

Seeing him approach closer and closer to the point she could even feel his breathing,  Rong Mo hurriedly reached her arms out and pushed him.

However, she couldn’t push him away.

That ’s right. Even if she exhausted her whole strength, to Nie Feizhan, it was similar to a kitten’s weight. He could probably even lift her up with one hand … After all, every time he carried her, his breathing didn’t even change.

Rong Mo’s face gradually flushed red. Just as she was about to push him again, he pressed one hand against her back seat.

He had almost enveloped her entirely in his arms, and Rong Mo turned her head in surprise.

“Do you still remember how you called me before?”

When he spoke, his breath sprayed on her ear, so he could clearly see her earlobe turning red. It turned into the exact same color as her current complexion right now, tender and lovely.

Nie Feizhan’s heart turned warm.

Rong Mo saw that he was lifting his other hand intending to stroking her face. She narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth, biting his finger.

Nie Feizhan looked at her slightly puffed cheeks and smiled: “I see you still haven’t gotten rid of the habit of biting people?”

Rong Mo grinded her teeth.

She wasn’t the same little girl she was back then, so when she realized what she had just done, she immediately released him.

Despite this, her teeth still inevitably left marks on his hand..

“Nie Feizhan.” She looked into his eyes and said, “Don’t bully me.”

Back in Huai Shui five years ago, he liked to bully her. Even when he wasn’t by her side, she had always felt that he was bullying her all the time.

Now that he had finally reappeared in front of her after so long, he was still bullying her.

Nie Feizhan’s hand that was clutching her wrist tightened slightly.

“Okay, I won’t bully you anymore.” He said, “From now on, I’ll only allow you to bully me, alright?”

Rong Mo stared at him blankly.

This kind of man usually didn’t allow anyone to dare approach him easily, much less bully him.

She really didn’t understand what he was thinking, and why he was treating her like this.

He would bully her at first but then would change and treated her nicely.

When Nie Feizhan carried Rong Mo out of the car, He Wei had already finished smoking half a cigarette.

Rong Mo looked down, and saw a wheelchair on the ground. It looked exactly like the one she had, down to the cushion and the blanket.

But once she sat down, she immediately knew once that it was a brand new wheelchair.

Nie Feizhan glanced at He Wei.

He Wei the dunce, winked at him and telepathically said. Aren’t I great? I got out of the car to give you enough time to coax the little lady and also prepared the wheelchair out just in time.

Who knew that when his eyes made contact with Nie Feizhan, his heart fell down with a clunk sound.

Wait … Brother Zhan, why are looking at me so hatefully? What did I do wrong?

He then watched wide-eyed as Nie Feizhan carried Rong Mo up the stairs before he looked down at the empty wheelchair and was suddenly illuminated.

“Nie Feizhan, you could’ve just put me on the wheelchair … Stop, stop carrying me.”

“The wheelchair wasn’t prepared well.”

“There’s no need to prepare it. It’s fine as long as it can be used!”

Nie Feizhan stopped in his tracks.

Rong Mo heaved a breath of relief. If he continued to walk up, a lot of people would’ve seen them.

Although she was not a celebrity, a lot of media had kept their eyes on her. On the other hand, Nie Feizhan … Nie Feizhan’s identity was also very complicated. If someone were to have taken a picture and dug out something from it, it would definitely stir a huge ruckus.

“Do you want to sit in a wheelchair?”

Rong Mo nodded.

“Then let me be your bodyguard.” Nie Feizhan said earnestly: “I have always been very obedient to my employer’s orders.”

When He Wei who was carrying the wheelchair and was following them from behind heard this, he almost dropped the cigarette in his mouth from shock.

Brother Zhan, since when did you learn this skill of lying with your eyes open?

You? Listening to your employer’s orders? If those employers you’ve cooperated with before, heard these words, they would probably cry from disbelief because Nie Feizhan was notorious for being disobedient during his time in the Long Feng Special Defenses.

Immediately after, He Wei heard Miss Rong reply, “I don’t want to.” and he almost broke into laughter.

Nie Feizhan, however, didn’t laugh at all. Instead, his face became a bit ugly. “In which areas do you think I’m lacking in, compared to her?” 

In terms of ability, Lin Sa lacked a lot compared to him, and even if Lin Sa was considered an outstanding bodyguard, she had nothing to compete with against the legend of the industry.

Rong Mo’s hands clasped around his neck, and she remained unmoved in his arms, She didn’t fear being dropped and assumed a comfortable posture as she started to enumerate her reasons one by one, “Lin Sa would never lift me without my permission and would allow me to sit on my wheelchair.”

Nie Feizhan:” … “

Indeed, he couldn’t do this at all.

He always wanted to lift her up from her wheelchair anytime, anywhere.

Perhaps he would even sometimes go against her will to do so.

Rong Mo said, “Wherever I wanted to go, Lin Sa would accompany me and she would always stay close to me.”

Nie Feizhan’s eyebrows twitched, He was sure that he could also do this.

Rong Mo went on to say, “Because she is a girl, she can accompany me to the women’s restroom, and also join me in the bathroom. At night, she and I could even sleep together.”

You are not a girl, so you can’t do all of this.

Rong Mo also raised her eyebrows and stared at him with a hint of provocation.

Nie Feizhan’s lips hooked up into a curve and a hint of mirth appeared in the depths of his eyes.

Rong Mo immediately had a bad premonition in her heart.

Sure enough, Nie Feizhan’s following words caused her to widen her eyes..

“Except for not being a woman.” He said, “I can still do everything you want me to do with you.”

What, d-do everything with her?

Did that also include taking a bath together and sleeping together…

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