PCPM Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18.1 “This daddy hadn’t even done anything to make you cry.” (1)

The distance between them was too close. It was so close that Rong Mo could clearly see her own reflection in his eyes.

Her pupils appeared to tremble, but in reality, it was her whole body that was actually trembling.

His strength was abysmal whereas her wrist was tender and frail. He actually hadn’t used that much strength yet a slight pressure left a mark on her snow white skin.

When he pulled her, Rong Mo knit her brows due to the short burst of pain.

The stubbornness in her eyes had disappeared and instead a watery light flashed through her eyes.

She was definitely sure that this fiendish man in front of her, was him.

In the past year, she had been having nightmares every day and every time, she would only be able to fall asleep because she would dream about him.

Although she couldn’t see his face clearly back then, she remembered the look of his eyes and his smell. She was convinced that she hadn’t misidentified him.

Nie Feizhan stared at her without uttering a word. 

His gaze was too invasive, like he was about to swallow her whole. Rong Mo was initially able to hold her ground without shrinking back yet given such an intimate distance, she couldn’t help but instinctively feel the need to hide.

“You said it before….when you rescued me…”

Nie Feizhan’s pupils narrowed. 

A year had passed so he assumed that she had already healed from it, maybe even forgot that he had ever appeared.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t gone to see her. The Rong Residence had copper walls and iron bastions. Moreover, Rong Ji had even hired a bodyguard that was considered famous and amazing in the industry to protect his darling daughter.

Besides, even if he did want to see her, there was nothing that could stop him. 

“You previously said that you wouldn’t hurt me.”

When she repeated these words, the grievances she was holding back suddenly burst forth, tears welled up in her eyes. “Are you saying that I recognized wrongly?”

He fell silent for a moment and let go of her wrist at once, quickly getting up. 

His figure was tall and strong so his movements were equally as coarse and crude. When he stood up, he had flipped the table at the side, causing the medicines placed on top to come crashing down the floor.


Shen Xiuran shouted.

Rong Mo hadn’t reacted in time before she felt him directly lifting her up from her wheelchair and placing her on the tabletop.

In her memories, aside from her father who would lift her up from her wheelchair like this since she was young, there was no other man who she had allowed to do so, much less in a tough and coarse way like this.

When Rong Mo was placed on the tall table, due to her legs being immobile, she subconsciously grabbed onto his shoulders.

He didn’t appear too strong yet his body was filled with robust muscles. Rong Mo could sense through his hot skin that his muscles were hard like steel.

When she finally recollected her senses, she was already trapped in between his body and the table. His legs were underneath hers and his arms were around her.

It was clear to the eye how dubious their current positions looked.

With the exception of the time she was kidnapped, she had never been this close with any guy before. Rong Mo’s face instantly flushed red. “What are you doing!”

“Did you think I wouldn’t hurt you?” His deep pupils slowly neared her. “Did you think I wouldn’t bully you and make you cry?”

Her small framed body simply had no ability to resist him. If this were any other girl, she would use both hands to subconsciously resist, yet she couldn’t. She could only grab his clothes tightly and push him. If she couldn’t move him, she used her fists to pound him, however, with her feeble strength, hitting him amounted to the feeling of a kitten’s scratch.

“You scoundrel!” Rong Mo was about to cry from anger.

Nie Feizhan coldly replied. “So now you realize I’m a scoundrel?”

There was a very light fragrance on Rong Mo’s body. It was the girl’s specially soft and charming fragrance.

She was like a little jasmine that hadn’t completely bloomed. A slight whiff could completely render someone captivated. 

“This daddy hasn’t even done anything to make you cry.”

He lifted a hand, intending to place it on her cheek. Blue veins appeared on the back of his hand but in the end, it didn’t make contact with her face.

“Do you still dare to approach me huh?”

While he was speaking, his breath sprayed all around her, that extremely invasive feeling of omnipresence wrapped around her, leaving behind no room for her to breath. 

Rong Mo felt extreme shame and fury. Her entire person seemed like she was about to explode.

However, she wasn’t a person who would easily admit defeat. If her two hands were useless, then in a bout of breath, she opened her mouth and bit his wrist.

He didn’t budge and allowed her to bite him in desperation. His brows didn’t even twitch at all.

After a while, when he saw her loosening her hold and panting with rage, she once again bit him. The corner of Nie Feizhan’s lips twitched, he almost broke into a laugh.

She appeared to have gotten tired of biting but just as she was about to take a rest, she bit him once again. 

Letting her vent was fine. If she couldn’t vent her anger out, and didn’t have the ability to do so through moving about, she could easily fall sick. Who was going to feel greatly distressed for her on his behalf?

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