Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 3-4: Love at First Sight, The Creepy Wax Doll

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Months and days had passed since then, and I was 13 years old now.

No problem was happening, and my physical condition was very healthy as the doctor had affirmed it already.

The only things that changed are my taller height and my firm body from kenjutsu lessons which were being practiced as self-defense.


And the new thing I found was the person behind the employment of my personal attendant, Nina.

The person was the current prime minister, Alvin Heim, who in the future was going to assassinate the current King, my father, and turn me into his puppet. 

But despite knowing the truth, I couldn’t do anything about it now. The only thing I could do was to accept the current situation.

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When I entered the room together with my personal attendant where Risha and her parents were, it seems that they had been waiting for me. They stood up to greet me, and then a beat later, after making a small bow and seeing me sitting down on the chair, they sat down as well.


Following the introduction of the parents, Risha made a light introduction.

I knew that her hobby was not ikebana and actually her skill in piano and violin reached pro-level from the knowledge of my past life.

However, I didn’t care about such trivial matters.

Her shining golden hair with the curls, trivial the villainess, the transparent blue eyes, the ripe light pink color lips as cherry blossoms which gave a glimpse of youth, and her skin that was just as white as porcelain. However, the softness was inherited there.

Her fingers were thin and elegant, her chest was a little bit well-developed for a 13-year-old but it was not fat, and her waist was constricted.

As I looked at her appearance for the first time, it was also the first time I experienced love at first sight, including my past life.

I only had knowledge of a noble lady called Risha.

However, I didn’t expect that my knowledge of her appearance had such a huge difference when I met her directly. I could not suppress my fast heartbeat.

She was just like a fairy who had fallen to the human world…

But as I heard her emotionless voice, I deeply carved it into my chest.

I would definitely make Risha happy.


Risha’s little sister was sulking in the living room of the Kvist Family House.

Why is His Highness Claude’s fiance not me but that creepy sister?

◆ Ch 4

My elder sister had always been like that.

She always talked back to anything I said and added, “You should not embarrass our family with your behavior as the daughter of the Duke Family.” It was like her catchphrase that I had enough of that statement.

Because I am the daughter of the Duke Family that my behavior was forgiven, so why should that sister tell me so?

She always looked down at me with her composed expression, and in the back, the servants called her a creepy wax doll because every time a person talked to her, she didn’t change her expression at all.

And I agreed as she never changed her expression at all.

That was why she was not loved even by her own parents.

That was what I thought.

Until my sister’s fiance was decided.

I was in the corridor, holding a candle stick, and then entered my sister’s room.


For the time being, I would ask my parents so that I could be His Highness Claude’s fiance, and not Sister. However, that would not make my anger dissipate.

Every time I remembered the expression that sister of mine, who always looked down at me, made when she was ready to leave the house to meet His Highness Claude angered me as my vision was blocked by it.

The sister, who I thought was defective as she got no expression, for the first time made an expression towards me, and it was a pity.

I would never forgive her.

That expression should be mine and the one who received it should be her.

“I will never forgive you.”

It was not enough to only make her regret angering me. It was unfortunate that I could not kill her just because we had the same blood flowing in our veins and it irritated me. 

After I entered my sister’s room, on the bed beside the pillow, there was a teddy bear lying there. It was the only thing my sister cherished so much. I took it with my left hand and then threw it to the floor and stepped on it. With the candlestick on my hand, I stabbed it over and over and over and over with all of my power.

As I imagined the teddy bear was my sister, and though my sister’s reaction when she saw this teddy bear, the feeling of exhilaration was coming inside me as I had never felt it before.

I was walking with Risha inside the garden that was built inside the royal palace.

Though I realized that far behind us, Risha’s and my parents were all peeking at us with binoculars. Why did they think they would not be found out with the mothers wearing such extravagant and bulky dresses?


However, it was better to not point it out and lose the time for being alone with Risha.

My mother would not be able to read the atmosphere and she might say, “Let’s take a walk with both families,” or something like that. No, she would definitely say so.  I could guarantee it.

Perhaps, even at the time being, she wanted to join us so badly.

As I was thinking about it, when I looked at Risha who was following me a little bit behind, Risha who noticed my glance nervously asked, “Is there something wrong?” as she tilted her head a little bit.

Even if I lowered the evaluation, she was still very cute.

Was she an angel?

No, she was an angel.


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