PCPM Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1 She heard her shaking voice say. ‘You said before you weren’t going to hurt me.” (1)

Nobody stopped him.

Instead, someone had started screaming excitedly and some had started to retreat in panic. Rong Mo stared wide-eyed at him as he gripped the man’s collar and pummelled him ruthlessly. Someone rushed over and tried to pull him away but to no avail. He was like a wild animal whose bloodthirstiness exploded. His expression was terrifyingly grim and rays of bloodlust filled the depth of his eyes.

When he was on the arena just a while ago, his anger wasn’t this serious. Now that he was right here before her, he looked as if he was about to beat him to death.

“Momo!” Shen Xiuran and the bodyguards finally rushed over and shielded Rong Mo. 

Several bulky and tall bodyguards couldn’t hold Nie Feizhan back. They could only do so until the drunkard was finally beaten unconscious and they helped tow away his bloodied and bruised body.

His fist was entirely covered with the man’s blood. When he stood up, his gaze slowly scanned the surroundings.

Everyone who had seen him, took a slow step back.

Although all the girls who wanted to pounce on him and kiss him, were within hands’ reach of him, they all didn’t dare to approach him any longer.

He was too frightening. This person started beating people up for no reason. Who knew if he had violent tendencies or if he was addicted to drugs?

Rong Mo who was amongst the crowd, watched his cold figure. Nobody had dared to get closer to him.

Shen Xiuran only wanted to quickly take Rong Mo away from this place, yet Rong Mo didn’t seem to want to leave just yet. 

“Momo, what are you looking at him for?”

Rong Mo didn’t speak. She pushed her wheelchair forward slowly.

Inside the room, there was a doctor who was in charge of treating the boxers’ injuries. The doctor was a female. She was going to help stop his bleeding but the man’s expression induced fear in her, especially when he suddenly lifted his head. His pitch black eyes were like a sharp knife that could cut. Her hands trembled in fear, causing the disinfecting cotton to fall down. 

The doctor hurriedly apologized. “I’m so sorry.”

She had treated plenty of boxers’ injuries before, but encountering such a boxer like him was the first time. The man’s appearance was clearly handsome yet his eyes and expressions were so fierce, it made her inevitably feel a bit nervous. 

The sound of wheels rolling from behind were heard and the doctor turned her head to see a young girl in a wheelchair entering. She asked in surprise. “You are?”

Rong Mo replied. “I’ll take care of his injuries instead.”

Seeing that the man didn’t speak out in refusal, the doctor cast another glance at the little girl who brought her bodyguards with her and could only go out.

Rong Mo took the tweezers and pinched the disinfecting cotton ball, carefully pressing it onto his bleeding forehead.

She had never done this sort of thing before and was a bit afraid of blood. When she was watching the arena, her heart felt like it was almost about to jump out of her chest.

Her injuries were only superficial scratches yet each one of them was a lurid sight.

While Rong Mo was carefully cleaning him, her hand trembled.

In the next second, her wrist was grabbed.

Nie Feizhan looked into her eyes. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

What kind of woman wouldn’t be afraid of the current him?

The ruthless air around him didn’t even allow men to easily approach him, much less a handicapped girl on a wheelchair.

Her wrist was slender and weak. In his hands, it looked like it would easily snap off with a bit of strength.

Nie Feizhan looked right into her eyes. 

For a moment, he felt as if he had seen the little girl from the past. She had been kidnapped and had curled up into a corner, unable to stop shaking.

It was similar to when she was being cornered by the people under the arena just a while ago.

Rong Mo saw him grabbing her hand and did not budge. She didn’t even try to struggle.

In reality, she was also afraid. 

It was impossible not to be.

Nobody knew how heavily affected she was by the violent scene she had just seen. When she was watching him wrestle on the arena, with each passing second, she wanted to cover her ears and shut her eyes. 

But she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t not look nor could she not listen. 

The scent of blood on his body was strong. The intensely evil air mixed with the taste of blood made people silently shudder with fear.

She stared back at him for a long time and her heart started to beat quicker until her body was almost about to start quivering.

“Why should I be afraid of you?”

She heard her shaking voice say. ‘You said before you weren’t going to hurt me.” 


That was back then when her sight was a blur and it was the first time she had laid eyes on him.

There was a contradictory characteristic to him. He obviously had a more terrifying air to him compared to her kidnappers, yet his quiet gaze easily calmed people down.

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