Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 8-9: Cry of The Heart

The teddy bear was not something that was exclusively expensive.

Even from my perspective as an aristocrat, the teddy bear did not look like it was more expensive than our one-day meal.

Moreover, this teddy bear was not accurately the only present given by my father.

Precisely, it was the thing that was given to Father by a low-level aristocrat who wanted to give some flattery to our Kvist family, as he thought that it was something that his daughter would like, and told him that he could give it as a present to his daughter.

However, for me, it was the first and the last present given to me by my parents.


As I brought the teddy bear that was full of scars into my chest, the tears that I thought were dried up completely were coming out without my intention.

It was a mistake to believe that there was nothing sadder than this.

My chest squeaked tightly and tightly and it was the first time I felt such agony.

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From time to time I always suspiciously asked myself, “Am I really my parents’ daughter?” However, I could not believe that I was not the daughter of my parents, and of course, did not have the courage to ask them directly.


If they ever said that actually I was being picked up by them, I would not be able to accept it.

“Help me…”

It was not like I was asking it to someone.

Without any intention, the words were coming out of my mouth as it was the cry of my heart.

“Of course I will. I am your fiance after all.”

But, someone replied to those words.

That voice should not be heard at that time, that voice should not be heard there, because it was impossible.

Although I knew that was an illusion, although it was just an illusion, I would even grab the thinnest straw, so I turned around.

“I am sorry for being late. I am here to help you. Finally, the time to help you arrive.”

And the appearance of His Highness Claude who was smiling gently came into my sight.

  • Ch9 – Real Human Roll

“It’s been a while ago, Mr. Kvist, Mrs. Kvist.”

“P-prince Claude! W-why on earth?! No, no, I can’t let you stay at the entrance like this! Please come in!”


“Then, I will do so.”

Perhaps it was just about one hour after the Kvist couple returned to their residence.

After the first meeting between their eldest daughter and me, they were relaxing their body as they were about to have dinner after the situation full of tension, but just when they were about to be relaxed, the cause of the tension, which was I myself, were visiting their humble house without any preliminary announcement with an unbelievable time lag as I was following their carriage.

I bet the Kvist couple was confused and the feeling of nervousness and fright were jumbled inside them.

It was very obvious if one’s looking at their state at that time.

“Now, now, please sit here.”

With those things in my mind, I sat on the chair they guided me to.

“W-well, Prince Claude. I was very happy that you came to our humble house, but could you state your reason-”

“So, you are not satisfied with my older sister after all! Prince Claude! Of course, you are! There is no way you want to be the fiance of that creepy doll-like sister! You are even taking the trouble to come to our Kvist residence, it was to ask me to become your fiance, isn’t it?!!”

Looking at me sitting down, the Kvist couple sat across from me and ordered the maid with a low voice, maybe, asked them to prepare the tea.

While we were waiting for the tea to be prepared, the head of the family, Bosef, was just about to ask me for the reason for my visit, but the undisciplined monkey suddenly came inside the room and made noisy sounds.

It seems that she needed to be disciplined a little bit.


“Isn’t it rude of you to say such a thing about my fiance, Risha? Am I right, Mr. and Mrs. Kvist?”

“I-I am very sorry! I am very sorry! I will scold my daughter later. …Liliana, you shouldn’t come to this room, okay? Father had an important talk with Prince Claude. Will you return back to your room?”

“Father, you are annoying! Why can’t you see that Prince Claude and I have feelings for each other?!”



As expected from her. It seems that serving under me for 10 whole years was not just for a showcase.

Although I was just calling her name, she knew what I wanted and acted immediately.

That same Nina had already finished tied up that undisciplined monkey using a mattress and rope she prepared from somewhere and then closed her mouth with a towel.

That was the first time I saw a real human roll.

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