Please Continue Protecting Me

PCPM Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2 One girl exclaimed. “Who is that guy? Is he her boyfriend? Did he really just take her away like that?” (2)

Rong Mo had wanted to nod but before she could do so, without her chin even moving down, the man had raised his hands to place the helmet gently on her head before efficiently clasping it closed for her, then he bent down and picked her up from her wheelchair.

The people in the surroundings emitted astonished gasps.

“Isn’t that our school flower? The one in the wheelchair…”

“I think her surname was Rong right? The really rich family?”


One girl exclaimed. “Who is that guy? Is he her boyfriend? Did he really just take her away like that?”

“What’s happening? Isn’t she handicapped? Can she even ride a motorcycle?”

This was, after all, still an ordinary high school in a county. Many of the students had rarely ever been to the city. The man’s healthy figure and intense aura, combined with his motorcycle, easily attracted a lot of attention. Moreover, his action of directly lifting the girl up from her wheelchair and striding towards his wheelchair had caused a buzz to erupt in the crowd.

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Rong Mo hadn’t even said a word before the motorcycle turned around and sped off.

They left behind a dumbstruck group of people and Luo Qingqing who wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

“Do you think we need to report this to the police.” Luo Qingqing started becoming frantic.

“Don’t they know each other? Isn’t he her boyfriend?”

“It doesn’t look like it. Momo didn’t even appear to recognize him!”

By the time Shen Xiuran had arrived, it was already too late. He had only managed to catch the figure of the motorcycle speeding off.

Luo Qingqing spotted Shen Xiuran and hurried over to him. “Teacher Shen, Rong Mo was taken away by a man.”

“I saw it.”’ Shen Xiuran said through gnashed teeth. “Don’t worry. He wouldn’t dare do anything to my sister.”

Even though he said this, in Shen Xiuran’s heart, he was still uncertain.

He had already more or less guessed the man’s identity. If it were any other people, he would have arranged some people to teach him a lesson but Nie Feizhan was too wild, too rampant and too hard to pin down. Rumors say he didn’t give anyone face. Several rich celebrities wanted to hire him as their bodyguard but he couldn’t care less. His temper could easily be evoked in a day and would take months or even a year to be vented.

Rong Mo was the Rong Family’s only daughter. If he was planning to do something to her, he would have to think twice with his current identity.

Although Shen Xiuran wasn’t Rong Mo’s biological brother, since cousin Rong Xun wasn’t here right now, Shen Xiuran treated Rong Mo as his real sister in his place. In this kind of place, Rong Mo originally only had him by her side. How could he let him take her away without his notice?


If Rong Ji heard of this, who knows if he would blow up and tear off his skin!


Rong Mo shut her eyes tightly and her body slowly curled up. Both hands grabbed onto his sleeves, slowly turning numb from the nervousness.

“Slow down, go slower!”

She was almost about to break into tears.

Going at such a fast speed. Did he really think she was that gutsy!

She felt him move as if he was looking down at her and eventually felt the vehicle slow down slightly.

But it was just a little bit.

“Why don’t you take charge.”

“What?” Rong Mo thought that she had heard wrong. She lifted her head and looked at him, baffled.

Nie Feizhan grabbed her hands and placed them on the handlebars. “Hold it.”

Rong Mo almost screamed. 


Was he crazy? Why was he letting her control the vehicle? Didn’t he know she was…..

“I can’t do this, I can’t even move!”

He released her hand and lifted his head.

Rong Mo thought that he had given up and heaved a breath of relief but then, she saw him unbuckle his helmet and take it off.

Her pupils contracted at once.

She couldn’t feel the wind but she could feel the intense wind sweeping the hair of his forehead. Sharp brows and cold eyes made him look like a wolf on prairie gazing far away. In the silence of the wind, he cast his eyes down and looked at her.

“With me here, what’s there to fear?”

After he said this, he took her hand and placed it on the handle, then he placed his hand on top of hers and held the handle together.

He hooked his lower lip up. “Well, don’t just stare at me.” 

Rong Mo widened her eyes because his subtle smile caused her heart to beat erratically.

She then felt him lower his head, pressing his lips against her helmet. His voice was very low, it felt like an electric current passing through the headgear and reaching her ears.  “Look up front.”

Rong Mo hurriedly turned her head to the front.


There were only a few trucks on the road, and even less number of buses.

The road in front didn’t even seem to have an end as it was surrounded by vast open land and greeneries.

Rong Mo could hardly feel the wind, nor could she hear the sound of it.

His body wrapped around hers very tightly while his chest pressed closely against her back.

It was clearly a nervous feeling filled with unprecedented excitement and danger yet she felt a sense of security around her like there was a sturdy wall sealing her within an impenetrable embrace.

Ba-dump, Ba-dump.

It was the sound of her heart beating violently.

She didn’t know if he could hear it.

“Why did you leave me alone…” Her voice trembled due to nervousness and it almost disappeared in the crack of her helmet.

However, Nie Feizhan was able to hear it very clearly.“Why did you pretend that you didn’t know me and even bullied me?”

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