Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 30-31: Wet Mouse

Chapter 30: Wet Mouse

Risha fell into the pond.

When I got the report, I felt like my heart would stop.

And then, I quickly headed to the infirmary where Risha was carried to.

As I applied body reinforcement magic on myself, I ran even faster than a car.


Still, I thought that it was still not quick enough.

Of course. If anything, it would like to instantly teleport to where Risha was.

I could not help but be sad that I could not be by my beloved’s side as she had just fallen into the pond.

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This was just like a fight between kindergarten kids. Well, it could not be helped that anybody would think so.


Then, I roughly patted Risha’s head and then gave my gratitude to Charlotte.

As Charlotte made a face that she thought I was actually going to be mad at her because she made my fiance turn into a wet mouse, she looked very happy after that. I could easily imagine the sound of her tail wagging.

And I noticed Charlotte’s attitude.

It was not only me who made Risha spend a lonely academy life.

What the hell was I doing?

I could not believe that I had made a mistake while focusing on avoiding possible problems.

If I knew this would happen, ignoring the fact that I was the crown prince, I would have announced my feelings straightly.

However, the past is in the past. The half-year period that I took away from Risha would never come back.

Chapter 31: Risha is Risha

Then, when I was urgently thinking of arranging the distribution of the news regarding Risha being the only woman I would marry, Risha reached on my shoulder and looked at me as she was about to cry.

“You can’t, Your Highness.”

“Hm, what do you mean by it?”

“Your Highness Claude must have been thinking that you will only take me as your wife, and you are about to make a move, am I right?”


“Was it written on my face? But, what is wrong with that? As long as I have Risha, I don’t have any problem. Or, does Risha wish me to marry multiple women?”

As I was just about to lose by Risha’s serious expression, I told her that I would never give that up.

I understood that my past life had a lot of contribution to it, and I also comprehended that as a royalty, it was just selfish behavior.

However, as I had lived for decades, it was not easy to just topple over the ethics that had been cultivated inside me and just let them be washed by the flow.

Because of that, as I did not wish to have another wife other than Risha nor did I intend to take any mistress, I thought it was necessary to announce it in advance.

If it would only make Risha suffer, wasn’t it just the same as getting my priorities backward.

“W-when I imagine Your Highness Claude marrying another woman or having any lovers, my chest began to hurt, and it made me uncomfortable. However, Your Highness is a crown prince. If Your Highness spread it as an official notice and later it is known that I cannot bear an heir or died in an accident or sickness, there is no doubt that the country will split into two and it will cause countless misfortunes. I am Your Highness Claude’s fiance, and also the future queen of this country. If so, we should refrain from satisfying our own desires.”

And then, Risha strongly argued back.

Just like the usual Risha, she fearlessly said so without stating anything contradicting her own shy feelings, and there was indeed the determination and resolution of being my wife and the queen-like figure in front of me.

And then I reconfirmed.

Had I not seen this in the game many times already?

And even in this world, I had already seen it myself.


Unlike in the game, her relationship with her family and her personality had changed a lot in a glance, but Risha is still Risha.

I fell in love with her courage for maintaining the right before herself, and had I not been determined to help her from the bottom of my heart?

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