PCPM Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17.2 She heard her shaking voice say. ‘You said before you weren’t going to hurt me.” (2) 

**Flashback to when Rong Mo was kidnapped**

“….17 years old.” She heard her own unsteady voice continue. “I’m…. 17 years old.”

“Aside from you, is there anybody else who has been kidnapped?”

She was at a loss while her head was a mess but he didn’t press her to continue until she was able to finally gasp for breath and continued to speak. “I don’t think so. I don’t know…. I’m probably the only one here.”

Her reply was unsure because at that moment, her state of mind was extremely feeble and she couldn’t stand another persecution.

She couldn’t even distinguish whether the man in front of him was a good or bad person. 

Was he going to rescue her or was he was going to bring her to another level of hell?

“….I don’t know anything… don’t touch me… don’t..touch me….”

She was petrified. Those people took half of her clothes off. Her entire body ached and felt cold while her lower body felt completely numb. The feeling was akin to a little animal thrown into a pack of beastly animals and resisting powerlessly without any other choice. She was filled with desperation. 

Her tears wouldn’t stop flowing and her body continuously trembled. Even her voice came out in shatters. 

He looked like he had just said something, however, her ears were buzzing, so she couldn’t hear anything clearly. In her daze, she sensed the man reach a hand over and she shrank into the corner out of fear.

“….Don’t be scared.”

She heard him say. ”I won’t hurt you. I’m here to take you away.”

She watched him retract his hand.

Under the dim lights, his tall body crouched in a half-squat in front of her, and the vicious air he emitted around him had also vanished.

With misty and blurry eyes, she timidly turned her head to look at him.

“I’ll bring you home, alright?”

“…..bring me home?” She cried and asked. “Did Daddy ask you to rescue me? Did my Daddy finally come?”

He paused for a moment before replying in a low tone. “I’ll help bring you to your father.”

Rong Mo didn’t know whether she should believe him or not. She had planned to kill herself when they forcibly took off her clothes, so her mental state right now, was really on the brink of collapse.

It was at that moment that the kidnappers on the ground had suddenly regained their senses. 

She stared wide-eyed as the scoundrel crawled on the ground and took out a gun, pointing it in their direction.

When a scream was about to escape her lips, the man swiftly grabbed her shoulders and pressed her to the ground.

A bang resounded as the gunshot ripped through the air, bringing a terrifying taste to the mouth.

She laid on the ground and watched him get up and rush over, kicking the man down. Then, he grabbed his head and bashed it ruthlessly on the wall. The person immediately grabbed his bleeding head, sliding down onto the ground.

He turned his head, the blood on his hand dripping down the floor as he told her. ”Get up. Let’s start leaving.”

Rong Mo stared at him in a daze until he spoke up once again. “Can you stand?”

That was the first time she was asked this question after she became handicapped. 

Regardless of whether it was her father or someone else, the people around her would always tread carefully, because they didn’t want to poke her sore place. Nobody would mention her mother nor would they inquire whether her legs would recover or not. They all carefully tiptoed around her, trying to protect her feelings.

Nobody realized that the more careful they were, the more strongly she was affected, rendering their original intentions useless.

She shook her head in a daze. 

“I can’t stand up…”

She hadn’t stood up for a very, very long time.

If she could, she would have crawled on the ground and left this terrifying place.

Rong Mo could sense his gaze landing on her legs and felt incredibly bitter and embarrassed.

In the next second, she could feel him walking towards her direction. She hadn’t reacted in time when he crouched down and reached his hands out to hold her. 

She cried in fear and pushed his shoulders, preventing him from touching her. However, her strength was far too weak to fight against him.

Regardless of her struggle, he easily lifted her up from the ground. She twisted around, cried and even bit his shoulder.

Probably because she had used too much strength in her bite, a low groan spilled out of his mouth, but the hands that held her did not budge at all. He didn’t berate her nor did he yield to her. He only held her steadily and walked out of the dark place with long strides.

**End of flashback**

Rong Mo shut her eyes and repeated herself. “You said before you wouldn’t hurt me.”

Nie Feizhan was stunned. 

Her gaze was stubborn as if the originally timid and frightened gaze belonged to that of a different person’s.

However, it was this pair of beautiful eyes that had remained unchanged from before.

She was still the same little girl who was hurt and was incapable of fighting back and protecting herself.

Nie Feizhan’s hold on her wrist tightened as he pulled her towards himself.

Rong Mo only felt pain, before she was tugged towards him. Her body’s balance became unsteady and she almost fell down into his arms.

Nie Feizhan gripped her wrist and slowly neared her, staring at her quivering pupils, drawling. “When did I say those kinds of words?”

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